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Clan Events - Expanding Outside of USA

For those of us in the US, we do not depend on event organization very much because our prime time is when there's always a surplus of people interested. It's not that there is nobody on during the height of UK or Australian playtime. But if we schedule events, more people will be able to plan when to play, or avoid being in the middle of something in RS when events go on. Hopefully at some point, we will have 1-2 specific times during each week when everyone knows international events are likely to occur. Before we do that, we need to get a feel for what times will be successful. I have scheduled four upcoming events that will appeal to non-US time zones:

Sunday, July 5th at 9pm GMT - Mid level clan vote
Thursday, July 9th at midnight GMT (Wednesday night for most) - Clan vote
Friday, July 10th at 11am GMT- Clan vote
Tuesday, July 14th at 2pm GMT - KBD

Three of those are clan vote events to ensure the maximum chance of success. A clan vote is when everyone who is going to the event votes on their favorite thing they want to do. Then, the people who lost the vote can keep changing their vote until only two choices remain. The winner is then decided. A mid level clan vote is when we vote between things that mid levels are able to do (so no GWD, obviously).

The more people have events available to do when they choose, the more fun the clan will be for all of us. I am doing this initiative in response to our international base not being able to make events. We have not been slacking off on events by any means; this issue is just about international availability. I want the clan to be more enjoyable for everyone! Realistically, we can expect at least one of these four events to fail. Even if it does though, it will help me gather data on what times people are interested/available in.

It would benefit us if we all learned GMT. Remember, US Eastern is currently -4, NOT -5 (until we set the clocks back). The UK is currently an hour ahead of GMT, and will be the same as GMT again when they set the clocks back after the summer. Australia is currently +10.

Sincerely, Shaby15