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Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem

Email: nokhbeh <THIS IS AN AT SIGN> utexas <DOT> edu

I am a Research Associate at the Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin, a leading organization in forecasting threats and delivering solutions that define and protect identity in physical and cyber spaces. I graduated with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) in 2014 from the University of Texas at Austin, where I worked under the supervision of Dr. Sarfraz Khurshid. I received my MSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010, and my BS in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology,Tehran, Iran in 2006. 

Here is a copy of my CV (last updated November 2019) and my PhD dissertation.

Research interests: Identity theft and fraud: data mining, probabilistic modeling, privacy policies. Bio-surveillance: social media mining. Automated software engineering: error recovery, software testing, formal specification languages.

Journal publications:
  1. S. Budalakoti, R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, and K.S. Barber. Tournament Models for Authority Identification in Online Communities. International Journal of Computer and Information Technology (IJCIT) 6 (2), pages 75-83, 2017. pdf
  2. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, M. Manoharan, Y. Yang, and K.S. Barber. Modeling and Analysis of Identity Threat Behaviors through Text Mining of Identity Theft Stories. Computers & Security 65 (2017), Pages 50-63, 2017. pdf
Peer reviewed conference publications: 
  1. A. Sullivan, K. Wang, R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, and S. Khurshid. Automated Test Generation and Mutation Testing for Alloy. In ICST 2017, pages 264-275, Tokyo, Japan, Mar. 2017. pdf
  2. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, S. Budalakoti, M. Rasheed, C. Bajaj, and K.S. Barber. Predicting and Explaining Identity Risk, Exposure and Cost Using the Ecosystem of Identity Attributes. In ICCST 2016, pages 176-183, Orlando, FL, USA, Oct. 2016. pdf
  3.  R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, M. Manoharan, and K.S. Barber. Risk Kit App: Highlighting Vulnerable Identity Assets for Specific Age Groups. In EISIC 2016, pages 32-38, Uppsala, Sweden, Aug. 2016. pdf
  4. A. Sullivan, R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, S. Khurshid, and D. Marinov. Towards a test automation framework for Alloy. In SPIN 2014, pages 113-116, San Jose, CA, USA, Jul. 2014. pdf
  5. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, M. R. Prasad, and S. Khurshid. Automated Generation of Oracles for Testing User-interaction Features of Mobile Apps. In ICST 2014, pages 183-192, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Apr. 2014. Selected as one of the best papers from the conference and invited for submission to the Software Testing, Verification and Reliability journal. pdf
  6. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, M. Z. Malik, and S. Khurshid. Repair Abstractions for More Efficient Data Structure Repair. In RV 2013, pages 235-250, INRIA Rennes, France, Sep. 2013. pdf
  7. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem and S. Khurshid. Test Input Generation Using Dynamic Programming. In SIGSOFT 2012/FSE-20, Article 34, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, Nov. 2012. pdf
  8. D. Gopinath, R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, and S. Khurshid. Improving the Effectiveness of Spectra-Based Fault Localization Using Specifications. In ASE 2012, pages 40-49, Essen, Germany, Sep. 2012. pdf
  9. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem, D. Gopinath, S. Khurshid, and K. S. McKinley. History-Aware Data Structure Repair Using SAT. In TACAS 2012, pages 2-17, Tallinn, Estonia, Mar. 2012. pdf
  10. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem and S. Khurshid. Contract-Based Data Structure Repair Using Alloy. In ECOOP 2010, pages 577-598, Maribor, Slovenia, May 2010. pdf
  11. R. Nokhbeh Zaeem and S. Khurshid. Introducing Specification-Based Data Structure Repair Using Alloy. In ABZ 2010, pages 398-399, Orford, Qubec, Canada, Feb. 2010. pdf

Last updated May 23, 2017.