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The Current Form of Nomads' Light is... Nomads' Redemption

Shaby15 here, and I'm actually back for an update, believe it or not! It's really late at night right now, so I have to rush this one, but I don't want to wait before posting this. I was pretty sure that by this time after Nomads' Light's original form ended, there wouldn't be anything left of it. It has now been a year and 3 months since the original clan ended. However, believe it or not, Alpha Dragon (formerly Feral Dragon) and God of M0ney have contacted me and told me that they're keeping a clan chat going. It's a continuation of the chat that SubaruRumble is/was taking care of, so I think we're kind of in our 3rd form now. I am very impressed, and touched, that people have continued what I started, even if it's in a smaller and less structured fashion. Even if we only had a couple people in our new chat, I would still be very touched by this!

Join the chat "Nomads FC" to get in touch with us on OSRS!