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Want to Start a Blog?

Shaby here. I see that a few people are interested in starting their own blog on this site, which is awesome! To get started, you just need to get editing powers from me, and know how to properly do page creation and hyperlinking. I will explain the basics here. I suppose you won't need to know this stuff if you want to put everything on one page, but it's much more organized to have the main blog page that links to other pages which each have one article.

Step 1: Obtain editing permissions. After you have them, you will see "edit" and "create page" buttons at the top of the site.

Step 2: Go into "Blogs" and into the page for your blog that I will have created upon your request to start one.

Step 3: Click on the "create page" button at the top, and in the options specify that you want the page to be within your blog page, not on the main level. This newly created page will be one of your blog posts.

Step 4: Go into your new page, and copy the URL of the page.

Step 5: Now it's time to link your blog post to your blog's main page. Go back to your blog's main page, and write text that you want to put a hyperlink on. The text should probably be the title of the blog post you're linking to. Highlight this text, and click the chain button at the top toolbar. In the window that opens up, click on "Web address". Where it says "Link to this URL", paste in the URL  you copied in step 4.

Step 6: Save the changes, and you should now have a link to your first blog post from your blog's main page! Repeat the process for future posts.

Feel free to get creative, add images, add image links, etc. If you want a cool clickable graphic to link to your blog post instead of just a text link, send said graphic to me and I can make it happen!

I'm currently working on making the default font size be 12. Currently, everything is in size 12, but that's not the default size, so your blog text will be smaller by default until you change it. (Edit: This problem is fixed now)

If you have editing permissions, feel free to edit your own bio page. You probably shouldn't edit the clan history or stuff like that unless you really know what you're doing.

See you around!