About NKC

Nottingham Kayak Club was founded by Alan Witham in the 1960s from ex-members of the Peveril School Canoe Club.  Some of those original members are still paddling & helping run our sessions today. Others are still involved in canoeing as officials.

Early premises were under an hotel on the banks of the Nottingham Canal, in the centre of the city.

We have over 200 members, with a growing proportion of families. About 80 members take part in competition locally, with about 60 also competing at national level.

Each year members represent Great Britain in each of these up to World Championships level & in sprint, up to Olympic level.

In addition we also run a variety of events for those just starting racing, with weekly time trials at 1200 metres or 5 miles, plus 10 Km races for singles, doubles & fours.
Each year, the club hosts a national ranking marathon and the "Trent K2," an 18 mile doubles race from Castle Donnington to Nottingham.

If something a little less strenuous appeals to you, the club also arranges "Recreational Paddling" sessions for those just beginning to paddle, those who prefer recreational canoeing or, touring, or "just messing about on the river."

For those who want a little more excitement, we also run trips to a variety of venues for sea touring, surfing and river trips. 

The club caters for juniors with experienced and qualified coaches. 

Read the blog for activity reports & photos. Join the Facebook group and check the calendar for events, competitions and regular sessions.

This gave way to an old wooden shack on the current site, which in turn was replaced in the mid 1970s by the more substantial building that houses the club today.

Most are involved in sprint, "marathon" and wild water racing & despite our name, they compete in both canoes & kayaks.

Tim Brabants (left) became World Champion at 1000 metres in 2007 and Olympic Champion in 2008. He also won bronze at 500 metres. http://www.timbrabants.com/

Both he and Lucy Wainwright also became European Champions in 2008. Lucy too was a finalist at the 2008 Olympics. Hayleigh Mason (above) was in the Bronze Medal winning Women's K4 at the European Championships in 2009

A full programme of training sessions in the gym and on the water help Junior, Senior & Veteran members prepare for these events and form the majority of the club's weekly programme of racing activities.

Nottingham Kayak Club
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