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Welcome to the New Website!

Shaby15 here. As you know, I have started a site for the clan! I will be updating it frequently with plenty of interesting and useful content. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

I realize that the member bio pages currently have very minimal info on them. I hope to have lots of details about every star ranked member. If you want your page to go into a lot of detail, or talk about stuff I wouldn't know about like your past history before joining the clan, feel free to write some of your own bio! Simply send what you want to put on your page to

If you wish to start a blog or help edit things on the site, all I need is a Gmail account from you, and I can give you editing permissions (if I think you are trustworthy >_>)

There will probably be event info on here soon, with a countdown clock to show how much time until the next clan event.

I will be updating lots of stuff around the site, so if a page is currently terrible, that means it will be updated. See you guys around!