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Mid-September Clan Status

Hello clan! Shaby here. I'd just like to briefly update you guys on our current status. As expected, activity dropped off some since a bit before the start of September. We are however, doing plenty well enough to rebound easily, with a bit of zeal from our members of course. I am doing my part to run the clan, keep track of everything, and schedule enough events every week. I am though, only one man, and will require help to make this clan even more special. We should always try to make the clan better than the minimum epicness level, in case activity drops off unexpectedly. We're not in danger of dieing or anything yet, but we must realize that every clan that dies does so because they are too lazy to make themselves better than they need to be. Most of you guys don't have any requirements for helping the clan grow, as having such requirements would ruin the casual atmosphere of the clan. But I will stress yet again that those who put effort into clan improvement or hosting events will be noticed and will be rewarded with ranks. Silver star, though a very rare rank, isn't as hard as you think to obtain. The reason why very few people have it is because very few people are aspiring to be higher-up leaders.

If you guys ever aren't crazy about the events we have scheduled, or the time they occur, then don't forget that anyone can suggest their own events! It's very easy to do, and I'm shocked that more people don't do it. All you have to do is tell a site editor or star rank such as myself what you want to do, and when you want to do it; almost every time, it will happen. I'm happy to attempt to read your minds every week and schedule some events based on what I guess will work, but again, one man can only do so much.

In case you are interested, here's some clan statistics:

Number of events in each month of 2015:
February: 4
March: 17
April: 12
May: 19
June: 22
July: 38
August: 15
September (in progress): 10
Total: 137 events + ~5 unnumbered events

Official active member estimate, as of September 16th: 77
This is a slightly conservative estimate. It is actually UP from the number of active members on July 1st. The reason why we seem less active now than then, even though we have more active members, is because of a Summer RS addiction phenomenon. People were playing for more hours per day in midsummer, which increased the odds of each member being on at the same time as other members, thus stretching primetime throughout the day.

Looking at the stats, Nomads' Light is actually doing fairly well. But let's not be happy with fairly well; clans who are satisfied with "good enough" tend to die as a result. Let's make it epic.

In other news...

Speaking of epic: our current clan MVP, Thea J, has started a weekly giveaway! At the end of every week on Sunday nights, an event from the week will be randomly selected. Then, a member from that event will be randomly selected to receive a prize of 2m! A bonus prize will be given to a second winner on giveaways at the end of each month. There is a 1/3 chance that no winner will be chosen, in which case the prize will be added onto the next week. The giveaway's info thread can be found here. I by no means expect this giveaway to be a permanent deal (let's not pressure Thea into doing it forever), but while it's going on, let's build up all the hype and appreciation we can for Thea!

There will likely be a weekly skilling contest, run by RS Ancient! Info thread can be found here.

If you were wondering about the Meet the Members page... Yes, it will in fact be updated.