Trip to Kenya

This past summer (Summer of 2016) myself and several other people and preachers traveled to Mombasa, Kenya. We were there for about two weeks in June. We saw the work that God is doing in Kenya through New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and through the schools Tom and Sarah are running. We worked in the school, on various projects, and the preachers that came helped put on a revival at the school. We were blessed to hear of several souls saved. 

Summer 2017 trip to Kenya:

I am moving to Kenya in September of 2017. Because of this, I am not planning a trip for this summer. If you are interested in taking a trip to Kenya, you can contact me and I will get you in contact with other people that may be planning a trip. 

Trip Details:
  • Who can go? Anyone interest in seeing the work in Kenya. People willing to help teach in the school are always very welcome.
  • What will you be doing? We typically spend most of our time at the school. Those that can teach will help teach some classes, and those that are builders may help with various construction projects at the church and school. We often spend a short time seeing the Indian Ocean and animals in Kenya. The main purpose of the trip is to see what God is doing through New Hope Church in Kenya.
  • When might people be going? There is not a date set at this time, but it is possible that people may take a two week trip sometime in June or July.
  • Where at in Kenya? Mombasa, Kenya
  • How much will a trip cost? Approximately $2,300-$2,500 (This greatly depends on the price of the plane ticket)
If you are interested in taking a trip to Kenya, please feel free to contact me.