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Clan Conduct Rules

These are rules for clanmates that are not covered under the clan chat rules.

Scamming - Proven scammers are banned from the clan, without possibility of coming back unless the proof that convicted them is later deemed uncertain. Nomads' Light does its best to not be strict, but it also does not risk having a scammer in the clan, as they could conduct future scams on other members. This is the Jacksfilms Rule. Scammers that aren't proven scammers, but have many or credible witness accounts against them, will be temporarily banned. The duration is decided in a case-by-case manner, depending on the probability that the allegations are true; can be anywhere from 3 to 300 days.

Botting/Paid Account Sharing - Nomads' Light is a clan centered around game integrity, and therefore does not want any part of botters. Paying another person to gain stats on one's account is also a violation of integrity, and is considered botting by the clan rules. The punishment for botting depends on the number of offenses, and whether or not the offender admits to botting. 
First offense: A suspected botter will be questioned by a silver or gold star about whether or not they botted. If the suspect admits to botting, then they will be banned for 3 days. If the suspect denies the botting allegations, then no action will be taken against them, unless they are later proven to be a bot, in which case they will be banned for 14 days for lying about it.
Second offense: A clan member suspected of botting who has previously been struck with a first offense will not be treated lightly. First, they will be asked whether or not they botted since committing the first offense. If they say yes, then they will be banned for one month. If they say no, then the council stars will discuss the issue and reach a consensus on the probability that the suspect is guilty. If the consensus probability, aka the compromised probability, is 95% or greater, then the suspect will be banned for two months; otherwise, they will be off the hook for then and still be considered one with only one offense.
Third offense: A member suspected of botting for the third time will have their case go straight to council star consensus. If the consensus, or compromised probability that they botted this third time is 95% or greater, then they will be banned for 200 to 1,095 days.

Out Of Clan Chat Bullying - As the expanded clan chat rules explain, members are allowed a lot more leniency in what they say over PM etc. than in the clan chat. However, this leniency only goes as far as mutual agreement. If every member that is part of an exchange outside of the clan chat does not agree that it's okay, then action may need to be taken against the offender; if an offender continues to bother a clan member outside of the CC, then they will be told to stop by a council star. If the offender continues, then action will be taken against them, with severity of the action being decided on a case-by-case basis.

Fake Event Hosting - If a bronze star, who has the ability to host events, hosts a gathering and calls it an "event", then the bronze star must take attendance. Without attendance, it is impossible for clan leadership to give attendees the credit for participating that they deserve. The definition of an event is: "A gathering of three or more members that gives clan credit to participants". When clan members see something advertised as an "event", they should be able to have confidence that they will be recognized by the system for their participation. If one wishes to do something with other members without the formality of taking attendance, they must not call it an event; use another term such as "get-together". Any bronze star that hosts a gathering and doesn't take attendance, yet calls it an event when asking others to come, will have their bronze star stripped away (UPDATE: This is now ONLY if an offender is not online to be talked to when it is realized that they don't understand events). However, the bronze star will immediately be given back to them upon confirmation that they understand this rule. Please note that the only reason this rule exists is to ensure that all bronze stars understand how to use their given powers. A member who falsely advertises something as an event, then gets talked to about it, but then does it again, will not be demoted; they were already told of this rule, and leadership will assume that this bronze star only made a mistake. Nobody will be persecuted for fake event hosting beyond the first very temporary demotion unless leadership believes that an offender is intentionally trying to trick people into thinking their get-togethers are events.
     Scheduled Events - If an event is listed on the clan site Events page, then one bronze star+ attending must take attendance. This is because if something is on the Events page, it is advertised to attendees as an event, and therefore must count towards their record. If not one person takes attendance during an Events page event, then the bronze stars who went will be talked to about this rule.
     Secretive Events - For something to count as an event, the fact that it is going on should be made publicly available, whether it be via the site or the clan chat. One cannot simply call up two of their friends over only PM and ask if they want to kill the KBD, then record the attendance and call it an event. If one wants their bossing event to have limited people for better gains, but they also want it to count as an event, then they should plan on splitting the attendees into two groups should a lot show up.

Multi-Clanning - Since Nomads' Light is a community chat chat as well as a clan, it is legal for members to hang out in other clan chats or with other clans. However, doing this will almost certainly slow down one's progress in obtaining ranks in Nomads' Light.