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The "End" of Nomads' Light

Hello, Nomads’ Light members. Hopefully most of you found this. Please help to make sure that everybody knows about this announcement. This is your founder, Shaby15 speaking. On February 22nd, 2016, the clan will be one year old! It has been one heck of a year, and I accomplished what I thought was a long shot for sure! We didn’t just enjoy ourselves and hang out for a year. We completed an incomplete Old School Runescape community, by offering a haven for people who just wanted to enjoy our game like people did in the old days. In the golden age of the game, there was more of a social aspect than even a grinding aspect. Players played to see what their friends were up to, and to go through the adventure of Gielinor together. When I started this clan, I did not do so for the sake of starting my own clan. I did not start it to have power, or to be popular, or to have the most say. I started Nomads’ Light because it was completely necessary for the OSRS community. Before our clan was started, the community was extremely single player oriented. All kinds of exp-waste fun, including minigames, were dead content. It was hard to talk to people in public chat, and very hard to make friends. Everyone acted stressed out, antisocial, cranky, or unresponsive. Many players sought clans to solve this problem, but the clans that were available were almost solely wealth-oriented, namely PvM clans that only cared about their members’ stats. Then, there were some social clan chats, but the people in those never did anything together in-game. In the real Golden Age, which is what Nomads’ Light sought to recreate, many players actually hung out in-game, and did everything together, not just one boss to gain GP. When our clan was created, it filled a massive niche in the community, and members slowly but steadily realized this and joined in. It was a combination between a community chat and a clan, and was a rare place that brought people of all playstyles together. It was one of the only clans that actually accommodated all playstyles with a fair ranking system that rewarded both participation and time spent in the clan, in a way that allowed newer members to advance if they deserved it. During the Summer of 2015, the clan exploded and we never looked back. It was very common for new recruits to say “Finally, someone who gets it” or “Wow, I’ve never met more awesome people.”

The appeal of Nomads’ Light was that it encouraged people to act like kids again, but with the respect of adults. From 99 parties, to skilling, to goofing around in the wilderness, to mainstream bossing events, everything we did brought out that inner child or young teenager within us. But we were sophisticated, had rules to prevent discrimination, and weren’t thinking in instant gratification bursts like young hotheads would. We had purpose; a mission to offer a haven for anyone looking to escape the empty mainstream OSRS community. And we succeeded on that purpose, far and beyond what I ever hoped. In the last few months however, I’ve noticed a growing change in the community. Players are becoming nicer, less hostile, more talkative, and overall more genuine people. I very often see players giving others advice, and nice deeds such as giving away full armor sets to poor players. Player disputes have turned from ugly arguments into sarcastic, playful, and facetious banter. This change in the community is largely due to the fact that players are growing out of their sensitive, quick tempered adolescent years. In a sense, perhaps adulthood is more like childhood than we thought? But most adults are more sophisticated in what they do than us, by their definition of sophistication at least. They don’t feel the need to have house parties together, or train agility together, or goof off at Castle Wars. They don’t see the need to make “official events” out of anything people can think of for fun. From the eyes of the mainstream, our clan is like children playing on a playground, which they don’t judge us for too much anymore, but also can’t really get into. Now that there is less contrast between Nomads’ Light and the mainstream, in terms of respect and game integrity, our clan’s niche is disappearing. This combines with the adult effect to make people less eager to join us; it is getting very hard to recruit new people, but I have always attempted to do so by accurately conveying our clan mission. Let’s get one thing straight though - Nomads’ Light did its job, and did it when it counted.

I can see the direction that Nomads’ Light is headed in, and I want to make the right call on our fate before a slow and painful death happens (most leaders make their clan go through the slow death when they are in denial). On February 23rd, one day after our first anniversary, the Nomads’ Light clan will be suspended. This means that the clan ranking system, participation recording, most official scheduling, etc. will no longer function. Nomads’ Light will not officially exist as a clan anymore. However, my clan chat (Shaby15) will remain open. There is a lot that went into this decision. As I have demonstrated, the community does not need us as much as it used to. I did not start this clan to have power, to have popularity, or to have everything be my idea. I started this clan to help the Old School Runescape community. Yes, Nomads’ Light is still the best clan in Runescape, despite everything. However, the clan requires a tremendous amount of effort on my part to run and maintain. I have not gained a combat level in months, and I spend most of my time online managing the clan in one way or another, whether it be updating member records, or working out issues, or recruitment. It’s not that I dislike doing all of these things that are necessary for the clan to run (in fact I genuinely enjoy doing all of it), but the work-to-payout ratio is getting increasingly unfavorable. What I mean by this is: My reward for putting tons of effort into the clan is that I get to make a big difference in the OSRS community, so as our clan becomes less necessary for the community, my large efforts meet less reward.

In my opinion, we have three major options going forward. I will not have any power over you guys starting February 23rd, and it is completely up to each individual as to what path they take:

Option 1: Operation Nomad - The most important part of Nomads’ Light is not its system or even its message, but the actual people who it brought together and the bonds it created. Don’t you wish there was a way for us to all stick together, without the pressure of having a clan succeed or managing a clan? There is! After our clan is suspended, I will be launching Operation Nomad. Basically, people who join the operation will first search for other clans, and collaborate on this thread about which one they want to join. If you don't have an account to post on our forums, it's really easy to make one. After a consensus is reached, everyone will join the chosen clan. We will have more loyalty to Operation Nomad than we will the clan we join. If we ever decide that the clan is not satisfactory, we can simply leave it and all join another one! If a clan that we join dies, we will likely be able to get others from it to join the operation. Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise clans by bombing them with a bunch of new members all at once? The only disadvantage to Operation Nomad is that it prevents us from having “power”. But keep in mind that true power is decision making and freedom, and we will have every clan in OSRS to choose from. Like nomads, we will wander together.

Option 2: A member starts their own clan - It is possible that a prominent member of Nomads’ Light could start their own clan and invite everyone to join it. If they did so, I would provide all the intel that they would need to transfer everyone’s ranks over. I do not recommend that someone starts their own clan though, because to be quite honest, without myself, you wouldn’t be able to have the ranking system, preservation of integrity, clan message, and general leadership necessary to keep it alive. To put it simply, and I say this humbly, I am the only one capable of running Nomads’ Light. Without myself, the clan would become more generic, and unable to compete with other clans that are mostly the same but much larger. But I have no control over whether or not people start their own clan, and it’s their choice.

Option 3: Everybody spreads out everywhere with no strategy whatsoever - Yeah...that would be sad. I really prefer that as many people as possible stick together! Even though a majority will probably default into this choice, I hope it’s not a large majority.

It’s been an absolute blast of a year, everyone! Thank you for the wild ride. Maybe someday, if we deem no home fitting enough, we will revive the clan exactly how it was. Stay tuned on the website for a very special posting of the top 100 clan members, and the “final” entry of our clan history.