In the old days of Runescape, a big MMORPG fad back in 2004-2007, the community was bustling with pure fun. Most players did not play the game solely for EXP and in-game wealth. Most players did whatever they wanted to at any time - whatever was the most fun at any given moment. Most players had a hard time finding room on their friends list, because everyone was rapidly making new friends. As a result of this casual fun-seeking side of the community, many activities such as Castle Wars, Clan Wars, the Duel Arena, and Rimmington house parties gained popularity. Even as players became more efficiency focused around 2008, such activities were still very popular. Players would enjoy grinding EXP for long periods of time, and take breaks to own people at clan wars or chill at a house party.
        Four years later, the infamous "Evolution" of Combat update hit Runescape, and hit it hard. Half the community quit the game while an internet-wide flame war rioted against Jagex. While EoC did not make Runescape a terrible game, it made it a completely different game, one that half the community was not interested in playing. Then in 2013, to everyone's surprise, and catalyzed by the 2006Scape private server push, Jagex released Old School Runescape. This retro-styled MMO started out as a carbon copy of the 2007 version of the game, and slowly released updates that the community voted for. Finally, we had the same game which we thought would be home to both "exp-waste" fun and a challenging leveling system. Since OSRS was a copy of the game which allowed us to adventure with friends, have friendlies at the Duel Arena, or pop party balloons, we figured we could do all those things; we figured we could enjoy OSRS the exact same way we did in the real Golden Age.
        This wasn't really the case. Most of the OSRS community, unlike the Golden Age's community, was now focused solely on gaining EXP, and not the friendship/social aspect of the game. Minigames were dead, clans were seen as only a tool for achieving wealth, and people weren't as social. The single player grinding and leveling system of OSRS was perfect, and as rewarding as in the Golden Age, which was a vast improvement over EoC. But without the ability to take a break from the grind and socialize with other players, many players felt a big void in their RS life. What is the point of working to buy full Dharoks if there's no friends to try it out on? What's the point of buying a fancy outfit if there's no hang-outs? What's the point of getting a good POH if there's no guests to invite? What's the point of earning any items & stats in RS, if you can't do anything with said items & stats except use them to gain more items & stats? Single player content and social/multiplayer content work hand in hand to create the best Runescape experience. Neither one is superior to the other; you need both to have a complete game.
        In February of 2015, a 2005 veteran named Shaby15 who realized all of this, sought to complete the gaming experience of himself and others. Not trusting other clans to tackle the problem head-on, and having been in clan after clan that died, he realized that the only solution was to start his own clan. Most clans were either too strict and efficiency minded to bring the Golden Age feel back to the game, or they were too casual to the point where they never did anything. Shaby15's clan would focus on having fun events that are always available but not mandatory. This means that every player could get their fill of fun when they want to do so, and grind when choosing to do so, just like in the Golden Age of the game.
        After a really rough first two months, the clan finally took off and didn't look back, thanks largely to the loyalty of Gecko Man and the ambition of Ace Mcleod. Now, Nomads' Light is a bustling, yet neighborly community that always has 5 to 16 members on at a given time. On this site, we will post all the info we can about our history, recent achievements, goals, and more.