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Krabi town is the main travel hub of the area with an international airport 20 minutes from the centre of town. From Krabi you can get to the beautiful beaches of Ao Nang and Klong Muang by road, either by yourself on a moped or on one of the many Saong-Tau's that run through town. There's also excellent connections on to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Koh Jum as well as Phuket town by ferry. The nearest train station is in Tran, which is just a 2-hour minibus ride south.

The town itself is quite pleasant and is often overlooked as a destination itself. In our opinion if is a good base to start from.

Krabi Town City Map


Featured Guest House
Smile Guest House
Address: 13 Kongka Road
Prices from: Single 200B, Twin/ Double 250B, Family room 450B
Includes: Shared bathroom, Wi-Fi, free Tea/ Coffee, terrace area, roof-garden, reading area
Tel: 075 624015 Email: 
The roof-garden really sells this one. There's adequate bathroom facilities for those rooms that don't have en-suite. The rooms are basic but that works. Good quality mattresses, good pillows and a small table with cushions in each room. En-suite is generally about 100B more for the room. What more can you want? Patrick told us that in the next few months they'll be upgrading their garden area to make it even more appealing for that sun-set beer!

Cha Guesthouse
Address: 15-25 Fah Road
Prices from: Shared facilities 250B, Fan 450B, AC 650B
Tel: Email: Web:
With a chilled out area downstairs it's not a bad choice. The rooms do have a feel of a log-cabin though. Most come with a small balcony and the rooms are good and clean. 

Prices from:
Tel: Email: Web:

Prices from:
Tel: Email: Web:

Prices from:
Tel: Email: Web:

Prices from:
Tel: Email: Web:

Prices from:
Tel: Email: Web:

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  • Thailand: The land of the elephant, the land of Chang.

    Anek Kuson Sala, Thailand

    "Carlsberg don't do museums, but if they did....."

    A museum or a temple? Or is it an art gallery? One thing is for sure, if you get the chance to visit you will not be disappointed. 


    Bangkok for Beginners

    "Don't judge a city by its reputation"

    Bangkok, infamous for... Thai Boxing? Chang? Prostitution? Lady-boys? Booze buckets on Khoa San Road? Or? A first-timers opinion. 


     Wat Than Seua, 


    "Only 137 steps!"

    If you're just shipping through Krabi then Wat Than Seua, or "Tiger Temple" is well worth considering a stop-over for. 


    Chiang Mai Walking Tour

    “So which temple first?”

    A walking tour around the temples of inner Chiang Mai with a few more within walking distance.

    Erawan Waterfalls,


    "From three headed elephant to seven tiered waterfall"

    Seen the history in Kanchanaburi? Well now see the nature with an easy day trip to these stunning waterfalls. 

    Ancient Ayutthaya

    "The city of gorgeousness"

    Taking in the ancient sites and the modern temples of Ayutthaya by bicycle. 



    Posted 4 Jul 2013, 02:30 by Elli Murr
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  • A sample from our facebook page. Follow us for regular updates.

    Garden of Reflection,
    Chiang Mai, Thailand:
    There is no glory for a lazy person however good looking

    Krabi Thailand:

    Solitude and silent reflection seems to be moving with the times

    Almost Famous,
    Pai, Thailand:

    Toilet humour, bar humour and a great quiz.
    Posted 26 Jun 2013, 21:11 by Elli Murr
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    Focus Charity 
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  • Talking Thai
    A little effort goes a long way!


    How are you?
    Sabai dee mai?

    I'm fine.
    Sabai dee.

    Kop khun!

    See you later.
    Jer gun.

    How much is this?
    Mee, tao rai?

    I don't want a plastic bag.
    Mae ow toong.

    Not spicy
    Mai pet


    Jin jay

    At the end of the sentences
    Female speaker: Ka
    Male speaker: Krup

    Posted 3 Jul 2013, 23:59 by Elli Murr
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  • Travel Guides
    Over 1,000 downloads of "A travellers Guide to Myanmar"

    We've had over 27,000 hits in just 7 months! For some, that's nothing, for the charities we support, approx. 2% of our visitors visit on.Which means all of our hard work is worth it. 

    Looks like we'll be publishing an update to "A Travellers Guide to Myanmar" in September ready for the new season. And already we have Peter and Anne from Balmain, Sydney Australia on board to give us updates for their pending trip in October.

    So we have "
    Fish out of Water" and "Powered by Noodles" and now "Cool for Cats" set to update us in Myanmar. Can you get any more up-to-date?

    Free guides and downloads.
    Posted 24 Jul 2013, 21:12 by Elli Murr
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