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In view of river and weather conditions that we can experience at NKC here is a reminder to ALL club members about the policy related to members safety. 
1) Juniors under 16 must wear personal buoyancy unless the person responsible for their session agrees that it is not needed for that session.

2) In the dark and some other challenging conditions Juniors under 16 must be in a crew boat with an experienced adult paddler.

The following applies to all members paddling from the premises.

3) Paddling alone is never recommended, particularly when extreme conditions are prevailing.
4) All club members are recommended to wear personal buoyancy, particularly when extreme conditions are prevailing. (See below)
5) Extreme conditions include but are not confined to, severe weather (strong winds, thunder storms etc.) darkness, temperatures below freezing and high water/strong current conditions. River Trent Levels at NKC  "rule of thumb guidance"


6) Red lights that show both in front (flashing) and behind (steady) boat or paddler should be displayed in all sessions during the hours of darkness


. SAFETY ADVICE 2017 onward - see detail

A combination of conditions obviously makes this advice even more important - e.g. cold with wind or darkness.

Current Situation and warnings

  • Sat 20th June Moderate and falling.
  • Fri 19th June The Trent is falling steadily - care with debris still needed.
  • Thu 18th June Be aware that the heavy rain has caused flooding in Trent tributaries like the Soar so this could cause a rise in the Trent in the next 24 hours.
  • Thu 14th May The Trent continues to be low.
  • Sat 21st Mar The river iis down to low.
  • Tue 17th Mar The river is moderate and still falling.
  • Mon 16th Mar The river has risen slightly but still moderate.

River Level & Weather Links

Colwick Clifton Soar/Trent confluence Derwent/Trent confluence Shardlow Willington (approx 12 hours upstream) River Dove just before Trent confluence Drakelow (just under 24 hours upstream)

BBC Weather  XC Weather The Trent  catchment area upstream of NKC includes the rivers Dove, Derwent, Soar, Erewash & Leen. Together with the Upper Trent, all contribute to the height and flow at NKC

Previous warnings

  • Sat 14th Mar The river is moderate and still falling steadily.
  • Thu 12th Mar The river is still high but falling slowly. The forecast is to fall further while still remaining "high" for at least the next 24 hours. This is accompanied by a weather warning, with winds in excess of 40 mph for much of today.
  • Wed 11th Mar The river has risen to very high overnight and is still expected to continue rising until around midday. It is forecast to begin falling again this evening.
  • Tue 10th Mar The river is rising fairly rapidly again.
  • Sat 8th Mar The river is back to normal levels.
  • Fri 6th Mar The river is just moderate and likely to fall to normal during the day.
  • Thu 5th Mar The river is back to moderate.
  • Wed 4th Mar The Trent is falling steadily but remains high for today. The flooding upstream is clearing, so the river is forecast to continue dropping.
  • Tue 3rd Mar The Trent is falling steadily but will remain "very high" for much of the day. The upper Trent and tributaries upstream have fallen, but flooded fields between Willington and Shardlow will keep levels at NKC high for a couple of days while they drain.
  • Mon 2nd March The Trent is falling slowly but remains in severe flood conditions.
  • Sun 1st March The Trent is falling but likely to remain in Severe flood conditions throughout the day.
  • Sat 29th Feb The level of the Trent has started to rise again and is likely to be Severe before 9:00 a.m.
  • Fri 28th Feb The Trent is still falling steadily, but still very high. The fields below Burton are still flooded and further rain is expected to bring the level back up.
  • Thu 27th Feb The Trent continues to fall steadily but remains in severe flood conditions. It should subside to "very high" later today.
  • Wed 26th Feb The Trent is falling steadly and forecast to continue although the level is still in severe flood conditions.
  • Tue 25th Feb The Trent continues to rise and is still in severe flood conditions.
  • Mon 24th Feb The Trent is back in severe flood conditions and forecast to coninue rising again. Fresh to strong gale force winds forecast for late afternoon.
  • Sun 23rd Feb After overnight rain in the Trent catchment area, all rivers are rising again including at NKC. Wind is moderate to fresh breeze today (13-24mph) rising to moderate to fresh gale (25-48mph) tomorrow.
  • Sat 22nd Feb The Trent continues to fall steadily although with rain forecast over the next few days will probably rise again. Very windy again. Take care.
  • Fri 21st Feb The Trent continues to fall steadily but is still very high. Additionally high winds are forecast for both Friday and Saturday adding to the hazards.
  • Wed 19th Feb The Trent is now falling steadily. but is still extremely high. Flooding on the Upper Trent, Derwent and Soar is gradually subsiding, keeping the Lower Trent very high. Flooding in the vicinity of NKC is forecast to subside in the next 24 hours.
  • Tue 18th Feb The Trent at NKC is still rising slowly. Further upstream it is flooded but falling. The Derwent and Soar are also dropping.
  • Mon 17th Feb The Trent is at it's highest this winter and still rising. Extreme cution required.
  • Sun 16th Feb Although wind has moderated, the river is now very high and forecast to coninue rising sharply. Extreme caution required by all.
  • Fri 14th Feb The river remains high, but with torrential rain and very strong winds forecast over the weekend, conditions are likely to be severe.
  • Tue 11th Feb The river is still high but falling slowly.
  • Mon 10th Feb The river level has risen rapidly and is currently "high." Further strong winds tonight into tomorrow and returning later in the week.
  • Sat 8th Feb The river level is fine but please be aware that the is a country wide amber weather warning for very high winds. This is also repeated over the next few days.
  • Wed 22nd Jan The Trent has fallen steadily and continues to drop slightly.
  • Sat 18th Jan The Trent is slightly high but falling steadily. The level is forecast to continue dropping over the next few days.
  • Wed 15th Jan The river remains high but due to start falling during the next 24 hours.
  • Mon 13th Jan After a brief drop the river has risen to high in the past 24 hours - more care required.
  • Sun 12th Jan Moderate but rising again.
  • Fri 10th Jan Moderate and falling steadily.
  • Thu 9th Jan Moderate and still rising slightly. Becoming slightly swirly up Clifton Grove and above Clifton Bridge.
  • Sun 29th Dec Moderate and still falling.
  • Sat 28th Dec Moderate and falling slowly.
  • Thu 26th Dec The river is back to moderate and falling steadily.
  • Tue 24th Dec The  Trent is still Very High, but falling slowly.
  • Sun 22nd Dec The Trent is still Very High.
  • Sat 21st Dec The Trent has risen rapidly and is back to very high.
  • Thu 19th Dec The river is currently moderate but due to rise again.
  • Wed 18th Dec The river is still slightly high and falling.
  • Tue 17th Dec The Trent is still high but falling steadily.
  • Mon 16th Dec The Trent is falling steadily but still high.
  • Sun 15th Dec The Trent is still very high but has just started to fall slowly.
  • Sat 14th Dec The Trent is high with a slight fall possible & then rising slowly over the next 24 hours.
  • Fri 13th Dec The Trent has risen to high and still rising. Greater care needed.
  • Thu 12th Dec Moderate - still rising slowly.
  • The river is creeping back up - moderate (boderline yellow.)
  • Wed 4th Dec The river is back down to normal levels and still falling slowly.
  • Sun 1st Dec The river is still falling steadily.
  • Sat 30th Nov The river is still high but falling steadily.
  • Wed 27th Nov The river is high and "back in the red zone," forecast to continue rising slowly. Above Wilford Church it is swirly with continual strong currents & boils emerging.
  • Mon 25th Nov The river is still moderate and continues to rise slowly.
  • Sat 23rd Nov The river is moderate but rising slowly and forecast to continue rising over the weekend.
  • Thu 21st Nov The Trent is back to moderate levels and continues to fall. slowly.
  • Wed 20th Nov The Trent continues to fall. By tonight it is forecast to be back to moderate.
  • Mon 18th Nov The Trent is falling steadily. By the end of today it should drop from severe flood to "very high"  and forecast to continue falling tomorrow.
  • Sun 17th Nov The Trent remains in severe flood conditions but is dropping steadily.
  • Fri 15th Nov The Trent remains in severe flood conditions. The Trent just below Burton, the Soar & the Derwent are all in flood so the Trent at NKC will stay high.
  • Wed 13th Nov The Trent is due to fall during the day, but still remains in severe flood.
  • Tue 12th Nov The river remains in sever flood conditions and is rising slightly.
  • Sun 10th Nov The river is falling but still severe flood conditions apply.
  • Sat 9th Nov The Trent is in very high severe flood conditions. Extreme care required.
  • Thu 7th Nov The river is rising rapidly and has gone "back in the red" during the day. Very swirly upstream of Cilfton Bridge.
  • Wed 6th Nov Still moderate and falling slowly. Hopefully green later today.
  • Tue 5th Nov The river is still moderate and falling slowly.
  • Sat 2nd Nov The river is still moderate and rising slightly.
  • Fri 1st Nov The river is back to moderate levels round NKC. 
  • Thu 31st Oct The river still falling steadily. Continues in the red although expected back in the yellow warning by Friday.
  • Wed 30th Oct The Trent is falling steadily but still remains high.
  • Mon 28th Oct The Trent is continuing to stay high for most of today.
  • Sun 27th Oct 07:00 The Trent is in full flood. Low lying land is expected to be flooded. Debris adds to the hazards of strong currents and turbulence. Extreme caution.
  • Sat 26th Oct 16:00 Update - the river "is in the yellow" and still rising. It is predicted to be well "in the red" by 18:00. It is highly likely to be flooding low lying areas by midnight. The Trent at Willington is already flooding and the Soar & Derwent are about to flood. This means that the Trent at NKC will continue to rise.
  • Sat 26th Oct After persistent rain, the upper Trent and the tributaries are rising rapidly. Please be aware that the Trent at NKC is forecast to rise sharply in the next 24 hours. The river is currently still "in the green" at NKC (10:00) but by the end of Saturday, will be yellow and quite possibly have reached red. Flood warnings are currently in force for low lying land at both Clifton & Colwick. Beware of debris.
  • Fri 18th Oct The Trent is falling steadily and forecast to continue to improve.
  • Wed 16th Oct The Trent is high again. Great care required. The Soar and Trent around Willington are in flood conditions so will stay high at NKC for some time.
  • Mon 14th Oct Still rising slowly.
  • Sun 13th Oct The Trent is rising slightly again.
  • Thu 10th Oct The river is back down to the blocks at NKC but still fast and swirly in places. Still need extra care especially above Clifton Bridge. No debris now.
  • Wed 9th Oct The River Trent and its tributaries are falling steadily.
  • Mon 7th Oct The river level has fallen, but still "in the red" as far as care needed. Less debris, but still strong current. Forecast to rise slightly.
  • Fri 4th Oct Trent still falling steadily, but extra care should still be taken as the river remains high & swirly.
  • Thu 3rd Oct Trent has started to fall. Still fast at NKC. Above Clifton still very high and swirly.
  • Wed 2nd Oct Trent is forecast to start falling around midday, but the upper Trent is flooding and still rising so it will take a day or two to settle down. Watch for large debris still coming down in addition to the strong current and widespread turbulence.
  • Tue 1st Oct Trent continues to rise strong currents debris and swirls. Great care required.
  • Mon 30th Trent is high and with the forecast rain is expected to rise further. Extra care required especially in the darker evenings. Mandatory red lights in the dark.
  • Mon 5th Aug - Despite the torrential rain and Lady Bay being flooded, the Trent is back to summer low.
  • Wed 31st Jul The Trent is rising steadily and now considered slightly high. Faster than normal current and swirly above the Toll Bridge. Forcast to continue rising.
  • Mon 29th Jul 08:00 The EA has drastically modified the speed at which the Trent continues to rise. The river is levelling off and forecast to rise slowly to only a little higher than normal summer levels. Thunderstorms warning for tomorrow.
  • Sun 28th Jul Be aware that the Trent and it's tributaries are rising fast.   The Forecst has been modified since 10:00 (now 16:00) but could still be red by midday on Monday.
  • Fri 21st Jun The river is back to normal summer heights.
  • Wed 19th Jun Moderate and falling
  • Tue 18th Jun The Trent is back to Moderate and falling steadily.
  • Sun 16th Jun The river has stayed borderline high - care still required. It is forecast to start falling within the next few hours.
  • Thu 13th Jun Trent is still rising and set to continue. Expect it to me in the red by lunchtime - High with strong currents and debris.
  • Wed 12th Jun Moderate and still set to continue rising for at least 24 hours. The current level forecast for Colwick will take it well into the red.
  • Tues 11th Jun With the heavy rain, the Trent is forecast to rise to Moderate levels during the next 24 hours.
  • Fri 22nd Mar Normal levels - some extra flow above Clifton, but not strong. Around NKC the Trent is placid again.
  • Thu 21st Mar The river level is back to normal low & still falling.
  • Wed 20th Mar The Trent has fallen rapidly overnight and is back to Moderate winter levels. By later this morning will have fallen further.
  • Tue 19th Mar The river is falling steadily and set to carry on that way.
  • Mon 18th Mar The Trent is at it's highest this winter, but now falling and a more settled weather forecast suggests it will continue. The flooding above Burton has cleared dramatically, but at Willington, below Burton, will still be over the fields. This needs to clear, so the high water around NKC will only fall steadily over the next couple of days.
  • Sat 16th Mar River falling slightly, but due to rise again on Sunday. More 40+ mph winds today.
  • Fri 15th Mar More of the same. The forecast is for both weather and wind to moderate slightly although flooding between Burton & Willington means that the river is unlikely to drop quickly.
  • Thu 14th Mar Trent is now High and with gusts of 40+ mph the river is hazardous. Please read the  River Trent Levels at NKC  "rule of thumb guidance" for  heights above 2.8 meters at Colwick
  • Wed 13th Mar Trent is borderline extreme. Forcast to fall slightly then rise more. High wind gusts still forecast till late afternoon making the river hazardous. Beware of debris.
  • Tue 12th Mar Forecast river height for tomorrow is extreme and windspeeds gusting 40 -50mph. Conditions are likely to be hazardous on the Trent from 23:00 tonight until Wednesday afternoon/evening if the forecasts remain.
  • Sat 9th Mar Trent has fallen below moderate, but forecast to rise again in next 24 hours. Care still needed.
  • Fri 8th Mar Level has fallen but still moderate.
  • Thu 7th Mar Water just onto the blocks - moderate - some care required.
  • Wed 6 Mar Trent level forecast to rise sharply over the next 48 hours