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Thailand: The land of the elephant, the land of Chang.

posted 26 Jun 2013, 22:34 by Elli Murr   [ updated 4 Jul 2013, 02:30 ]

Anek Kuson Sala, Thailand

"Carlsberg don't do museums, but if they did....."

A museum or a temple? Or is it an art gallery? One thing is for sure, if you get the chance to visit you will not be disappointed. 


Bangkok for Beginners

"Don't judge a city by its reputation"

Bangkok, infamous for... Thai Boxing? Chang? Prostitution? Lady-boys? Booze buckets on Khoa San Road? Or? A first-timers opinion. 


 Wat Than Seua, 


"Only 137 steps!"

If you're just shipping through Krabi then Wat Than Seua, or "Tiger Temple" is well worth considering a stop-over for. 


Chiang Mai Walking Tour

“So which temple first?”

A walking tour around the temples of inner Chiang Mai with a few more within walking distance.

Erawan Waterfalls,


"From three headed elephant to seven tiered waterfall"

Seen the history in Kanchanaburi? Well now see the nature with an easy day trip to these stunning waterfalls. 

Ancient Ayutthaya

"The city of gorgeousness"

Taking in the ancient sites and the modern temples of Ayutthaya by bicycle. 



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