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Myanmar: The true land of smiles?

posted 26 Jun 2013, 22:20 by Elli Murr   [ updated 23 Jul 2013, 18:21 ]

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"Trip report March 2013" 
Chelsea & Laim
 give us a factual report on Myanmar. Read there blog for the finer points and this report if you want the hard facts. Great report. [more]

Time Travel Turtle
"An unexpected journey to Twante"
Michael Turtle 
is a journalist turned traveller; and it is clear in his writing. One of the best travel bloggers we've ever read. [more]

Pia Regan
"Teaching English in Lasio"
Pia really gives some inspiration to get off of the beaten path and to just get stuck in and help where you can. Thanks to Pia for allowing us to re-publish this blog. [more]


Cycling in Inle

"A return trip to Inle" 
Daniel Fisher returns to Inle to take to the bike and investigate the local temples, vineyard and villages. [more]


Back again!
"Travellers report February 2013"

Martin Clarke's second trip to Myanmar in 6 months and once again we're getting hard facts with a few opinions. Useful and solid information. [more]


Honeymooning in Myanmar?
"Travellers report February 2013"
We weren't at the wedding but we're really pleased that we could help with their honeymoon planing. Thanks for the report. [more]










Yangon City Calling!

"Visiting Yangon but not the temples?"

Wendy Merrett reflects on visiting Yangon again but without visiting the temples? [more]


Maing Thuak Orphanage
"Exploring the countryside of Nyaunghswe" 
Steve Lyons takes a cycle ride of off the beaten track to visit an orphanage. [more]


18 Days

"A travellers report"
Suzanna Clarke shares her 18 days of solo travel with us from December 2012.[more]









Biking in Bago

"A day trip from Yangon to cycle around Bago."

Daniel Fishers's first proper blog took that many hits we managed to talk him into writing another one for us.

City Maps
The map for Bago follows the route described above for cycling. And now the "map man" is back from Myanmar all of our others will be updated soon.

To go or not to go? 

"Myanmar, or Burma as it's known in old money"

Wendy Merrett writes about her thoughts about visiting Myanmar with the current political wranglings that
pose a question for us all.


Inle Lake, Myanmar 

"Slouching kittens, Hidden (jumping) cats"

Join Martin Clarke and friends as they take to the waters of Inle Lake for a day of fisherman, gardens, temples and some lazy cats... [more]

Must see!

Want to see the world through someone else's eyes, or at least their lens? Check out our Must see! pictures of Myanmar. [more]

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle.

"4 non-blondes on the way to Inle”

Ruby Hood decides to walk to Inle rather than taking the bus? Two days and one night... [more]


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