Kenya Schools, Churches and Missions

Below you will find information about the schools, churches and missions in Kenya.

Schools in Kenya:
Tom and Sarah have started three different schools in Kenya. New Hope Preparatory School is the school that I had the chance to help at the past three summers and is primarily where the students go that are being sponsored. Besides this school, there is a small primary school and a high school at New Hope Church. The high school is called New Hope Zelma Moore High School. Some of the students go to this school after they finish 8th grade at New Hope Preparatory School, if they have the money to pay school fees. Like the New Hope School, Zelma Moore High School takes in many students that cannot pay fees, but only so many can be allowed to come without pay. Besides these schools, Sarah has also started a school in Ramogi Village in Kenya. It is on the opposite side of Kenya from Mombasa. The school in Ramogi is still small but it has grown a lot in the past year. It has about 100 students now. This school is held at Ramogi Church, during the week.

The Kenyan school system is much different than the American School System. Primary schools in Kenya have 3 Kindergartens instead of one. Kindergarten 1 and 2 are for the ages that we would consider preschool. Primary schools are KG 1-8th grade. Before completing 8th grade, all 8th graders have to take a national exam. If they do well on the exam then they will be called to a high school, but if they do not perform well, then it will be very difficult for them to get into a high school. Being called to a high school does not exempt a student from the school fees so some students still can not go, even if they get called, because they can not pay the school fees. If you research about the Kenyan public school system, you will find that public education in Kenya is free. Although this is technically true, the Kenyan government and school system is very corrupt and the teachers require students to pay fees to attend their school. 

Churches and Missions:
There are 2 churches and 3 missions that have been started in Kenya.
  • New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Mombasa, Kenya-Pastor Thomas Olonde
    • second mission started in Mombasa at New Hope Preparatory School
  • Ramogi Hill Missionary Baptist Church
  • Muhuru Bay Mission in Muhuru Bay, Kenya
  • Holo Mission in Holo, Kenya
  • Mariakani Mission in Mariakani, Kenya
  • In addition to mission work in Kenya, Thomas Olonde and others from New Hope Church have began taking the gospel to places in Tanzania. This work started at the end of the 2016 year.