Improvements to Event Recording

Shaby here. There are now some changes to how we keep track of events. This is to accommodate an increase in clan size and activity. Now, when an event is started, the hoster must either post the attendance on the "new" event submission google doc, or PM it to me. Otherwise, the event will not count, which isn't fair to the people who attended. People hosting an event can no longer assume that I will psychically know who is there and record it; the clan is too big now for me to baby everyone about attendance lol. I will not actively seek you out and ask you for the attendance anymore. However if someone besides me hosts an event and I, Shaby, am at said event, then said hoster needs not verify the attendance for me. I realize that having to record stuff kinda contrasts the "spontaneous fun" feel of events at first, but you will get used to it, and it makes things run smoother.

The event submission google doc can be found here. You won't be able to see it unless you gain editing permissions from me, which can be done by giving me your email address either by RS private message or emailing Other editors of the doc will be able to see your email, so a dupe one can be used to retain privacy. I think this goes without saying, but only bronze stars+ are allowed to use the doc.