Unsponsored Students

Below are pictures of unsponsored students at New Hope School. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these students, please contact me at alawson.newhope@gmail.com 

This is a photo of a man that graduated from New Hope High School. His name is Kennedy. He is now trying to help teach some of the classes at New Hope School, but he has not been to college. This is the case for many teachers in Kenya. Although I typically post pictures of students at New Hope, I am posting this picture because this is a member of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church that has been hoping and praying to get a college degree for several years now. It typically costs $2,000-$3,000 to pay for a two year college degree in Kenya. If anyone is interested in helping this young man, please contact me.

Fransisca Awour
Francisca is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade. She stays with her mother who is a widow with three children. Francisca’s mother is jobless and not able to pay the needed school fee for her daughter.
Elvis Joseph
This is Elvis Joseph. He is 12 years old and in 5th grade. He lives with both of his parents. They are trying to make money by running a small business, but they do not make enough money to cover his school fees.

Francis Kimenya
Francis is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. He lives with his grandmother because his parents abandoned him.