Our Constitution and By-laws

Our Constitution was fully re-written in August 2015 to bring it into line with the latest Model Rules issued by the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland (OFT).  It was accepted and registered by OFT on 27 August 2015.

A copy of our full Constitution can be viewed at the below link, but the main objects of our association are as follows: 

(1)   to assist, encourage and promote the study of Genealogy, Family History, and Heritage in the Redcliffe area and to help preserve the history and heritage of this Region; and

(2)   to acquire and maintain a reference and research library, covering all aspects of Genealogy, Heraldry, Family History and allied subjects for the use of members and others, and to collect and preserve material bearing on the Families of Australia, and in particular those of Redcliffe and surrounding districts; and

(3)   to interact and affiliate with similar groups and societies having similar aims  on a national and international basis by sharing knowledge and information for the benefit of the community at large; and

(4)   to produce regular newsletters and other publications at such times and of such nature as may be decided by members of the group; and

(5)   to endeavour to carry out these aims and objects with integrity and to foster a professional approach to Genealogy and the study of Family History; and 

(6)   to do all such other things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of all the above objects. 

Our By-laws were fully re-written in September 2015, amended in March 2016 and a copy can be also be found below.

Roger Hendey,
9 Mar 2016, 04:22
Roger Hendey,
8 Sept 2015, 19:56