Fall Retreat Details

THRIVING in Graduate School
Caring for the heart soul and mind.

Graduate school can be a place of great turmoil and stress.  It can be a place where you feel like you are not going to survive.  It is possible to survive, it is actually possible to thrive during these days.  

This fall, come join students from all over New England for a 24 hour retreat at InterVarsity's Toahnipi conference center in southern NH.  

Come learn from the Old testament character named Daniel.  Explore how he thrived in difficult situations.  Come learn how he lived out the greatest command in scripture to love God with his heart, soul, and mind.






 Come see how caring well for your 
heart, soul, and mind 
will help you to




Arrival: 7:00pm

(Friday  evening)

Depart: 7:00pm 

(Saturday evening)


ToahNipi Retreat Center    

252 Old Ashburnham Road, Rindge, NH

(Click here for directions)