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Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core curriculum have been combined to create an enriching school year. Teachers at Nobel strive to stay onĀ the cutting edge of education, and have worked hard to create the instructional sequence found on this site.

If you have been assigned an "independent writing assignment" instead of the last group project, please read below:

Essay topic choices:
  • Cycles of Matter (law of conservation of matter, carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, and water cycle)

  • Using Data in Science (how to create and use data table, how to create and use graphs, how data tables and graphs are used to understand science)

  • Energy (types of energy, how energy changes from one form to another, how energy flows through ecosystems)

  • Chemical Energy (photosynthesis and chemical respiration, how energy flows through ecosystems)

  • Ecosystems (biodiversity, energy pyramid and trophic levels, how each organism in food web affects others)


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