Library Resources

Our family history research is not limited to Redcliffe or even Queensland but reaches out to the whole world.  Australia after all is a country of emigrants and many of those families want to know more about where they came from. 


Internet searches  ... includes

  •  Ancestry - worldwide search facilities
  •  Find My Past - worldwide search facilities
  •  FamilySearch - worldwide search facilities
  •  Search of Family History journals using 'Copernic' search engine



  • Cemeteries –38 books.  Records from Norfolk Island, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and other areas
  • Church History – 15 books
  • Convicts – 36 books encompassing all Australian states and including Musters, Reports, early days and passenger lists
  • Local History – 87 books from around Australia
  • Family History – 18 books
  • Non-English – 18 books
  • GRD Directories – 37 books
  • Members Research – 76 Areas
  • Miscellaneous – 22 books
  • Reference – 206 books
  • Schools – 20 books
  • Shipping – 56 books, including passengers from U.K. and Germany
  • Travel & Tourism – 6 books
  • War & Military Research – 23


Compact Disks (CDs) 


  • Births, Deaths & Marriages from every Australian State
  • Births, Deaths & Marriages from U.K. and Ireland
  • Births, Deaths & Marriages from Western Europe - Prussia, Alpine, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Spain
  • Census  1851 (3 UK counties), 1881 all U.K including Isle of Man and Royal Navy; land owners in UK 1873
  • New Zealand directory1866-1867
  • Shipping – from overseas to every Australian state




  • Births (including early baptisms), deaths and marriages for every state in Australia
  • Australian Miscellaneous incl. newspaper notices and directories
  • Cemeteries from most Australian states
  • Convicts – 27 categories
  • Government Gazette information and indices – chemists, land records, intestacies, pensions, police, teachers, wills + many others.
  • I.G.I. (International Genealogical Index) records (LDS) - U.K. and Ireland
  • Ireland – Births & Marriages, some censuses, constabulary index. etc.
  • Military records
  • Miscellaneous from U.K., British Army in Australia, parish records, directories and county censuses
  • Probates
  • Real Estate Transmission by Death
  • Shipping into Australian states and New Zealand.  Passengers from U.K. and Germany
  • Undertaker Records


Other material


  • Magazines & Journals
  • Maps
  • Counties of England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Ireland showing most towns
  • Counties of England & Wales -  Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parishes
  • Heraldic Scrolls of England & Wales
  • Historical Map of England & Wales
  • Herefordshire
  • Ireland – Genealogical Atlas
  • Road maps & guides – Australian states, Canada, Germany (5), Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, U.K., U.S.A. (4), West Indies
  • Newsletters from Affiliated Australian Family History Groups (60)
  • Family History Forms



  • We have a large volume of back-numbers of our own Newsletters as well those of the other 66 Family History societies with which we are affiliated
  • Click the link Newsletters to see the Group's latest editions in electronic form.



Periodically, we pursue monetary donations and grants in order to acquire more resources.

In 2011 we were grateful to receive a substantial grant from the Queensland Gambling Benefits Fund which enabled us to purchase a new computer and numerous library resources and research materials.

In May 2015 we received a generous cash donation from our Patron Hon Luke Howarth MP to put towards another laptop computer.

Another generous benefactor has been the Moreton Bay Regional Council Community Support Fund, from whom we have received grants for the following equipment:
  • 2011: a 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier machine;
  • 2013: a data projector and screen, which enables us to vastly improve the quality of presentations to our members, and offer professional facilities to visiting lecturers;
  • 2014: a professional standard digital hand-held audio recorder (which conforms to the standard recommended by the Oral History Association of Australia), used for recording audio interviews in relation to our World War One Project;
  • 2015: a Toshiba laptop computer.
  • 2016: a laptop computer
  • 2017: assistance with the upgrade to the NBN
  • 2018: assistance with promotion materials
  • 2019: assistance to refurbish the Library with new bookshelves and storage cabinet and upgrade a computer.
  • 2020: a Scanner capable of scanning multiple items in multiple operating modes, compatible with scanning bound books etc. 
We also gratefully accept other donations from Group members, or members of the public, in the form of maps, books etc, as well as relevant computer software.  



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