Child Sponsorship

New Hope Preparatory School is run by Tom and Sarah Olonde. New Hope School is a Christian school that does not turn any one away, whether or not they can pay the needed school fees. Because of this, the school struggles greatly financially. The school building is small and crowded and text books and supplies are limited. Sarah struggles each month to pay her teachers, so many good teachers leave when a better paying job presents itself. By sponsoring a child at New Hope you are helping a child receive an education and receive 1-2 meals a day if necessary. Besides providing a way for a child to attend school, you are also supporting the
teachers and helping the school buy textbooks and supplies. Most importantly, when a child goes to New Hope School, he or she hears the gospel preached every Friday and is taught Christian Religious Education three times a week.

School fees at New Hope are much cheaper than any other school around. It cost $60 a year to attend New Hope Preparatory School and $240 a year to attend New Hope Zelma Moore High School. About 70% of the population in Mombasa is made up of Muslim people. Many Muslim kids attend New Hope School because their families can’t afford to take them anywhere else. This is a great blessing because Muslim children are hearing the gospel when they probably would not have an opportunity to otherwise.