Mission, Vision, Values

NOELA’s Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of underserved communities in and around the New Orleans East area by providing accessible, affordable, high quality, culturally competent community based primary, preventive, rehabilitative, and behavioral health care.


NOELA’s Vision

In collaboration with private and public health partners, our vision is to improve the health and wellness of the communities in and around the New Orleans East area by working to create a seamless system of access to compassionate, culturally sensitive, primary and preventive health care resulting in a healthier population and improved quality of life.


NOELA’s Values

               Direct – We strive to take a direct to approach in everything we do to ensure the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness and outreach.


Diversity: We offer culturally appropriate services through a diverse staff that is fluent in English, Vietnamese and Spanish. We recognize that our differences are a source of strength.


Respect: We treat our patients, members of the community and each other with respect.  We value every individual.  We share the common purpose of improving lives through the delivery of quality health care.


Excellence: Each day we strive to be extraordinary in all we do because we believe that the greater New Orleans deserves better than the best.


Collaboration: We know that we cannot succeed without the help of our community partners, that we must work together to provide exceptional services resulting in healthier New Orleans.


Teamwork: We know that our patients are served far better when we work together as a team rather than as individuals. We cooperate with one another to combine our efforts in a way that maximizes their value.  We strive to be open and truthful in our relationships.