Neil Whyke

New News;

Peas On The Ceiling is now available, published by BroomBooks £9.99
On review so far-'hilarious'.

I am a typical Yorkshireman, born and bred in the county and, apart from three years at CBCE in Birmingham have lived here all my life.

I was educated at Rotherham Grammar School then trained to be a teacher which I did for nearly forty years.

I have always been interested in sport, I am still an athletics coach, and, when I was younger, enjoyed rock-climbing and canoeing. These, combined with being able to see the Derbyshire hills from my home, have influenced my writing, many of the books are set in the nearby hills.

I enjoy sixties music and jazz and I usually have some playing while I write.

So far I have published 3 books as traditional paper copies and 6 as e-books.

contact me by email;neilwhyke@yahoo.com

Old News

I've now had an article about the book published in the South Yorkshire Times and  have been interview by Rother FM, if everyone has 15mins fame mine lasted about ten seconds!!!!

Done my interview and had pictures taken, managed not to break the camera. Watch for the article.
 Have now had articles in both the Rotherham Advertiser and Sheffield Star, also done a book signing.

Ey Up Adolf is selling well and receiving good revues. I'll have to buy a 5th lot of books soon.

The follow up to Bag Of Doome is finished and just needs finally editing.

I'm well on with a new project, a sci-fi /suspense entitled 'The Wraithes'. More soon, but I think this is my best one yet.

To date I have five e-books available for Kindle on the Amazon site and a book,Ey Up Adolf, published. The second book in the flashes,Bangs series will be out soon.

The Wraithes is now finished, only the edits to do then it will be available on Kindle.

I'm starting the follow-up to Ey Up Adolf next month- just a bit more information to gather first.

Just received the first review of my book on Amazon, *****.

 As Spiderwize won't publish the Dragon books, they don't do magic, it looks lke I'll be a publisher soon. Watch out for books by Broom Publishers.

The follow up to Adolf is now on chapter 14

Seeing a printer next week, I'll see what they say.
* * * * *

Broom Books is now a proper recognised publisher. The cover to Bring It On! has been done by a talented young guy, Josh Atkinson and YPS at York are doing the printing, thanks Cathi.

The followup to EUA, now called Peas on the Ceiling, is on chapter 32.

* * * * * *

Belle of Doome is now available on Kindle

* * * * *
Peas on the Ceiling is now up to chapter 54
* * * * * *

Been to see the printer-Bring It On should be out soon.  The Wraithes is finished and will be available on Kindle from Monday.

* * * * *

* * * * *

The Wraithes was available for free last weekend and had 330 downloads. Since then I've sold another 6. Might ot seem much but its a start.
Waiting to hear from Cathi at YPS, the printers.

* * * * *

I've now got the proof copy of Bring It On,a few mistakes to sort out then it wil be available, hopefully after Easter.

* * * * *

Peas on the Ceiling is finished in draft form. Now begins the hard part, getting it ready for publication.

* * * * * * *

Bored with doing edits and rewrites so I've started a new Wraithes, they're even nastier than last time but all the old characters are back, except Daniel, Natasha's given him the big E.

* * * * * * *

The new Wraithes is coming along well, over half way, body count up to 11 so far but James is working on a way to defeat them.

* * * * * * *
Bring it on should be out soon, after a slight delay. The electronic proof is almost checked.

The new Wraithes, titled The Wraithes Surface, is coming well, now on chapter 32. I've put the first 5 chapters up to view.

Bring It On is now available.I had a fantastic interview with the Sheffield Star published


The Wraithes Surface is finished and only need editing.

Peas on the Ceiling is on its third draft, hopefully it'll be out by Christmas.

The Wraithes Suface is now finished and should be available on Kindle shortly.

Did my first talk last week, at Rudston. It went well and the children seemed interested.

Peas on the Ceiling ha stalled, the proof reading is taking a long time and I'm still waiting
for the cover from Cathi.

Books available

Ey Up Adolf
Published by Spiderwize
Available from any web book store

This is the true story of a young Rotherham couple, two ordinary people who did extraordinary things in exceptional circumstances during World War Two.

Ann and Edgar became engaged just before the war started. At first Edgar wrote religiously then the letters stopped. Ann broke off the engagement and continued her life as a secretary in the steelworks during the day and a volunteer in the Auxiliary Fire Service at night, on duty during the worst of the air-raids.

Sixty years later they met again and the reason for the letters stopping emerged, a tale of secret headquarters, spies and operations behind enemy lines.

Just found this review on Amazon

A very good read and well written about a local man's antics from Rotherham South Yorkshire in the 2nd world war and his first love of his life whose son has written this story after talking to them both at length and decided that it would make a good story.

I found the book interesting and funny and could not put it down until I had finished reading it. Anyone local to the area would find it most appealing.

 Approached ASDA, possibly on sale after Christmas. Reaction to story, awesome!!

Now on sale at WHSmith, Retail World R'ham, Meadowhall, Fargate Sheffield, and Doncaster.Today South Yorkshire tomorrow the world.
Also available at Waterstones.

Regret to have to announce the death of Edgar after a long illness.

Another good review for Ey Up Adolf from Sheffield Forum

"I' ve got this book from Manor Library, it's by Neil Whyke. It says it's a local book and by god it is. His mother was born in Rotherham and his father in Chapeltown. Wyke still lives in Sheffield and he describes it in great detail.

The majority of the book describes his fathers adventures in WW2, I suppose this could be taken "with a pinch of salt" but the local detail in it is amazing.

Bag of Doome

This is a sci-fi story for teenagers. It concerns Tamika, the daughter of the President of the planet Doome, a member of the Council of Scientists and a warrior.
When they were invaded by the Vivanj, a savage, war-like,neighbouring race, she escapes, taking the Geoid, the source of their secret of how to tap into natural forces, with her.
As the transporter is old and not powerful enough to cross the galaxy to their colony planet in one leap she lands on Earth. Here she meets up with a group of teenagers who  assist her to locate the next transporter while evading a group of Vivanj who managed to follow her, agents of a major, multinational electronics firm who want her alien technology and a shadowy government department.

Bag of Doome has now had over 200 downloads and a 5* review.
Available now for Kindle at Amazon.com, only 77p. See the review,*****

Flashes, Bangs and Teeth

This is the first in the series and concerns Roland Grimshaw, inventor, son of a special effects consultant and martial arts enthusiast.
When he inadvertently stumbles across the proceeds of a jewel robbery he becomes the target for the gang in their attempts to recover the loot. When his friend is kidnapped in mistake for him he sets out on a mission, aided by his dog, Percy, his friends and one of his dad's creations, Mars 6.

A children's adventure for 7-11 years.

Available now for Kindle at Amazon.com



Bring it on
The newly born dragon is the key to the powerful sorceress Vannora acquiring the Black Stone and she has waited a thousand years for this day.
Now all that can stop her are Sam, his kick-boxing sister Jo............
...........and a really funky dragon.

This exciting adventure with its dangerous criminals and evil sorceress is set against the backdrop of the craggy hills and deep caverns of Derbyshire.

Out now published by Broom Books

You're toast


    Sam,Jo and the dragon retire to the Northumbrian coast to escape Bledrus, a nice quite holiday by the sea. But nothing is as they expect starting with their aunt Adelphie. Then the Boss reappears, now involved in people smuggling. Add a daring sea rescue, chases and a battle with Bledrus and his gang. When Vannora arrives the scene is set for a showdown.                     

Not available at the moment. Paperback coming.


 After a perilous chase across the moors, pursued by Vannora's creatutres, everything is set for the final showdown

Now that she has the  golden arrows Vannora finally feels safe and can turn her attention to acquiring the Black Crystal. She  sets a trap for Sam and Jo, imprisoning them in an old cavern deep underground. Fortunately they have Dan to lead them through the dangerous tunnels to safety.

Not available at the moment. Paperback coming.

Flashes, Bangs and Skis

Out soon

Belle of Doome

The second in the Doome series. Tamika returns to Doome to reclaim her planet from the Vivanj, Allen gets a girlfriend and once again the gang have to take on the mighty Zingtronics empire, this time aided by the American government. But of course they have Tamika on their side.

Out now on Kindle, price 77p

The Wraithes
When Lauren Wilde resigned from DDSC she thought she was done with the General, his department and the shady side of space research. She could retire to a quiet Debyshire village and rebuild her life.
She met Ben Steele, a semi-retired banker whose marriage was virtually fnished and things started to look up.
Then th weird, green lightning struck the nearby wood, the skeletons started to appear and she was dragged back into her previous existance, fighting a deadly, alien species that threatened to wipe out all life on Earth.

Out on Kindle 77p

Peas On The Ceiling

The sequel to Ey Up Adolf. Continuing the story of Ann and Edgar.
Edgar is posted to India where he manages to find plenty of chances to add to his army pay. Then he returns to Rotherham wher he is employed at the fledgling National Assistance Board where he manages to encounter a wide and hilarious variety of clients.
Ann is now martied and joins the ranks of that new breed, a working mum.
Douglas, her younger brother, is called up for National Service but nothing ever sems to go smoothly.

Published by Broom Books £9.99

The Wraithes Surface

Chapter 1

The bolts of green flashed through the eternal dark of space until they approached the blue planet, there they split, two dropped to the green land below while the rest continued, heading towards the white polar region, seconds later another pair detached and hurtled downwards.                      

The sun was setting below the horizon and the land was rapidly darkening. The two flashes of green narrowly missed the tops of five mountain peaks then dropped sharply. Beneath was the gloomy, still waters of a long loch, the pods at the centre of the green light slowed rapidly and plummeted into the icy depths. Immediately the water became a seething mass of bubbles and a small cloud of steam appeared, hanging eerily above surface as below the pods rapidly cooled and sank to the bottom. They gently settled, a thin sensor poked out, tested the environment they had landed in, then satisfied it wasn’t hostile, the pods split. The environment might not be hostile but the contents of the pods were. The second wave of Wraithes had arrived. The area round the pods flashed a bright, luminous green then returned to the inky blackness. The aliens were ready, all they needed now was food.

*          *

“I assume you will be going out tonight?” stated Ben to the pretty blonde girl who had just flounced into the kitchen

“Of course, it’s not every day a girl can prove her superiority over the rest of the human race.”

“I’m not certain a full set of A* at A-level does that,” replied her father. “I have strong suspicion there will be a good number of other students who did just as well.”

“But they didn’t have the pressures I did.”

“What pressures?”

“Having a new boyfriend to worry about, especially as he was back at uni surrounded by other girls, and knowing I helped save the human race from extinction by those deadly Wraithes.”

“If I remember right it was mainly Lauren and James that actually discovered how to destroy them.”

“True, but I’m certain I helped inspire James. Anyway are you going to stump up some of the money you owe me?”

“What money?”

“The money you said you’d give me for every A*, fifty pounds for each one.”

“What!” exclaimed Ben, spilling some of the beer he had just poured himself from the barrel in the corner. He was so pleased with the results of his gardening he had decided to try his hand at brewing his own beer. “I never said that!”

“Yes you did, just after mum offered me forty for each one. And even if you didn’t I’m certain you meant to, just to prove you’re superior to her.”

“Unlike you I’m above this constant need to prove how good I am, I did that a long time ago. Now to return to this money, I never would have offered that much, A levels are so much easier these days.”

“That’s what granddad says about your results.”

“Because he only got Cs and Ds.”

“But he always gets more answers than you on Pointless.”

“He’s just older, the questions are biased towards his generation.”

Dee walked across to one of the stools, sat down, and smiled at her father from under her long, blonde hair. “Now about this money? I completely understand it might have slipped from your memory, you have had other things on your mind recently.”

“What things?” Ben sipped his beer.

“A gorgeous, new lady-friend and homicidal aliens. Talking of homicidal monsters how’s mum  and what’s happening with your divorce?”

Ben frowned and picked up an envelope. “This came the other day. She’s dropped it, along with her boyfriend.”

“You’re joking! Daniel’s got the big E. Don’t tell me mum’s actually developing some taste?”

“I doubt it. I don’t think he lived up to Natasha’s high expectations, especially when he left her in the Land Rover to drown.”

“I suppose she could see that as a disappointing character trait, being a rank coward, but everyone could see he was slimy rat, so why did she expect anything different. What’s she doing about a job, she can’t keep working for him?”

“She’s been moved to Manchester, as a partner.”

“That’s great!”

“Admittedly it is pleasant that she’s well away from us.”

“No not that, I’ll be able stay with her when I go to see James. I assume she’s got a decent flat, a lot better than a student house.”

“I expect so, some posh block near the centre.”

“So what does Lauren think?”

“She doesn’t know yet, she’s been away for a few days.”

“I suppose Lauren could solve the problem for you if you asked? I assume she still has that big gun and you have a spade in the shed.”

“I don’t think it would be a wise suggestion, she just might do it.”

Dee turned on her thousand watt smile, “Now, about that money.”

Ben sighed and reached for his wallet, he knew when he was beaten. He took out some cash, “Here’s fifty on account.”

Dee took the notes and counted them. “Don’t think you’re going to get away with the rest.”

 *          *


The General finished reading the report then put it down on his desk. The satellites had tracked the Wraithes until they entered the atmosphere then they disappeared. Seconds before that happened four had separated. He knew two had landed in Derbyshire and had been destroyed by Lauren Wilde but where had the other two gone?

 It would be nice to think they had burned up and been annihilated but he knew life wasn’t that simple. All he could do was wait and watch, hoping that if they did appear he would be able to stop them again.

Chapter 2

Ben was about to take his beer for a walk in the garden when the door bell rang. He walked down the corridor, opened the door and was pleased to see Lauren standing there. “Hi, I wasn’t expecting you until later.”

Lauren flicked her long, dark hair out of her eyes then stepped forwards and kissed him. “I decided to come home last night and miss the traffic on the M1.”

“How was your pal?”

“Better thanks.” Lauren had said she was visiting an old friend who was ill but Ben had his suspicions the ‘friend’ was the General and he wasn’t ill just cold, hard, cynical and lacking any humanity to the point of insanity, but then what did he know, perhaps that was normal at DDSC, the government agency that didn’t exist, except Lauren used to work for them.

 Lauren dropped her car keys on top of the cupboard in the hall then picked up the envelope sitting there and read the name printed on the back. “Isn’t that Natasha’s firm?”

“Er, yes. I need to speak to you about it”

Lauren’s face hardened. “What is she up to now? Is she being awkward about your divorce?”

“No, well yes, sort of.” Ben could never understand it, he could make a million dollar deal and he was as cold as ice but talk to Lauren and he was like a spotty teenager trying to chat up the school bombshell. Maybe it was because she could easily kill him with her bare hands that was the trouble. “Natasha’s decided she doesn’t want a divorce after all.”

“Why on earth not, she hates you?”

“Hates is perhaps a bit strong.”

“She wouldn’t have shed many tears if the Wraithes had reduced you to a bleached skeleton.”

“Probably not, but that was before she dumped Daniel. Being single at her age is not a pleasant concept in her mind, having a husband, even if separated, is more acceptable.”

“Stupid woman! Mind it doesn’t really make any difference to us. I take it you still staying for the weekend?”

Ben felt that was a question with only one possible answer, especially when said in that tone.


*                  *          *


A solitary walker was making his way down the loch-side, covering the ground with an easy gait despite the slight limp. The gravel crunched under his boots, he looked at the clear, still water and breathed in the fresh air, so different to the steamy jungles of Columbia or the deserts of Iraq, places he knew well.

He was known locally as Rick, the owner of the Five Ladies Caravan Site, but his full name was The Right Honourable Richard Fitzroy, Major (retired). When a sizable chunk of metal from IED ripped off part of his leg and left him with a limp his usefulness in the regiment, famously known by its three letters, came to a sudden end. Rather than continue in any other role he left and used some of his legacy to buy and run the caravan park, mainly to allow him to live in this spectacular part of the world.

He paused and looked round the mountains then lowered his gaze to the water’s edge. Something white was lying in the shallows. He stepped into the water, bent down and picked up a long, white fish-skeleton, over three feet long. One glance at the sharp teeth told him it was a pike, a fierce predator, so what had killed it then stripped every last vestige of flesh from its body. With a puzzled expression he dropped it and continued down the track.

Five minutes later he saw a small party of men approaching, making hard going of the uphill path. He smiled, they were obviously corporate types on a bonding course at the local centre and hating every minute. As they passed he wished them a good morning and received a series of grunts in reply, though to be true that was probably all they could manage judging by the red faces and heavy panting. Rick turned and looked up the mountain where they were heading for two days of ‘survival’ training before returning to their offices. Well good luck to them.


*                  *          *


Out in the depths of the loch the Wraithes were changing, adapting to their environment. Unlike the woods where the first group had arrived this environment was very different, cold, dark and wet. The organisms were adjusting, joining together to form larger creatures, something like a small shrimp for size, except a shrimp with two rows of very sharp and deadly teeth capable of killing and stripping even a large fish like a pike. They were also developing another weapon, one even more lethal. Their bodies were mutating again, creating electroplaques. Although each creature was only small, when they operated in unison, thousands of them, they would be able to create a formidable electric discharge, like an electric eel but much, much greater.



*                  *          *


Despite Ben’s misgivings Lauren really had been to visit a friend, as far as she was concerned the general could take a running jump, she was finished with DDSC. The last little episode was forced by necessity, the Wraithes had dropped in her lap, literally, when they landed in the wood near her village. Defeating them had almost caused her to be killed and Ben as well.

Now all she wanted was to enjoy life in the country.  She had finally managed to make a start on the alterations to her cottage, the new kitchen was fitted and now she was armed with nothing more deadly than a paint roller.

She climbed to the top of the step-ladder, reached up to the ceiling then the phone rang. “I don’t believe it. Bog off I’m busy!” She decided to ignore it, they could ring back later, but the phone continued its insistent buzz. “Alright, but this had better be important.”

“Hi mum, just thought I’d give you a call, hope I didn’t interrupt your snooze.”

“Hello James, what do want this time, money?”

“Nothing, just checking if you were back, I thought I might pop home for the weekend, see how you are.”

“That’s very considerate, a whole weekend with my only son.”

“Er, well, I did think I might pop in and see Dee as well.”

“So you’re coming to see your girlfriend but using Mum’s Hotel for food and board.”

“Not at all, I might need to use Bank of Mum as well. Must go, see you tomorrow.”






Chapter 3


The fisherman let his eyes wander round the surrounding hills, he’d been here for almost an hour, hadn’t had the slightest bite and was losing concentration. He’d changed his bait a couple of times but still nothing and he was about give up when suddenly the rod was almost dragged from his grasp. Startled, he tightened his grip and started to reel in, fighting the big fish the whole way. A sudden jerk caught him unaware and he took a couple of steps forwards, into the edge of the loch, and the water lapped over the top of his boots. Ignoring the wetness soaking his feet he battled on.

Inch by inch the fish was dragged towards the shore, once breaking the surface, and he could see it was a huge pike. He braced himself as the fish made yet another attempt to escape then he almost fell over as the line suddenly went slack. Cursing he reeled in, expecting to find a broken line, then swore even more loudly as the hook cleared the surface. Still attached was a huge skeleton, a good four feet long, its jaws still clamped round the hook, but completely bare if flesh.

In thirty years of fishing he’d never seen anything like this, he knew of nothing that could do that, unless you counted the swarms of piranha in the Amazon and you didn’t get many of those in a Scottish loch.

He was so intent of looking at the decimated fish he didn’t notice the intense green light rising from the bottom of the loch, nor the fact it was becoming brighter as it swam towards the surface. The swarm hung motionless then a series of green flashes, like lightning bolts, shot out.

An intense electric shock fried the fisherman’s brain in an instant and he collapsed into the freezing water. Instantly he was covered in a swarm of tiny creatures, frantically feeding.

A minute later they all sank back to the depths of the loch leaving behind a white skeleton bobbing gently in the waves lapping on the shingle beach.


*                  *          *


Ben came downstairs, went into the kitchen and put on the kettle. While he was waiting for it to boil he looked round. He’d helped Lauren finish the painting and he had to admit the room looked good, she obviously had a talent for decoration. The kitchen was clean and bright with splashes of colour. It looked..... he searched for  the word......friendly.

He jumped as a pair of arms circled his chest and held him tight. He’d not heard Lauren’s silent approach.

“Morning, admiring your handiwork?”

“No, your taste. Natasha always though she was good but her ideas were stolen from magazines and never really gelled, but this is warm and inviting. It makes you want to come and cook. Talking of which would you like me to make some drop-scones for breakfast?”

Before she could answer his phone rang. He glanced at the screen then said, “Morning Dee, I’m surprised you’re up so early.”

“I’m not, I haven’t been to bed yet, Jackie had a party so I stayed there. Everyone is leaving now so can you come and pick me up?”

Ben nearly replied “Can’t you catch a bus?” then he remembered how Dee was dressed, so much bare flesh could give some of the old dears on the bus a heart attack. “Ok, I’ll be about ten minutes.”

“So much for breakfast!” Lauren pretended to be angry then laughed. “I know, James is just the same, everything this instant and no thought that you might have something else to do.”

Ben was about to reply he didn’t have any plans then saw the mischievous glint in Lauren’s eyes, as she continued, “You go and fetch her, I’ll have shower and then put the coffee on, don’t think you’re going to get away with not making those scones.”


*                  *          *


The hotel owner was getting worried, his guest said he would be back for lunch and he hadn’t arrived. He wondered if he should call the police, the rocks near the water could be very slippery, what if he’d fallen and hurt himself. Then he had another idea, Rick’s caravan site was nearby, perhaps he’d nip round and make sure the fisherman was alright. He picked up the phone and punched in the number.

Rick replaced the phone and reached for his jacket. “Jennie, I’m popping out for a few minutes, watch the desk for me.”

A freckled-faced girl with deep blue eyes appeared from the back room. “Aye, fine Rick.”

Thankful to be out in the fresh air Rick quickly strode out of the site. He knew the spot where fisherman was supposed to be, he’d fished there himself, and it was only a few minutes march away, Rick never walked anywhere.

Silently he made his way through the small wood, some things you never forget, especially when you were as well trained as he had been. As he slipped through the dappled shadows he thought about other times he’d done this, moving noiselessly through the trees, but then there had been armed enemies around and he’d been with trustworthy comrades. His mind wandered back and he wondered what they were doing now, especially his best friend, Captain John Leigh. He’d heard he’d been seconded to some special unit and had dropped out of sight.

Ahead he could make out the water sparkling in the sunlight and as he passed the tree-line he could see the full vista, the still water reflecting the surrounding hills. It was one of the most quiet, peaceful and safe places in the world.

He glanced round, taking in the small camping stool, basket of fishing gear and large umbrella. He called out but no answer. Now he was concerned, the guy would not have gone and left his gear behind.

Rick walked carefully across the small beach then realised there was something white in the water, just under the surface. He jogged to edge and stared down. What he saw surprised even him. Resting on the bottom, in the shallow water was a skeleton, totally bare of flesh and grasped in its hand was a fishing rod.

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