Clan History

On this page is a summary of the history of Nomads' Light.

February 2015
        Shaby15 was a veteran that wanted to fully bring back the old school feel to Old School Runescape. After trial and error and lots of thought, he realized that the only way to do so was by starting his own clan. For this game to truly have an old school feel, players must be able to grind out exp when they want to, yet also have the ability to relax and have fun. Surely there must be other players, however scattered they may be, that feel the same way. Shaby had been in a variety of clans and clan chats for most of his RS career, and knew what made clans live, die, and what made them tick. With the support of longtime friend Gecko Man, and knowing it was unlikely the clan would succeed, Shaby launched the thread "We Enjoy RS Like It's 2006" to the Old School Clans forum on February 22nd, 2015. To get people to join a clan with nobody in it, the thread would have to contain a legitimately convincing message. The public would have to be convinced that investing their time in a dead clan was worth it. So what did Shaby do to convince people? He knew that people have doubts when joining a new clan, so he would have to come up with a strong clan philosophy that countered every possible doubt, and he would have to back up that philosophy with persistence and hard work. Six promises were put on the clan thread, which were (and still are):
        -Nomads' Light will never stray from its original purpose to the point where members don't care anymore and the clan atmosphere is not how the thread describes.
        -The clan will never make gaining more members the most important priority rather than making the clan as enjoyable as possible for existing members.
        -The clan will never give up on doing events or let itself become nothing more than a fancy chatroom.
        -We will not create an overly complicated or strict system just to make us appear like a bigger and better clan. If we try to appear bigger and better, it'll be because we actually are.
        -We will never lie about how active the clan is or fudge the numbers as a way of coaxing new people into joining.
        -The clan chat will not ignore new members and won't just play favorites with high levels and highly ranked people.
        The clan's beginning was absolutely brutal. It was extremely difficult to get anyone in the clan chat by advertising in-game or by waiting for the thread to catch wind. Shaby could tell very quickly that this would be much harder than he previously thought. He knew that if he sat around and prioritized his personal account success over clan success, the clan would never succeed. What most clan leaders would do at this point is use the clan as a tool to grow itself; they would bribe their members with ranks if they got more people in the clan, or even make recruiting new people the only way to obtain a rank. But Shaby did not want, and really could not use this recruitment strategy, because it would violate the "we won't make gaining more members more important than satisfying existing members" rule on the clan thread. To ensure that existing members were satisfied, Shaby did not pressure anybody into recruiting. For about 30 minutes a day, he would advertise by himself in-game by going to a location, typing 2 messages, switching worlds, typing 2 messages, switching worlds again...until he was done with that location, then he moved on to a new one. Every advertisement was typed by hand, and they were always human-sounding messages, such as "Join my clan chat if you miss the way RS used to be".
        Two days after the official launch of the clan, with hardly anybody ever being on in the clan chat, there was the first clan event. Shaby felt that it was important to have an event very early on so that the small group would bond and want to stay together. If the clan waited until it had nice looking numbers to do events, people would get bored and quit before it could even get those numbers. Shaby and Gecko Man took the surprisingly willing strangers Darkstomper and Boyshorts to Clan Wars FFA. The four members, all from very different parts of the world and uniting for the first time, goofed around killing each other for perhaps 45 minutes. It wasn't good EXP, it didn't help their accounts in any way, but it was fun, and it was a start.
        Gecko Man is one of the best people one could hope to start a clan with. When clan activity was very rough, Gecko would just stay in the chat non-stop and wouldn't care how little people we had, while being very friendly towards the few who entered. Prior to joining, he had never minded being in servers or clan chats with almost no people. It made a tremendous difference in Shaby's ability to get a foothold on recruitment. Shaby somehow recruited and made friends with Mc Biscuit1 and mayhem98 (you may know him as branhammer). Two days after the first clan event, the second event, a KBD one, was underway. Shaby, Mc Biscuit, and mayhem went into the wilderness. On the way to the boss, they struck terrible luck by running into a level 123 PKer. Mc Biscuit got attacked, and the other two got away. But very thankfully, Biscuit did not get frustrated and quit the clan as a result, which was great because we needed all the members we could get. Shaby and mayhem killed the KBD. Afterwhich, mayhem never left the clan and became a very loyal member.
        On the last day of February, the clan had an usual spike in activity, and somehow managed a seven-person KBD event. While most events for quite a while afterwards did not reach this much hype, this event gave the clan confidence that it could achieve greatness.
        At the end of February, which saw new recruits such as newports10, the majority of the then 15 Nomads' Light members were people who liked playing by themselves and talking in the chat, without a ton of interest in group activities. Instead of trying to force events on these people to help the clan be more active, Shaby thought it was best to let them be themselves. After all, the point of the clan isn't to get everyone to do X, but to help improve everybody's gaming experience. As long as the clan could keep doing stuff together, and people had the option to do so if they wished, then members would be empowered to do what they like, which would make existing members happy and keep the clan stable.

March 2015
        Clan chat activity began to gradually increase. The clan reached the next step up of fun, and became able to do things like 5-man Pest Control and the Falador party room. Early March saw the arrival of notable community members, such as Liam Payne (Plexasaurus), Learn 2 Walk, ForSatan, and Ace Mcleod. The clan started to become less of a group of strangers with different intentions, and more of a circle of friends with a common goal.
        The arrival of Ace Mcleod, a forum frequenter that always posted about the integrity of the game, strengthened the clan vision dramatically. For the first time, Shaby found someone who was as passionate about the clan mission as him. Shaby and Ace would often have long conversations about what course of action should be taken next, even though Ace had just joined.
        Events started to feel like friends just hanging out with friends, which really started to boost clan spirit. One in particular was special: the Fight Pits event. We all had so much fun trying to be the last person standing, and there was a surprising amount of strategy to it. Ace and Shaby became rivals for an hour, trying to figure out how to take the other down. Darkstomper was quite important in this time period, always interested in having fun and getting others involved, simply because he wanted to.
        The second half of March saw arrivals such as Jinxed Soul, TheItzGambit, Achrine, Paragade, doggie0234, Korvaire, and Thraldor. The clan chat become very enjoyable as a result, with more friendship and great conversations. Darkstomper, Jinxed, and Paragade were always at the center of fun and activity, while newports began his reign as one of the most consistently active members in clan history. Increased interest in events like KBD and Scorpia made being in the clan more beneficial in the literal sense, and made it more than just a place to goof off. This was the start of Nomads' Light's appeal towards a wider base, which would only help the clan grow and satisfy more people's RS experience.
        By the end of March, everything was going 3x more smoothly than in February. But the difficulty of making the clan vision a reality was always present. Activity was sporadic, and people were coming and going like crazy. But now that Nomads' had a solid group of friends at its center, the future no longer looked dark, but was now improved to uncertain.

April 2015
        April was the month which saw a unique overlap; old members who joined near the start and would soon leave, interacted with new members that would stay for quite some time. Since the number of active members was rapidly fluctuating, this month would be the test to see if the clan succeeds or fails.
        AHigh Dragon joined in the beginning of the month, instantly making the chat more entertaining and making new people want to stay. Meanwhile, Shaby, Ace, Jinxed Soul, Darkstomper, and comic relief Paragade acted as a team to get a crazy variety of events rolling. April saw everything from Barbarian Assault, to house parties, to Scorpia, to Pest Control. Solid members like newports, doggie, and Forsatan helped strengthen the backbone. Though the clan was a little uncomfortably small, Nomads' Light really started to feel like the clan vision. It really felt like 2006 when small groups would go into the wilderness not knowing what they were getting into, when members would just call up friends to find a team for stuff instead of using public means, or when members would invite others to their house, just because.
        Halfway through the month, Twistedfirez and Skioh found the chat, and the clan met God of M0ney at Barbarian Assault. Solid members like this were coming out of nowhere, more than solid members were leaving.
        From the beginning of the clan until this time, the ranking system was designed to encourage events, but perhaps a little too much so. Members were stuck at recruit until they attended 3 events, and after which were given their true rank. While this did make people feel awesome for doing events, there was an obvious downside: People who mainly used Nomads' as a clan chat, yet were very loyal to the clan, were unfairly shown as recruits. After talking it over with Ace, Shaby decided it was time for a change. In the new system, members could get up to Sergeant without attending a single event if they were good members in other areas. However, four events (plus the other requirements) were now necessary to obtain bronze star. Events would still get people from recruit to sergeant much faster, however. The new system was perfect; everyone had the rank they deserved, and at the same time there weren't too many high ranks.
        Nearing the end of the month, as Shaby was in Shilo fishing with Highdragon, he thought about something. Nomads' Light was growing, and for the first time it was nearly a stable clan. Though an ongoing issue was lingering which had been lingering for a while: The clan had a lack of leadership. While there were a few leaders and an increasing number of solid members, Nomads' was getting desperate for someone of a certain kind: Someone who is ambitious, interested in the clan system, wants to make the clan vision work how it's designed to work, and most importantly, has a strong desire to for fun and prosperity. The next person to join that fits these criteria would surely rise through the ranks very quickly...

May 2015
        Until this point, Nomads’ Light had been somewhat of a private sanctuary, where people could go to attain salvation from the lackluster community, or just to have more fun. The clan could only keep to itself, because the OSRS community didn’t really have many public gatherings, circles of ally clans, clan competitions, and the like. Not helping was the fact that Clan Wars had already died before the minigame even took off. Ace Mcleod was browsing the OSRS forums as he often did, and found the “Clan Wars Community Thread”. Headed by Xiahou Cow and a group of high level pros with a good sense of game integrity, the thread was starting a movement to revive activity at Clan Wars via a series of public events. Ace and Shaby agreed that it was time to assign Nomads’ its first official mission: To help Xiahou revive clan wars and keep it alive as long as possible. Nomads’ Light was not founded just to make itself stronger and take all the glory. It was founded also to make the community stronger and OSRS better, so coming in humbly as a 3rd party to help Xiahou’s goal did not feel strange. The clan would make a significant difference in the gathering's attendance as it helped with the small yet hype public event every Saturday. Before the month was out, Shaby would make friends with GKar, a loyal looking ranger who showed up to all of the gatherings and was always talking about how RS needs more laid back content like Clan Wars.
        Meanwhile two RS veterans, who met each other IRL in 2005, had just quit their PvM clan. While there was much prosperity to be had, with lots of glory and drops at Graardor, something was missing. Like many PvM clans, it was almost too militaristic, treating its members as a device to gain wealth. It was time for a change, and time for a community. On May 4th the two players, Coty Kai and Snowie, joined Nomads’ Light. They were very friendly, and within a few minutes already loved by everyone. Almost immediately after joining, Coty Kai killed the KBD with Shaby and mayhem, not caring that he was much higher leveled and could have made more cash if he went with better rangers. The very next day, when Shaby thought Coty must be tired of entertaining mid-levels, Coty went to two of the three KBD events the clan had in one day. And it didn’t stop there. Still on the same day, Ace showed off his newly pro house and a KBD afterparty was held. The best house in the clan hosted a relaxing, and honestly a goofy house party, where Shaby, Ace, M0ney, Paragade, and Doggie found out more about each other while sitting around the dining room table. While Coty was going on his rampage of clan fun, Snowie was making the clan chat a greater place to be by making lots of light talk and taking genuine interest in others. Snowie gave out a lot of RS advice, and even took people to Barrows to show them how it’s done.
        In the middle of May, Snowie was in his quiet Yanille home so that Coty could use his gilded altar. A couple people said they would drop by for the heck of it, and a combat ring was made for the heck of it to accommodate. One thing led to another and before anyone knew it, 8 people were killing each other in the ring. The newly recruited duo of Weldar and DeadlyHertz revealed themselves for the first time, and they became the life of the party. The clan really continued to develop its own personality at this point, with inside jokes and contrasting & alike people who fit together under a common goal. May was the month of crazy parties, with lots of 99 achievements and celebrations to go with them. The duo of Coty & Snowie, and the duo of Weldar & DeadlyHertz became huge instigators of fun, and they were followed closely behind by Gecko, Jinxed Soul, God of M0ney, Skioh, Mightvision, and more.
        By the final third of the month, new recruits like Chaos Scape and 2for1special even joined the fun train. Said train got going so well that the best woodcutting event in RS history took place right above Seer’s bank. At the same time, Nomads’ Light was no joke, with tons of prosperity from the KBD always being made. Nomads’ proved it was no joke by hardcore going into the wilderness to watch Gecko get 99 fishing. Would a newb clan go into deep wilderness to celebrate a 99? No.
        Nomads’ Light was slowly conquering the problems every clan goes through on the strange road towards big success. First it conquered the impossibility of getting started, then it united strangers seeking a common goal, then it broke through the community’s ignorance of its purpose, and now it solved its lack of leadership. While Shaby had a romantic view of the clan, he was also realistic and pessimistic when necessary; after all, every clan dies eventually. The only way to stop death-by-time is with a combination of persistence and an honest, yet non-objectifying evaluation of RS player psychology. Now that it had the numbers to do so, Nomads’ needed to begin making a system that gave members faith in it, and allowed its potential legacy to take flight.

June 2015
        Summer began, and though the OSRS servers were shaky with disconnects, the community was about to get really active. Naturally, this meant that the clan would have tons of activity in June. New people such as JBerry9409 steadily joined the chat in early June, while the main cast of characters from May were ready to get cranking.
        The first eight days of June saw the true epiphany of what Nomads’ is all about. On the 2nd, Chaos Rising and three other members wandered around in the Wilderness. They did not make up their minds about what to do right away, before they traveled north and gritted out battles against the Chaos Elemental which they weren’t quite ready for. This event really had the feel of wandering around the Wilderness in the old days. Four days later, GKar was at Clan Wars FFA before about 6 or 7 clanmates followed him there. Back in the day, the FFA portal was about more than just a massive crowd of one-on-one duels. Well it was that, but north of the main crowd there used to be something more: a series of territory disputes between randomly formed clan chats. Now, traveling north of the one-on-one crowd, the Nomads noticed that said wars were currently non-existent. What the clan did next was wander to the empty north, and wait there. It didn’t take long for a few curious strangers to follow the clan up north, and the clan started to team against anyone who wandered up. After 20 minutes or so, more and more people became curious. Half an hour in, there were about 20 people running north, fighting against the Nomads over territory that these strangers did not care about just a moment ago. The clan managed to instigate an exciting free for all brawl out of thin air, and it actually lasted for a while. Later, on the same night, a monkfishing event was born when two clan members snuck up on Shaby while he was fishing and his back was turned. Two days later, the incredible event variety continued when Coty, Weldar, and Weavile went to Graardor for the clan's first real God Wars event. They struck gold with a bandos chestplate drop; the first of many great drops to come. What a fitting way it was to kick off the clan’s prosperous series of high level glory. Weldar and others such as Snowie and Highdragon would soon be motivated by the BCP drop and follow suit.
        As the clan experimented with Graardor by sending a variety of teams up to the frozen north, Nomads’ Light also tore it up down in civilization with more clan wars revival efforts, domination of Lumbridge culture, and the best pest control gathering yet. An eight person domination of pest control in an empty world made for some memorable games. Right afterwards, Shaby made bronze stars Coty, Weldar, and Snowie into silver stars. They formed a leadership team which was set on bringing a bit more innovation and structure to clan activities. Snowie was very excited about this, and right away put a creative idea into action: He hosted an event where everybody pickpocketed HAM members until they got a clue scroll, then compared clue rewards and competed to see who could get the best one. Times like this really made the clan chat lively and bustling with activity.
        The last 10 days of June saw much prosperity and loot from barrows, Bandos, and the KBD, with seemingly constant talk in the clan chat about what loot everyone was getting. Fourteen members joined the clan in the month’s final stretch. Most of them, like BearForceUno, were quite excited and got into the groove of things quickly. On June 26th, the clan was in for a big surprise. Thea J, In one of the most generous acts in clan history, hosted a huge drop party to celebrate getting 99 construction! Thea dropped a fury, whip, saradomin sword, tons of dragon legs, and many other great items. It is very unusual for someone to give so much to a clan they just met. Just before the end of June, Shaby started the clan’s official website, which immediately gained attention and helped complete the clan. He began summarizing the entire clan history, starting from when it was founded in February. Other clanmates would soon begin contributing to the website in several ways, making the site a popular method of keeping up with the clan.
        There was absolutely nothing wrong with the clan at this point in time. Sure, like any clan it could have used more members. However, the enthusiasm and happiness of the existing members really made it feel like a bigger clan than it was at times. Nomads’ Light felt simultaneously like a big, prospering clan and a small, close clan. Throughout its history, the clan worked to gain all of the components necessary to prosper. Now, every part was in place. This meant that future success would not be up to luck nearly as much. Starting in July, the fate of Nomads’ would be mostly dependent on the decisions that the clan makes and the capability of leadership. Shaby could not have asked for a more fair opportunity.

July & August 2015
        Nomads’ Light was given a fair shot at success by the Gielinor gods, and now had the equipment necessary to become something huge. As July was kicking off, right around the time Iamhighlion joined, the clan website got its own forums, dubbed The Nomads’ Lair. Though feeling underground at first, it quickly became a quiet but consistently active hub where a small group of clanmates went to keep up with how everyone was doing. All of the sudden, members didn’t have to go through the process of becoming a site editor just to post their pictures, share their experience, give their opinions, or keep up with everyone. Members could now write in much more detail than with the one and a half sentences allowed by the Runescape chat system. They could talk to people who weren’t online at the same time as them, connecting people around the globe. Furthering the global push was a quite successful effort in early July to start having events that appeal to a variety of time zones. Clanmates now saw people having scheduled fun in the morning, the afternoon and the night; seemingly all the time! As the Nomads ventured into the heart of summer, enthusiasm and chat activity lit right up. Summer was about to get good.
        It is not hard to prove that the first week of July was an epic one. It was Fight Pits, Barrows, Resource Area, and Graardor galore! To kick off July and the heart of summer, the Nomads did what they do best: kicking mainstream community culture to the curb and doing whatever the heck they feel like, by duking it out in the Fight Pits. On just the third day of July, the most unlikely moment in clan history happened when Rambo and Shaby were doing barrows together: Rambo got a guthan’s warspear, and on Shaby’s next chest after that, Shaby got a guthan’s warspear too! The first Clan Wars revival event of the month had attendance compiled of 80% Nomads’ Light members; this is when the clan really took over the weekly gathering, and began to borderline own it. As if the epic goofing off, prosperity from bosses and barrows, and the great respect of Xiahou wasn’t enough for July’s first week, Weldar achieved 99 strength during a party at Clan Wars FFA. Shaby15 was pleasantly watching Weldar get the last of his exp for the 99, when Weldar suddenly switched to the vulnerable Shaby15, who was vulnerable in his fancy outfit, to get the hit for 99.
        Most apparent in early July, several Nomads’ members began to contribute their token clanship by reaching the potential of their own character. More efficient methods for keeping track of the clan came into place. This began Snowie’s rise from being a great leader to becoming his even further true potential, as these methods motivated him to rally the clan together. Snowie became even more so part of the main backbone of the clan, always encouraging clanmates to have as much fun as possible, as Snowie always did every step of the way. Coty Kai and Weldar continued to spark prosperity and straight up enjoyment. Weldar used his powerhouse strength well, by slaying the most powerful of bosses, even the corporal beast. Coty of course also displayed his usual manliness. One night, Coty took good notice of the time zone expansion effort, and upon seeing that the earliest event in clan history (11am GMT) was taking place the next day, he stayed up the entire night instead of going to bed like an unmanly person would. The event became a KBD fest, and hours into it he obtained a dragon pickaxe drop! Ace Mcleod proved that he wasn’t dead on OSRS by coming back to it and hanging out with the clan a few times. He would start important discussions about clan philosophy that were controversial, but eventually helped the clan realize how firm it was in its integrity. Thea J was apparently not done with her extreme zeal and generosity when she did her huge drop party back in late June; on July 12th, a hunt across RS was born when Thea gave clues to her location, and gave the first person to find her get a big prize. She repeatedly hid, and her clues got the clan buzzing with guesses and treasure hunting enthusiasm. Thea wasn’t just in the clan to show off her wealth though; she acted as a common person by doing everything one can think of with the clan - even PKing. As if Thea’s hide-and-seek that day wasn’t enough, AHigh Dragon did a scavenger hunt soon afterwards, on the same day even. Dragon, aided with the clever clues of Agent Weldar, gave away 10 million in prizes by hinting progressively at his location. The clues were very clever, some being barely possible to figure out. Three hours flew by as seemingly the whole clan competed to find the elusive High Dragon and Weldar.
        In the middle of July, as the clan was blissfully celebrating its awesomeness, a looming controversy struck. A discussion broke out among star members about slang with group-targeted origins, and how lenient the clan should be about this type of slang, and with crasser speech in general. A majority thought that all speech and terms that could be found offensive should not be allowed in the clan, as Nomads’ Light was founded on a desire to be an especially accepting community. A few however, insisted that this mentality was in danger of making the clan environment too dry and bubble-wrapped, hindering people from free speech and acting natural. The turning point in the debate was when Weldar made the point: If somebody wanted to join a CC that lets questionable things slide, they could join almost any other CC in the toxic RS community… This point hit the nail on the head, and the clan concluded that there must be, in the cold world that is the OSRS, one clan that makes everyone comfortable and accepted, and that means everyone. This decision to stand by the values the clan was founded on was not even a tradeoff of character Vs. comfort. The CC was in July, as it always was: plenty interesting, plenty lively, and frankly hilarious. The strong effort for comfort and acceptance gave the chat more character, not less, because it helped people see the clan as a niche where they could dive right into making friends, instead of holding back their character due to feeling like a mismatch.
        Newer members such as Berry94, Aneexul, and Iamhighlion joined forces with veterans like Gecko Man, Paragade, and God of M0ney to own at whatever they could think of. Pest control, house parties, KBD, and the mole would hit the spotlight. Chaoscape influenced the clan with his wilderness expertise. He got the clan, which was previously not in the wilderness a lot, into PKing and wilderness resource gathering for the first time. Thea J continued to get richer and richer, and with some design input from Shaby, designed what is likely the most evil and difficult dungeon in all of OSRS - and that is not an exaggeration. Out of the very few players with an elite construction level, most of them use their house only to have a good gilded altar, and maybe to show off their wealth, not to have a killer dungeon meant for many. Thea put a fortune into marble doors, bosses, and devastating teleportation traps that send dungeoneers back to the beginning should they fail them. Two days after commencing plans on the dungeon, Thea’s 99 farming celebration would put it to the test. A crowd of 21 people gathered at her mansion for what was surely the event of the month. Twenty million worth of items were dropped on the main floor as people swarmed for gains and the sport of drop partying. But that was only the warm up. An additional 10 million was put up for grabs… for the first person who could conquer the dungeon. What stood between each man and 10 million was a long skinny hallway, teleportation traps everywhere, almost impossible to open doors, clanmates killing each other in the fun fury of competition, and last but not least, the steel dragon. Snowie gritted it out and was the dungeon champ on that wild day. Having a house and a dungeon like this for the clan was not only a throwback to the old house party days, but one unique to Nomads’ Light. How many other clans have a dungeon of this caliber built to be a minigame?
        About two days after the party, Jacksfilms found and joined Nomads’ Light. He was a very avid high level that seemed quite promising to many, always asking people to challenge the Corporal Beast with him, an elite territory of bossing that many clan members already wanted to get into. Though a bunch were interested in the Corporal Beast and planned to kill it with Jacksfilms, many took notice of something strange in Jacksfilms’s personality. He was quite a bit… too interested in doing the Corporal Beast, always pressuring people hard to go with him. Thankfully, the answer about his intentions would soon become clear; Aldridge, a member from the clan RamRod, posted on Nomads’ Light’s OSRS forum thread, accusing Jacksfilms of being a scammer. Aldridge insisted that he was scammed for 7m. Shaby did some detective work, and found several witnesses from RamRod that agreed with Aldridge’s story. Apparently Jacksfilms was a very sneaky manipulative type of scammer, that would dedicate time into befriending people before scamming them. Upon hearing the evidence, most of the star ranks pushed hard to get him banned. Logic prevailed, the evil Jacksfilms was defeated, and disaster was averted.
        Even though the CC bustled more than it ever had, it was unclear whether or not the clan would reach its heightened hope for member count in the summer; Shaby, predicting that activity would drop off in September, knew that the clan had to get bigger than its target size during Summer to compensate. Becoming very apparent though, during moments that bridged July to August such as Massive KBD events and duel arena shenanigans, was that members were making the kinds of friendships that would keep people coming back. The clan philosophy had always prioritized member retention and happiness over getting new members, so Nomads’ Light was overall in great condition.
        As the clan messed around with the strategic Castle Wars, the revival of Clan Wars, and more Wilderness danger, more members wanted in on the fun. Doobie Rouge, who was in the clan briefly in early March before quitting, came back strong and leaded the clan by example. Makav_veli was always down for anything, even the Corporal Beast. He was always a great guy to talk to in the CC, and would hang out with clanmates in-game. DrSwag15 was turning into a staple member of the CC and pro KBD slayer. Jim The Gate became pals with everyone he touched. Aneexul and Iamhighlion both became very friendly, spent all their time doing a wide variety of stuff with the clan, and became very solid staple members.
        AHigh Dragon and Thea J hosted even more giveaways as August moved on, drawing big crowds and getting the interest of many new members. Creative contests like scavenger hunts were starting to become tradition. Another notable contest was a fight pits competition in which to win, one had to be the last one standing three times. This caused people to team up against the high levels that got wins early, which levelled the playing field and incorporated more strategy. Besides event traditions, Nomads’ Lightians developed tradition in their daily interactions, like the ever evolving running jokes.
        August was a relatively smooth cruise. When it neared its end though, clan activity started to drop off. Even though many saw this coming a mile away, it was enough to make one wonder “Was this clan just a summer fling, or does it have the stamina to survive a long time?” But Shaby realized even more now that sometimes one can’t worry too much about the clan living versus the clan dieing. Sometimes, one just has to enjoy themselves as much as possible, while creating genuine enjoyment for others around them. If one follows that path, and grounds it with a realistic clan system, then everything will be okay.

September & October 2015
        The drop off of clan activity continued into the beginning of September. Normally, this would not be cause for alarm, as every clan goes through these periods. Despite how flashy and efficient a clan may say claim to be on its forum thread, what they don’t admit is that they have drop offs in activity and recruitment. It is human nature for these drop-offs to occur, and any clan that says it defies human nature by always being perfect is lying. Normally, a drop off in activity like this would not be a cause for alarm for Nomads’ Light; the combination of some going inactive and some temporarily preferring grinding over events is a coincidence that is bound to happen from time to time. However this time, it was concerning because it coincided with the inevitable Autumn drop-off in activity, meaning that the cause seemed less natural than the usual human nature reason. But the drop off would really only last a until September 5th, when UncleRobin celebrated his obtention of bronze star; he immediately used his new hosting power to host a Pest Control event, which drew a surprisingly large crowd. A wave of momentum was catalyzed, which would continue through the Era and included many feel-good moments, such as a double 99 party, Snowie & Shaby joke fighting in the wild, and a new giveaway tradition from Thea J. Thea started giving away 2 million each week to a random attendee of a random event, and diamondlovie was the much deserved first winner. Thea J, diamondlovie, D0OBIE ROUGE, and Berry94 were among the most notable members in the September surge.
        On September 16th, Shaby posted a statement to the site saying that the clan must try to become more epic than it needs to be. The reason why most clans die or get diminished is because they are satisfied with being just good enough, and get bitten by that later on. Shaby called on the clan to be more than just good enough. Nomads’ Light must strive to become its full potential, not half its potential. Now this does not mean that the clan should force itself to do more events, as all events need to come from natural enthusiasm. What filling full clan potential does mean, and what Shaby said in his post, is that everybody must speak their mind and strive to make the clan as best a place for themselves as possible; If someone has a suggestion for a fun game, they should suggest it. If someone has a different opinion than leadership on an issue, they should talk to leadership about it. If someone wants to do Pest Control with everyone next week, they should request it be scheduled. The purpose of the clan is for everyone to be happy while enjoying the game how they like. A clan full of members who speak their mind and catalyze what they want catalyzed instead of depending on leadership, is a clan at its full potential. For 8 days after Shaby posted that statement, a wave of the realest enthusiasm you will see from any clan went through the Nomads, and the clan performed 11 events; many of which were started by suggestion or without the help of leadership. The important thing about this stretch was not the number of events, but the way in which the whole clan, not just leadership, acted on its desire to do whatever it wanted; this was made evident by the way in which the mix of events matched the mix of things one naturally desires to do in OSRS, which is a combination of prosperity and goofing off. The community was strong during this stretch, to the point where one might forget they are even in a clan; it felt more like a big group of friends that bosses and kills each other at clan wars whenever they felt like it. Hide-and-seek challenges were a regular tradition at this point, thanks mostly to A Highdragon and his desire to give back to the community.
        As foretold on the original clan thread since the clan first started, Nomads’ Light would start out simple and add more non-invasive system to itself as the clan gets the appropriate numbers for added system. On September 21st, Shaby felt more than confident enough to put a “weekly event traditions list” in effect, which would say specific time slots and events that would be scheduled each week. The point of this was mostly to ensure appeal to less common time zone players, which the clan now had an increasingly stable community of. The first weekly traditions list was made up of Friday Graardor, Saturday Clan Wars, and guaranteed time slots for Australia nighttime & England nighttime. All events on the weekly traditions list that were not scheduled by anyone would be filled in and probably hosted by Shaby. However, in the stretch that spanned from this enactment through the birth of Discord and until October 10th, most desire for clan activity from clanmates revolved around bossing that they would have done anyways. Clan activity, including clan chat activity to an extent, dropped off like it did at the end of August. The clan chat atmosphere was notably more relaxed, partially due to the inactivity of staple members like Coty Kai and Gecko Man. But this relaxed period, unlike the previous one, did not make Shaby feel uneasy. It felt completely natural because it’s human tendency to want relaxation after a period of hyped up fun. This was evidently a more natural laid back period than the previous one because it didn’t coincide with the end-of-summer drop off. The difference between just a community clan chat and a real clan is that a real clan actually does stuff together; as long as Nomads’ does enough events to qualify as a real clan, there’s no harm in having some laid-back periods, so long as people are speaking their mind and it’s what they actually want. What Shaby did to compensate for the clan’s emotions was scale back on the weekly traditions list by removing everything from it except what was necessary to appeal to non-USA time zones. He also scheduled less events himself. Then it was time to sit back and watch the free market do its thing. It only took about a week for the “Where the heck is all the fun??” mentality to set in, thanks largely to D0OBIE ROUGE’s leadership and an inspiring Castle Wars war started by new recruit MajorJoyce. The clan was again back to its normal enthusiasm, as Shaby was confident it would be.
        The most notable system change in September or October was when the actual definition of the gold star rank changed on October 26th. Since there was currently no rank with a literal requirement of activity to maintain it, there was no rank that could be given to active and participating leaders that would fairly reward them. There’s not much rank incentive for people to become active leaders if there’s no rank to achieve with a concrete active leadership requirement. What the rank changes did is effectively merge the previous definition of a gold star with the silver star rank, and make a “new” gold star rank that is for active leadership only. Now, gold stars had to perform a minimal amount of participation to maintain the rank, and an objective formula would decide whether or not they met the criteria. Nomads’ Light became one of the few clans to have a literal requirement for gold. This made the gold star rank look even better on those who wore it.
        For most of the past months, new recruits generally didn’t understand the main point and message of the clan upon first arrival. In past months, most recruits needed some time to learn about clan integrity and grow into the strong nomads that they are today. October was different. It seemed like every new recruit, especially Rockme619, epiclegacy77, MajorJoyce, yaboykoolaid, and Sowk, got the point of the clan right off the bat, in both terms of leading by example and understanding our message. Everything October recruits did, from their introductory forum posts to the innovative ideas they suggested, was spot on to what the clan has always sought the most in members. If history happened differently and October recruits instead joined in March or so, the clan would have had a much less shaky start and Nomads’ Light would likely be 6+ months ahead of where it is now in development. The best wave of new recruits in clan history, combined with the most consistent 24 hour activity in clan history, made October one of the all-around best months so far in clan history, despite its human imperfections. The future looked bright as the nomads’ light, with no existing logical reason why the clan could fail any time soon.

November & December 2015
        November started up by continuing an explosion of bossing, following the trend that started in late October. Pro veteran bossers led the way, and members who were just becoming of level to challenge God Wars or the Corporal Beast joined in. This bossing craze was reminiscent of when Coty, Weldar, and Snowie took the clan by storm with similar behavior in their era of coming-on that now felt like forever ago. What was important about this though, more so than the wealth gained from bosses, was the core friendships it was forming. What was developing was almost a clan within the clan of a particular group of friends, who frequently bossed and joked it up over Discord. There were growing concerns about the clan from some in this group, including an assertion that too many events are doable by only high levels.
        Even though this assertion was dwindling, due to the frequency of lower level events, Shaby was on the case. The leader was hard at work at wyverns to raise enough cash for an epic clan house that, if successful, would be home to many house parties for all to enjoy. On November 15th, Shaby hosted his first house party, with a large unorthodox dungeon that had the theme of centralized PvP, rather than a start-to-finish layout. Since Thea’s house was closed for renovations (or shut down by the government for torture), Shaby’s crib became the clan’s current home to house party craze. With the house complete, a massive milestone in Shaby’s career was now complete; the main goals of his account were now finished. Although his stats were not stellar, they were good enough to do almost every clan activity. Since Shaby’s main enjoyment of OSRS came from the clan, much more so than his own stats, he committed to becoming an almost full time clan leader. He hit the nitro button with lots of strategic recruitment and a resolve to solve all controversy and drama that came his way. This challenged the very definition of what it meant to play Runescape. It was simply unheard of in this age for an account to spend more time on intangibles like friendship than on stats and wealth.
        Something that most clans do wrong is over submitting to human nature’s irrational pseudosubconscious desire to default into letting gray areas stay gray areas. A clan system should not leave one wondering things like “Doesn’t that rule kind of not matter because the clan culture has ignored its cause?” or “Does this aspect of the clan really work the way this rule says it does, or is the rule completely outdated?”. For good reason, people often don’t take clan rules or system info seriously, or take the time to read them, because they were written by someone with a fantasy that is different than what the reality of their clan’s culture is really like. Shaby, on the other hand, always makes sure that the system, rules, original thread, clan mission, et cetera, are all relevant and accurately reflect what the clan stands for. For example, If bronze stars are said to have event hosting power and should have hosting power, then they should be regularly informed of how to use it; the clan should not fall into a gray area mentality of wondering whether only silver+ can host events because it seems more official, or if bronzes are also given the knowledge and power to do so. What Shaby did to avoid confusion like this, is he took all of the gray areas in the clan’s system, rules, & implied rules, and cleared everything up via a detailed list of clan conduct rules on the site. However, Shaby noticed throughout November while watching the effects of these rules on the clan that certain parts of them were needlessly strict, and actually lowered incentives for people to lead the clan. Instead of doing what most leaders do, which is not updating flawed info and just hoping people don’t take it seriously, Shaby regularly tweaked the rules until they were at the minimum level of strictness needed to ensure clan integrity, so that the system would still be in line with the promise made on the founding forum thread, “We will never create an overly complicated and strict system for the sake of making the clan seem better than it really is.” Another challenge in strictness was pressure from a few clan members to make rules that require silver and gold stars to do a certain amount of leadership to maintain their rank. While it seemed like common sense to some, leadership pushed back hard against this suggestion. Nomads’ Light has always been a clan that runs on genuine enthusiasm and only genuine enthusiasm. Using rules to pressure clanmates into doing certain things runs a high risk that clanmates will sometimes participate only robotically, and not necessarily backed by genuine desire. The clan was founded to avoid rules that are not both a realistic accommodation of human nature and designed to innocently mend the follies of pseudosubconscious defaultism.
        Nomads’ Light culture generally has the PvM fanatics, the casuals, and the all-rounders. Some PvM fanatics, who were currently dominating the culture, developed their own unofficial social construct within the clan. For one reason or another, a few high profile bronze stars and some of their close friends left the clan one day to start their own. There was some unrest for sure, though Shaby appreciated that many of this group did this without causing trouble. Sometimes when people leave a clan, they “go out with a bang” by flaming people out or scamming someone. A clan member’s true colors are revealed when they can no longer be penalized for doing wrong. It is a true test of character. Throughout December, there was a bit of a snowball effect where people would leave, and then others would leave because their friends left. At this time, Shaby was not active for as many hours each day, though still played on most days. His response to the situation was first to gauge what the clan could do better to make sure everyone was satisfied. Some who left most likely felt, beyond clan structure disagreements, that the clan was too soft by not allowing offensive terms or overly sleazy conversation. He concluded, though not permanently because a person with only permanent conclusions is bound to be wrong about something, that the clan should not conform to something that would take it away from its niche appeal. Shaby’s second response was to spend even more time than before helping the clan, rather than training his account. Clan activity was becoming more irregular, with more spikes in the number of clanmates online. Shakeups in leadership were a part of this, and Nomads’ Light couldn’t quite find its central command. Every clan goes through times like this though. What matters isn't whether or not near-uncontrollable things happen, but what is done in response. But Nomads’ Light remained a niche force in the OSRS community by being one of the few places with the clan triple crown - respectfulness, freedom, and in-game activity. It was common for new members seeing the clan’s well articulated mission to thank the clan for understanding them, or praise the clan for finally being a place with its eyes on the right prize. December saw a wide variety of levels join the clan. Most were casual, but a few had leadership potential somewhere inside them. Shaby was patient for the next big leader to come along. A new clan era was about to begin, and opportunity was again ripe for a new leader to emerge.

January & February 2016
        Many old friends continued to stick around and lead the coalition of new members, as a few more veteran members began to leave. Everybody was content as ever, and new leaders began to step forward. SubaruRally, Thraldor, and TheMush757 really began to take charge. Shaby was managing the clan as much as ever, though he sunk into the shadows somewhat. He was akin to a man on a park bench contently watching townsfolk play pickup sports.
        But one day on February, Shaby realized something about the clan, seemingly all at once. The main purpose of the clan isn’t for him to have power or for it to be big, but to provide a place for people seeking something different than the “void” OSRS community. However, the mainsteam community was in fact significantly better than it was when the clan was founded. The clan still had its usual niche, and was still the best clan in OSRS, but it was no longer a necessity to exist. The reward Shaby got for running the clan was to drive the sole provider of a complete community. As the clan got less necessary for the OSRS community as a whole though, there was less payout for leading it. On the evening of February 11th, 2016, Shaby announced in the clan chat that he would no longer be leading Nomads’ Light, and that clan operations would end from an official standpoint. There was no anger, but of course a ton of shock. So much shock that Shaby and a couple other clanmates walked around almost the whole F2P Gielinor for an hour that night, wondering about the future. Everyone was very mature and understanding about Shaby’s decision though, and exactly understood his sudden yet well-founded reasons for everything after reading his farewell announcement on the site. What most clan leaders do when they end a clan is abandon it while being in denial that it is dying, which causes everyone to split up due to a lack of plan and not leaving at the same time. While the clan was not in a threat to die any time soon, Shaby saw where it was going and decided not to make that same mistake that most clan leaders do. He proposed two options for moving forward, and it was completely up to each individual what to do, as Shaby would have no power over them after dissolving the clan. The first option, Operation Nomad, was for ex-Nomads’ Light members to move from clan to clan together as desired, never having to be in a dead or corrupt clan. The second option was for clanmates to join a certain clan member’s clan chat. The top priority was to make sure that friendships never have to end, as friendships are the most important part of Nomads’ Light, even more important than its clan system or message. A full explanation of Shaby’s reasons for suspending official clan operations and plans for the future can be found on this article that was posted on February 12th. On February 23rd, one day after the one year anniversary of Nomads’ Light, clan operations officially suspended.
        What happened first was a combination of the two options. Operation Nomad did not have a clear clan candidate right away. SubaruRally, whose name was now changed to SubaruRumble, started his own clan chat. It was similar to Nomads’ Light in that it had a respectful atmosphere and frequent events; but it had a much more casual and easy to manage clan system. Most clan members went to SubaruRumble’s clan chat, and Operation Nomad made its first “candidate” this clan chat. In the future, should the Nomads decide that a move is necessary, they can use Operation Nomad to move from clan to clan, never having to give up the friendships that were created by people with a mutual desire for more than the mainstream. Who knows, if the community turns worse, or there is no suitable home, perhaps Nomads’ Light will be resumed some day, and continue right where it left off.
        For the year that Nomads' Light existed, it went above and beyond achieving its goal. The clan came to power in the year that the OSRS community needed it the most; it was after the nostalgia boom of early OSRS, but before the community improved. During its reign of 366 days, there were 257 official clan events and many lifelong friendships formed, many of which could not have been formed in any other clan. There may never be anything quite like Nomads' Light again in any game.