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June in Review, and a Few Site Tips

Shaby here. Just wanted to say that June was a great month for the clan! I feel like we had a lot of fun in the clan chat, and did a surplus of events. We had enough all-inclusive events that lower levels could enjoy, as well as some profitable high level ones! There were TWENTY-TWO events this month... HOLY COW. Guess how many new members we got? TWENTY-TWO... again! And again, holy cow. But more important than those stats are the fact that it seems like everyone, including myself, simply loves logging in every day... I look forward to playing 5 times more than when I wasn't part of this clan.

Current total number of confirmed active members: 57
(This is a conservative estimate; I went through the member list and every time someone was borderline between "active" and "inactive", I called them inactive.)

Clan could not be doing better at the moment! I am not putting a ton of effort into advertising other than bumping the clan thread every day, because I realize that some people probably want a small clan atmosphere. Though I will never be against accepting new members because any clan can use numbers-insurance.

Now for a few site tips.

The default text size for the site is now 12 like it should be! So you guys shouldn't have to change it from 10 every time you make a page. It will still say it's size 10 at the top, but it's actually size 12.

When you post an image, google sites will by default annoyingly make it a hyperlink image that links to a useless image preview when someone clicks on it. If you don't want people wondering if they should click on it or not, then simply open the editor, click on the image, and hit "Remove" in the bar that comes up. The link on the image will then be removed. This takes 0.4 seconds and it's really easy.

If you find yourself wondering what has been updated on the site lately, but don't want to look through each freakin' page obsessively every time, then I have good news. You can simply go down to the bottom of the site and click on that small "Recent Site Activity" link, and it will take you to a page that shows everything that got updated recently. The page updates live, too!