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NKC Committee Notice concerning paddling and use of the club

Update - 02/07/2020

Nottingham Kayak Club

Code of Conduct modified 1st June 2020

Message from Pete Ilett Chair NKC: Thank you to everyone in the club who has followed the current guidance. Pete and the committee are grateful that there have been no obvious infringements by club members. As we move to new guidance tomorrow a reminder that:
1) The club is, in effect, closed. Only the boat house and a portaloo for those ‘caught short’ is available and for key holders only. The published club Code of Conduct gives detailed guidance.
2) From Monday people in England can meet in groups of up to six people in outdoor spaces like parks or private gardens - as long as you remain two metres (six feet) apart
3) Based on the Government guidance  it is quite acceptable to have ‘peer led' training groups of up to 6 following social distancing rules. Please do not exceed that number, none of us want a 2nd spike in Covid-19 which could take us all off the water again!
4) A reminder that as all club activities and sessions are suspended only those club members that are ‘on the water’ members of British Canoeing have a licence to use the waterways and personal insurance, you are not covered under the club affiliation with British Canoeing.

Previous guidance still in force

(See modifications above)

The club committee is delighted to confirm that following the recent statements from the Government, Canal and Rivers Trust and British Canoeing paddling may re-commence on Wednesday 13th May. Government Guidance is: 

1) You may take unlimited amount of outdoor exercise 

2) Drive to exercise if you want 

3) Play sports but only with your household 

4) It is permitted to meet SIX people not from your household but always maintain 2m social distance  

Taking all the guidance into consideration club members are asked to adhere to this code of conduct. 

The club is NOT open as normal. 

All club sessions continue to be suspended until further notice. 

Paddling is only for exercise in line with the advice above. 

1) If possible, paddle from home on your local waters to take pressure off the boat store and water next to the club 

2) If paddling from the club: 

    a. Showers and toilets remain closed for now. Arrive ready to paddle, keep your dry clothes in the car or in a bag in the boat store. Please do not use the lockers. 

    b. Maintain all social distancing guidelines when inside the boat store and around the club 

    c. Only ONE person (or more from the same household) in each aisle of the boat store at a time 

    d. Only paddle ingroups of up to 6 people (as permitted under current guidelines) ensure the 2m rule is followed on and off the water. 

    e. K2 paddling should only be with members of your household 

    f. Please do NOT artificially create informal training groups over 6 paddlers, large groups of paddlers on the water is likely to attract criticism     of the club. 

    g. All club rules when paddling, especially related to personal safety and buoyancy aids, must be followed. 

    The club will continue to monitor water levels and other hazards and publish updates on Facebook and the club website. Please remember to only use the middle arch of Trent Bridge whilst refurbishment work is underway. (See separate notice.)

    h. If using club equipment please do everything you can to sanitize yourself before and after use to minimize risk of passing on infection. The committee will continue to monitor guidance from Government and other agencies and this Code of Conduct may change regularly so please check the club Facebook and Website before planning to paddle.

NB Please be aware that whilst all club activities are suspended only individual British Canoeing individual members will have personal insurance when on the water. If not a member this may be a good time to join British Canoeing for the license to paddle and insurance.