"Nic has an amazing ability to take what's happened in my real life and apply it to my yoga practice. I don't just benefit from her teaching while in the studio – I can take what I gain when I leave the mat and head out into the world.  Makes my day better every time!"  – Sam Shaber, musician

"Nic has a wonderful energy that is both soothing and supportive. She is intelligent and graceful and takes her time to tune in to your body, moving you safely through the sequence. After having the chance to really get to know her and work one-on-one, I found that she was able to fine tune a flow that worked specifically for me and I felt I had the attention I needed. Her assists are gentle and direct, with purpose, and she leads excellent breathing as well as meditation techniques. Overall, a well rounded and delicious experience!!" – Kelly Stackhouse, actress/model

"Thanks so much for the 100 days. I look forward to our sessions and I feel that the little we have done is making already a big impact in my live." B

"Thank you for your inspiring messages and for all the special touches you provide during your classes. You have helped me discover the joy of yoga. I look forward to your return so we can resume our classes.I'm off to the mat!" L

 This is what I would tell someone about your class. "this isn't the yoga you are going to get with your gym membership. This is real yoga. " I find your classes well thought out/yet intuitive at the same time. You "see" the needs of your students. Your verbal descriptions of an asana allow me to follow you, even if I can't see you in the posture at the same time.  You have a good grasp of what each of your students are doing which enables you to be our mirrors. Whether it be to guide us to a better alignment or praise us for self correcting an asana. You are very careful to understand the individual needs of each student. What their desire is to gain from yoga as well as any disabilities they have that require them to do an alternative pose. You use really good, real life examples to get your points across. Your class always flows from begining to end. EG: what you share with us at the begining of class, always "comes true" at the end. Mathew

" I feel so lucky to have met Nic last year at a beginner class-That day she changed the way I thought about Yoga and she changed my Life. She doesn't only teach you Yoga, she makes you think and understand why you are coming to class, what you are doing on the mat and the take home message you get from practicing.

After few classes i decided to take private lessons as I felt comfortable that she could help me with my sacro iliac pain and she DID. After only few private lessons, I started to feel better and most of all, she taught me how to deal with my pain. She is a great listener and she will help you in whatever way she can.

I highly recommend her. She is an amazing teacher."  LP 2015

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