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    Agreement with fishermen.
    An agreement has been reached with angling clubs below Clifton Bridge. On Tuesday nights and for other races that we have informed them of, they have agreed to draw in their lines on the section of bank from the cross-over to just below Clifton (commonly known to us as "The Grove.")
    In return we have agreed to paddle up the left hand side, or middle of the river at all other times. So far few hazards have presented themselves although the current is stronger than the right hand bank when the river is flowing strongly. Obviously when the river is in high flood, paddling up this side is physically not possible, but when it is in that state, there are unlikely to be any fishermen.
    To start with, they honoured their side of the deal, drew their lines in and waited patiently while we passed on a Tuesday night. Sadly despite sticking to our side of the agreement all summer, they seem to have forgotten theirs, with a number of incidents of paddlers tangling with lines on Tuesday nights recently.
    Very few fishermen seemed to be in evidence during the day for the whole summer, or in the evenings since the end of June. The junior training groups made their way up the left most week days during the summer. To honour our side of the bargin, would all other members stick to the middle or left hand bank from "the wall" above Wilford Church, upstream to Clifton apart from Tuesdays, even if they have forgotten their side of the deal.
    It is also noted that our absence from the "city side" bank has made no difference to the reed beds by the Park & Ride being swept away in high water conditions.