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Luckiest Moment in Clan History

Today, the luckiest single moment in Nomads' Light history may have just happened. During a very low key Barrows event, Rambo (RAITIBO) was headed to the chest. Meanwhile, Shaby (you may know him) had just died while trying to finish his last chest of the trip while out of food. When Shaby was getting his stuff back, Rambo announced in the chat that he had gotten a warspear from the chest! Warspears, as you know, are currently worth 9m and are the best possible reward from barrows. Within 10 minutes of Rambo getting his warspear, Shaby at last opened the chest and what do you know, Shaby gets a warspear too!

There have been several extremely successful Graardor trips the clan has had, but this was the single most prosperous, lucky, and unlikely moment in clan history.