Master Plan

The primary purpose for the Noble County Parks and Recreation Department at this point is the development of a five-year park plan.  This is, in fact, our mandate from the ordinance which established the board in 2010.  Such a plan will act as a guide for the Board, helping to direct the decisions and future growth, but giving us the information about what recreational assets we have, what the residents of Noble County want, and showing us what we are lacking to fulfill our mission and vision.
Park plans typically follow a formatting established by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  IDNR is a primary supporter of local parks departments through their administration of a number of state and federal grants and other funding pools, and in order to be eligible for such funds, an up-to-date five year plan must exist that provides the type of assessment and direction that our Board needs anyway.  So, even if no funds are ever sought through DNR's programs, the plan templates that they recommend will be beneficial for our mission, and the NCPRB intends to follow that plan format.
Due to the number of Noble County's residents, the NCPRB understands that it is in the best interest of the public to solicit the aid of qualified and experienced consultants to assist us in gathering public input.  Thanks to the generous support of the Dekko Foundation, we are able to take the next step tp solicit Requests for Proposals for public input and for assistance in the remaining plan development.
As we develop sections of the plan, we intend to keep the draft on this site, accessible for public review and comment.  More information will follow as it is developed.

I. Introduction

    a. Name and address of all park board members

    b. Name(s) of park board president, superintendent, consultant, or other contact person

    c. Mailing address and contact information for the park system

    d. Name of plan author

    e. Date plan completed

    f. Description of park board and department staff

    g. Definition of planning area (normally related to park service area)

II. Goals and Objectives

    a. Of the park board

    b. Of the parks and recreation department

    c. Of the master plan

III. Features of Service Area (and impact on parks and recreation)

    a. Natural and Landscape

        i. Unique geographic features of area

        ii. Unique geologic/topographical features of area

        iii. Watershed information, wildlife, vegetative cover, etc.

    b. Man-made, Historical and Cultural

        i. Significant man-made features in area

            1. Highways, large buildings, industrial parks, reservoirs, etc.

        ii. Historical sites, markers, celebrated historic events, etc.

        iii. Cultural/ethnic background of the area

            1. Festivals, special events, music, arts, etc.

    c. Social and Economic Factors (Population analysis)

        i. Population Statistics

            1. Age, minority, education, disability, and gender distributions

            2. Growth, distribution, projection of community growth

        ii. Economics of the area

            1. Income and poverty statistics

            2. Major employers

IV. Supply analysis (Park department information/inventory)

    a. Of sponsoring agency

        i. Narrative

        ii. System-wide map

    b. Of all other or related agencies

V. Accessibility (consider ADA [1990], ABA [1968], Rehab. Act [1973] and Universal Design)

    a. Designated ADA coordinator for either the local government entity or for the park department in particular (required only if government entity has 50 or more employees)

    b. Self-evaluation or commentary on currently accessible facilities, programs, etc.

    c. Self-evaluation or commentary on currently inaccessible facilities, programs, etc. with suggested timeline for improvements, estimated costs, and potential funding sources

    d. Information about public notice of ADA requirements (short discussion of methods, formats, locations, etc.)

    e. Information about ADA grievance procedures for either the local government entity or park department

    f. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 compliance form with original signatures

VI. Public Participation (Demand analysis)

    a. Random sample of citizen demand for parks and recreation

        i. Random survey (personal intercept, phone, mail, internet, etc.)

            NOTE: Fully document all survey information: include numbers of surveys sent, and number of surveys returned

    b. Nonrandom sample of citizen demand for parks and recreation

        i. User/non-user group input (stakeholder/employee/board interviews, focus groups, public meetings, etc.)

NOTE: Fully document all other input methods: dates, times, advertising used, number of participants in each method, number of public attendees at each meeting, as well as a synopsis of comments received from each and overall, even if the attendance was low or non-existent [Please see the IDNR-OR Parks and Recreation Master Plan FAQ document for more detailed discussion of public participation, sample sizes, etc.]

VII. Needs Analysis (Standards analysis; methods and results)

    a. Park board facilities standards

    b. Needs indicated by standards analysis

    c. Needs indicated by analysis of public input

VIII. New Facilities Location Map (may be combined with the system-wide map)

IX. Priorities and Action Schedule

    a. Statement of specific park board action(s)

    b. Time frame for park board action(s)

    c. Estimated costs of action plan items

    d. Potential sources of funding for master plan recommendations

    e. Organize information into a table with a time-line (see Sample Priority Action Schedule)

    f. Final public presentation of plan (final public comment period)

        i. Prior to finalized plan submission to DNR-OR

        ii. Include any final/additional comments separately at the end of Section

    g. Resolution for park board adoption of the plan with original signatures (must be submitted as hard copy with the final draft of the plan)

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