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This Week.... Happy New You

After a few hours sitting on the banks of the Ganges River and with a spattering of swamis (religious recluses)around me  i came to feel very empowered , not only because i had managed to get to India without any hitches( the fact that i had missed a flight the week before, not a given) but  i had also made a dream come true and i realised that the person that had done it was me. We are the creators of our destinies- yes, the universe will help us along but this was a profound realisation that i am the one running the show.
Before trusting anyone else, we must learn to trust ourselves. Before loving anyone else, we must learn to love ourselves. Before recognising divinity in others, we must recognise it in ourselves. Before listening to others we must listen to ourselves. The greatest and most complex relationship we can have is with ourselves. Our yoga is to unite ourselves with ourselves. May you continue your journeys in 2013