2007 to Today "Our Values, Our History"

This team started when we heard that the Atlantic Woods Ball League was forming in 2007.
We started out with 3 confirmed players.
(Mike Baker, Marcus Veinott and Kevin Whynot)
Were we experts?
Did we have the camo outfits?
Did we ever play on an organized field?
Did we have the fancy , fast shooting guns?
  If you call a track suit, rain jacket, and tee shirt a uniform,
and playing in a gravel pit with "Walmart special's" an expert.
Then we were the best of the best!
I Don't Think So!



    But we knew, we love to play paintball. But we needed 10 players. Where would be a good place to find them?
At the Paintball Fields.
We scouted out the players who showed up at the fields.

What did we look for?

1/ Players who show sportsmanship, both on and off the field.
2/ Players who loved to play the game.
    We approached players one by one and everyone said they were in.
The only question was, where and when do we play.
They loved the idea of a league dedicated to Woods Ball.

In return for them playing on the team I made them a promise. There is only two ways off the team:

1/ If they decide to leave.

2/ For showing bad sportsmanship.
    There will be no scouting for "better players", or cuts to the exsisting team members.
We are there for the love of the game.

           This year, you'll see us at playing at walk on days at Splatter Island and through out Nova Scotia. We'll also be  playing in the Atlantic Tactical Woods Ball League and the Splatter Island Woodsball League.

    What will we be doing at the fields this year?
    We will be doing what we love to do,
"Shootin Paint and Promoting the Sport!"