Hirtle, Adam

Teams-  "Nova Scotia Mercenaries" and "Splatter Island Mercenaries"


Position- "Snipper"

Home Field: Splatter Island Paintball

Primary Marker:  Tippmann X Phenom, HPA 48cc 3000psi tank

Secondary Marker: Tippmann A5 

Equipment:  RAP4 Tactical vest, motorola handset with tactical throat mic, camo pants and beanie, and a JT Pro jersey, green JT thermal mask. 

Shoots:  Left and right handed.

Strengths:  Defense, flanking and remaining calm under pressure.


2008 Second place Atlantic Woodsball League

2008 Canadian Woodsball Championships

2009 First place Splatter Island Woodsball League

2009 First place Atlantic Woodsball League

2010 First place Splatter Island Woodsball League

2010 Second place Atlantic Woodsball League


Famous Quote:     Surrender! "I don't think so!"