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1.  Go here to sign our on-line petition:

2. Challenge the Federal Telecom Act

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 (the "Telecom Act") prohibits local governments from regulating the placement of cell towers and other wireless facilities based on environmental impacts (such as concerns about human health).

While the Telecom Act specifically states that it does not generally override local governments' ability to regulate cell tower siting, it is important to work with your members of the U.S. Congress to repeal the "health preemption" in the Telecom Act.

Burbank ACTION supports the CLOUT petition to repeal the Telecom Act's health preemption. You can sign the CLOUT petition here. 

3. Download and sign this petition (or download and sign the "Attachment" below), and also have your friends, family and colleagues sign it.  Then mail it to our local Congress members. 

For citizens of Burbank, CA, contact information for our elected State and Congressional representatives are conveniently listed on the City of Burbank's website here.

For citizens outside of Burbank, CA, you can contact your members of Congress here.