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Dragons' Lair

Revo...The clans' super saiyan dragon. Before the clan, Revo was just a stranded dragon...(fletching at edge) and thats when Shaby15 found him and brought Revo in under his wing...ahem...but the dragon always saw it the other way around. Regardless, Revo found a new home with good friends and good times.

Now not only is he a dragon representing the clan, but he also helps his fellow human members of the clan, using his magical powers to craft runes to the humans' likings, for a fairly cheap price, but he didn't mind, his horde only grew!

Thankfully he is on the good side, soaring up high in the clouds and watching over his human companions. Or even fighting by their sides during the god wars...But this does not mean he is tamed by the clan or any members, no...That would be a near impossible feat to achieve as a simple human! Rather, he simply joined because he respected the leader of the clan, and giving the members behind it a chance as he joined in, learning their ways and how they acted together.

As each day passed, his liking for the clan grew, and he participated with the community more and more. Even being as generous as to give up some of his horde and pass it down to the clan members! He gained trust, and has given his trust. Making him relaxed and feeling at home.