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Expanded Clan Chat Rules

While the clan thread keeps things simple by only stating the basic rules, there are more rules that have spawned over time. This is the full list for rules of our clan chat.

1. Use social common sense
2. Do not act trashy in the disrespectful sense
3. Do not use slurs that target and may offend a certain group of persons. Obviously, this includes racist slurs. It also means one cannot use "gay" negatively. One cannot use "homophobic" as a negative either, just to be fair.
4. Do not talk about sexual or drug related topics to the point where it threatens to assimilate the culture of the clan into the sleazy mainstream online culture.
5. Most non-sexist swears ARE allowed. If members don't want to see swears, they should play with the censor on. Offensive or group-targeting swears however, do get their offensive message through to people with the censor on, even if the main word itself is all asterisks.
6. Do not advertise any RWT or RS3/OSRS gold swapping service.
7. Respectful discussions about controversial topics are allowed, unless people start initiating personal attacks. If a discussion does not have personal attacks, but still makes those not participating get quite uncomfortable, then the discussion may need to be toned down or stopped.
8. For star ranks: Do not kick people immediately without hearing them out. If somebody is going after others, ask them to make their point and then stop. If they quickly make their point without attacking members and then start behaving, then leave them with a warning. But if they still go after clan members, kick them.
9. Members that have an inappropriate username may not be ranked in the CC. There is a big difference between saying something vulgar, and having it as one's actual username; a vulgar username is much more in-your-face, and displays every single time one types. Having ranked members with vulgar names makes the clan look bad, and is a catalyst for disrespectful mainstream internet culture to slip into the clan. If one has a vulgar name, they can still do everything a normal member can do, except have a displayed rank. The rank that a vulgar-named member should have, and all the events etc. they attend will still be kept track of. Upon a vulgar-named member changing their name to something normal, their deserved rank will be applied.
10. Clan chat rules do not necessarily apply in places besides the CC. Members may discuss anything they want over PM if both partaking members are okay with it, and if it doesn't affect the rest of the clan. Outside of RS, the rules are usually more lenient. On the clan forums, one should generally follow the rules listed here, but know that discussions about controversial subjects are allowed to go further.
11. If one notices that a Nomads' Light member is playing Evolution of Combat, one must make fun of them for it.
12. It is absolute that Cuban Pete is the king of the rumba beat. Any member who argues that they are the king of the rumba beat instead will instantly lose the argument.