New Building at New Hope School

A new building is currently in the process of being finished at New Hope School. Th building is farther along than the picture shows. It is now a functional building and is being used for additional classroom space for the school and as a second mission in Mombasa. Brother Tom started holding worship services at this building in the spring of 2015. The first Sunday there were more than 200 people in attendance. There has continued to be a large amount of people coming to hear the Gospel preached. Tom and Sarah had the burden to start a mission next to the school because many students from the school, their parents and other people that live near the school desire to come to church but can not make it to New  Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Praise the Lord that He has provided a way for this to be possible.

The church and school are not next to each other. This is a problem because many people that  have the desire to come to church cannot make it because they do not have the means to pay for transportation. Each Sunday Tom and Sarah used a van to bring anywhere from 75-100 students and parents to church from the school. There was not enough time or money to bring all the parents and other surrounding people that wanted to come, but now that this building has been built, all who wish to come are able to come and hear the Gospel preached.

The additional building is also very helpful in improving the learning environment for the kids at school. The school is continually growing and has become very overcrowded. It is difficult to teach the students sometimes because the walls are thin and the noise from each classroom can be heard throughout the whole building. With the new building, the classrooms won’t be as crowded and the learning environment will be much better for all the students. This expansion of the school also gives a greater opportunity for the school to continue to grow and allow for more souls to have an opportunity to hear the gospel and more children to be able to receive a good education.