These guides come from a variety of sources and most have been written with Sri Lanka specifically in mind, though they provide a very good reference guide for the vast majority of Asia.

To receive any of the following, simply click-on the required document to email us at NeSw365@gmail.com - the subject field will be automatically populated with the referenced download code. 

Alternatively if you require multiple documents, then please ensure the subject field contains all of the relevant codes.


Primates of Sri Lanka

A fantastic guide detailing much about the 5 different species of monkeys in Sri Lanka.

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Mammals of Sri Lanka

A picture-plate document of local wildlife in Sri Lanka.

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 Birds of Sri Lanka

A pictorial guide and check-list to endemic and non-endemic birds of Sri Lanka.

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 Dragonflies of Sri Lanka

28 colourful picture-plate pages naming these magnificent predators of the airwaves.

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 Butterflies of Sri Lanka

This 2010 edition has some great photographs of this hard-to-photo insect.

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 Endemic Birds of Sri Lanka

Picture plates and information.

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 Leopards & Wildlife of Yala

This 3 part guide is an excellent download if you are heading to Yala.

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 National Parks of Sri Lanka

If you're travelling around this beautiful country, then this is a great insite into what's available.

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