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 Puppy Registrations July to December 2019   
The list reads as follows- Name of breeder/s, date of litter, number in litter, Sire/Dam, Dams date of birth, number of litters to date i.e.3/12=3 litters 12 puppies.  (KCAB)=Kennel Club Assured Breeder.
Mr N & Mrs S Ames (KCAB) 18/6/19 (6) Trurich Star Attraction at Sharnor / Mollora Red Velvet at Sharnor, 20/6/16 = 1/6
Mrs S & Mr M Baldwin, 4/9/19 (3) Ch Woolytop The One And Only JW ShCM / Honeymist Take the Lead at Woolytop JW ShCM, 22/8/13 = 2/5
Mr D Beaumont, 24/8/19 (6) Eddy Titan O’Woolley / Rosies Rocket, 25/2/17 = 1/6
Mr P Davey, 10/7/19 (6) Ely Rock / Ivy Blue, 16/10/15 = 2/11
Miss M Holland, 20/6/19 (6) George Archie Piper Prince / Kenquartz Scholar, 10/4/14 = 2/12
Mr A Hurley, 19/6/19 (3) Ch L’End Show Metti Surprise at Glare Rus Ch / Fralex Culibre Seymour, 26/1/15 = 1/3
Mr A Jackson, 11/6/19 (5) Buster Blue / Gorgeous Georgia, 7/4/16 = 1/5
Mrs C & Messrs S & C & Miss Johnson, 24/6/19 (2) Eddy Titan O’Woolley / Pretty Blue Genes, 10/3/16 = 1/2
Ms C Kercher & Mrs M Watson, 22/8/19 (6) Boundy Spider Monkey / Precious Piccalily at Boundy, 22/3/16 = 2/11
Mr C & Mrs D Morfitt, 15/6/19 (4) George Archie Piper Prince / Adora Bell Eastern Princess, 19/3/13 = 3/15
Mr R Myers, 9/7/19 (4) Hunterscliff Oak / Pennymeadow Dolly, 6/10/12 =4/17
Mr G Ness, 3/6/19 (3) Bakabaks Bouncer / Kolisi Gemstone Ruby, 19/7/17 = 1/3
Mr W & Mrs A Renney, 3/2/19 (1) Nrefavinn Thor / Little Sky Angel, 1/1/17 = 1/1
Mr P Sothern, 7/6/19 (2) Tcheria Tcharleston / Trautfell Miss Pesty, 23/3/17 = 1/2
Miss D Walters & Mr B Mitchell, 3/9/19 (4) Ch Tunman Ta Dah / Aireview Limelight of Tunman, 6/4/17 = 1/4 
Mrs C Arris, 22/10/19  (6) Raphelyans Unzip the Magic / Josh’s Little Lady, 10/4/15 = 1/6
Mr G Beech, 30/3/19 (1) Hobnail Jester of Stonepark / Hobnail Alder, 23/10/13 = 3/7
Mr A Bone, 30/9/19 (3) Hatfield Boy / melody Blue, 3/8/17 = 1/3
Mrs S Breeze, 9/11/19 (4) Makems Caught in the Act / Firey Sharrona Violet, 2/2/13 = 3/11
Mrs T Butler & Mr K Fraser,11/11/19 (5) Ch Tunman Ta Dah / Ycart Ice N’Tonic, 13/9/14 = 2/6
Ms J Fletcher, 5/11/19 (5) Trurich Blue Star / Ch Janmark Justfor’J for Maevani JW ShCM, 3/4/17 = 1/5
Miss T  Gwynn, 4/10/19 (4) William Street Lad / Golden Girl, 28/3/17 = 1/4
Miss L Jacques, 29/8/19 (4) George Archie Piper Prince / Conistons Little Lady, 10/9/16 = 2/7
Miss A Johnson, 11/9/19 ( 7) George Archie Piper Prince / Saturn Moon Beam, 17/2/15 = 1/7
Mr M Jones, 1/11/19 (4) Ely Rock / Hydfron Blue Firebird, 1/8/13 = 3/17
Mrs E Mackie, 24/9/19 (4) Tuono Blue / Rhicullan Dancing Girl, 27/8/17 = 1/4
Mrs C Moore, 1/11/19 (4) George Archie Piper Prince / Kentelv Arizona, 1/11/12 = 3/14
Mrs S Morrice, 9/9/19 (2) Ch Tcheria Causing Tchaos / Alma Paprika, 21/1/14 = 2/6
Mrs M & Lt Col I Phillips, 27/8/19 (2) Ch Rathsrigg Millrace / Jatsway Fleur of Rathsrigg, 23/4/14 = 2/2
Mr J Piper & Miss K Sleeth, 9/11/19 (6) George Archie Piper Prince / Catherine of Jujupiter, 15/10/13 =4/18
Mrs M Thirkettle, 20/9/19 (3) Maevani One And Only ShCM / Janmark Justaminute, 29/6/13 =3/5
Mr J Watkins, 2/10/19 (6) Kolisi King Konobi / Gaelic Princess, 24/11/15 = 2/7
Mr M Wilkinson, 16/10/19 (3) Trevelyan’s Unzip you Got the Look / Wolseys Fudge Among Durhamites, 2/2/17 = 1/3
Mrs C Worrall, 11/11/19 (4) Ch Tcheria Causing Tchaos / Bluesmurf Utrinque Paratus, 25/7/14 = 1/4


The Kennel Club has been informed that Our Dogs will this week be publishing some initial findings from the JCF review panel. In the spirit of openness and transparency, we share a statement from the Chairman of the review panel, Irene McManus, as follows:
“As previously announced the first meeting of the panel set up to review the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) took place at the Kennel Club on August 21.
“The draft minutes of that meeting have now been agreed by the Chairman of the review panel, Irene McManus, and the panel’s preliminary views on a number of the key issues can now be confirmed.
“In all, 16 delegates attended the meeting representing a wide range of interested groups within the dog world including established and first time judges, numerically small and large breeds and championship and open show organisers, among other groups. Also in attendance were Kennel Club Chairman Tony Allcock OBE and Judges Committee member Paul Harding.
“The panel was formed as a result of a resolution passed at the Kennel Club AGM in May of this year, endorsed by the Board, that the JCF be placed on hold pending a complete assessment of the scheme by an independent review body.
“After the meeting Irene McManus said: ‘A very constructive discussion took place at this first meeting of the JCF review panel, at which delegates presented the views of interested parties who had answered an initial list of questions for this first phase. We now look forward to holding further meetings with a view to building a positive future for the education and training of dog show judges in the UK.’
“The main broad preliminary recommendations reached so far are as follows, but of course there is to be further detailed consideration of how to flesh out these broad views at future meetings:
* The JCF proposal to ‘license’ judges rather than approve on a show by show approval basis should be maintained.
* Previously approved CC judges should NOT continue to be required to sit the five-yearly ‘Requirements of a Dog Show Judge’ examination. However, the examination should be replaced by a suitable alternative way of ensuring judges are kept up to date with rules and regulations which should be applicable to judges at all levels.
* The existing system and JCF systems (in some form) should continue to run in tandem for an initial minimum of five years, with a review after three years, subject to review of both systems. Choice of route to be made by judge for each individual breed.
* Practical hands-on judging experience should be included within the JCF.
* Starter judges to be allowed to judge at small (Level 1/C List) open shows without the requirement for them to have undertaken any examinations. However, basic introductory training would be a requirement.
* Stewarding requirement for judges to be returned to 12 occasions.
* Mentoring to be retained but with some revisions so that the mentoring system outlined within the JCF may be adapted to be more informal while retaining its effectiveness. Mentors in future not to be expected to pass/fail mentees – merely to educate them.
* Breed standard multiple choice questions to be retained but in a different format.
* The ‘Eye for a Dog’ assessment to be discontinued.
* Critique writing seminar to continue but with no examination.
“It was agreed that a number of small working groups made up of review panel members should be set up, each to be tasked to consider specific issues and provide detailed recommendations for discussion by the review panel at its next meeting on September 23.
“The topics for consideration by the working groups are as follows:
1. To consider alternative terminology to replace the use of the word ‘licensed’ when defining the status of a judge and, so that exhibitor confidence can be maintained, to consider alternatives to the previous requirement for judges to pass a refresher ‘Requirements of a Dog Show Judge’ examination every five years.
2. To produce detailed proposals for the education, training and approval of judges for open and championship shows during the period when the existing system for approval of judges to award Challenge Certificates and the revised JCF are run in tandem for a period of five years.
3. To incorporate practical hands-on judging experience into a revised JCF, and for the next five years into the existing system, with detailed proposals for the number of dogs to be judged and at what kind of event, combined with the need for some degree of geographical spread to be included.
4. In order to replace the requirements for very first time judges to pass exams before judging at Level 1 or C List Level to:
* outline an ‘Introduction to Judging’ seminar to be offered to those aspiring to judge
* consider its implications on the provision of other seminars and requirements which were previously part of JCF Level 1 criteria
* consider the most appropriate way of defining the proposed revised 12 times ring stewarding experience requirement and allocating this across judging levels
5. To review the proposed JCF mentoring programme and to propose changes that recognise the already agreed proposals that:
a. mentors should not in future be expected to pass/fail mentees
b. the qualification for being a mentor should be revised
c. the paperwork needs to be simplified
“Further details of the review panel’s future recommendations will be given in due course.”
In parallel to the JCF review panel, the Kennel Club has commissioned Vivid Research to conduct a nationwide consultation on the JCF. Initial research was conducted at Richmond championship show last weekend and further discussions will take place at Darlington championship show this weekend. These findings will inform the design of an online and paper based questionnaire which will be issued by the Kennel Club in October. The Kennel Club Board will then consider the findings from both the JCF review panel and the consultation work in determining a recommendation for the JCF.


 Puppy Registrations April to June 2019   


The list reads as follows- Name of breeder/s, date of litter, number in litter, Sire/Dam, Dams date of birth, number of litters to date i.e.3/12=3 litters 12 puppies.  (KCAB)=Kennel Club Assured Breeder.


Mr P Arris, 9/5/19 (6) Raphelyans Unzip The Magic/ Bluemazzu Jitterbug, 25/3/13 = 2/11

Mrs Y Bannister, 18/2/19 (2) Tcheria Tcharleston/Tcheria Tchaffinch With Miteymidgets ShCM, 26/11/13 = 1/2

Mrs P Bishop, 16/4/19 (2) Honeymist Anything Goes/Plumeria’s Sea Breeze (Imp Ita) 21/4/16 = 1/2

Mr M Brobie, 2/3/19 (3) Curly Boy/Sky of Gold, 10/3/16 =2/8

Mr S Cushley & Miss S Payne, 15/5/19 (5) Granitor Eclipse/Granitor Guinevere, 8/8/15 = 2/10

Mr P Davey, 31/3/19 (5) Ely Rock/ May Rock, 16/10/15 = 2/11

Mrs R Gibbon, 29/4/19 (5) Midnight Racer/Conistonjam Lucky Lady, 16/4/17 = 1/5

Mrs J Gillies (KCAB) 20/3/19 (1) Ch Tunman Ta Dah/Rhicullen Highland Lassie, 25/4/12 = 2/4

Miss G Gwynn, 23/3/19 (5) Buster Boy/Honey Blossom, 10/1/17 = 1/5

Miss H Hallimond, 24/3/19 ( 5) Midnight Racer/Kensteen Storm, 4/5/17 = 1/5

Mr M Jones, 6/5/19 (7) Kolisi King Konobi/Kolisi Blue Bell, 10/5/14 = 3/19

Mrs K Lee, 13/3/19 (6) Moonlight Surfing Man/Kenquartz Cosmic Starlight, 16/2/14 =3/15

Mr J McFadyen, 20/5/19 (5) George Archie Piper Prince/ Jessie Jay, 3/10/15 = 2/8

Mrs B McManus, 26/3/19 (7) L’end Show Mystery Uneverse (Imp Rus) JW ShCM/Travellerways Jessica, 3/9/17 = 1/7

Mr J & Mrs L McNally, 2/3/19 (3) Makems Caught in the Act/Ch Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW ShCM, 11/6/15 = 1/3

Mr M & Mrs K Mullarkey, 9/4/19 (3) Maevani One and Only ShCM/Bramble at Kingsmuir, 9/6/16 = 1/3

Mrs S Naylor, 30/3/19 (3) Eddy Titan O’Woolley/Crystal Winter, 19/3/13 = 1/3

Mrs S Niblock, 18/5/19 (1) L’end Show Mystery Uneverse (Imp Rus) JW ShCM/Maggie May Rose, 12/9/16 = 1/3

Mr A Picken, 5/4/19 (3) George Archie Piper Prince/Young Lou, 12/4/16 = 1/3

Mr J Piper & Miss K Sleeth, 5/4/19 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/Catherine of Jujupiter, 15/10/13 = 3/12

Mr R Robinson, 28/3/19 (5) Lord of the Storm/Marley Rose Blue, 2/9/16 = 1/5

Mr R Wilson & Miss K Lincoln, 6/4/19 (5) George Archie Piper Prince/Valintina Valentine, 20/10/13 = 4/16   

            Puppy Registrations January to March 2019   


The list reads as follows- Name of breeder/s, date of litter, number in litter, Sire/Dam, Dams date of birth, number of litters to date i.e.3/12=3 litters 12 puppies.  (KCAB)=Kennel Club Assured Breeder.


Miss J Bates, 17/1/19 (5) George Archie Piper Prince/Jack Pike, 21/6/17 = 1/5

Mrs D Boyd, (KCAB) 11/3/19 (7) Duke Noce/Devleigh Dream Maker, 20/6/16 = 1/7

Ms C Branton, 11/12/18 (5) Boundy Spider Monkey/Aster Ruby, 8/7/14 = 2/11

Mr N Henson & Miss K Longmate, 20/11/18 (2) Elles Beau/Auzzie Warrior, 16/12/10 = 4/12

Ms C Kercher & Mrs M Watson, 12/2/19 (6) Boundy Spider Monkey/My One Misty Dawn at Boundy, 29/7/14 = 4/22

Mr C & Mrs C Mayers, 12/2/19 (6) Tcheria Causing Tchaos/Miteymidgets Universal at Tcheria, 16/6/14 = 1/6

Mrs B McManus, 2/12/18 (6) L’End Show Mystery Uneverse (Imp Rus) JW ShCM/Kenquartz Teal Tweed, 16/1/14 = 2/8    

Miss P Merritt, 14/2/19 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/Our Lass Sophie, 19/6/13 = 3/13

Mrs C Moore & Mr M Chudleigh, 15/12/18 (2) Yarbach Federers Final/Ch Tcheria Tcheerleader at Devleigh, 26/11/13 = 2/5

Miss S Newton, 6/2/19 (8) George Archie Piper Prince/Oak Runner, 2/11/16 = 1/8

Mrs C Pidgley, 15/2/19 (3) Billy Boy of Portsmouth/Bluey Girl White Toe, 15/7/17 = 1/3

Mr M Roe, 12/1/19 (4) Nrefavinn Dandelion/Jolly Dolly Girl, 30/10/14 = 3/17

Mr M Roper, 26/11/18 (5) Eddy Titan O’Woolley/Kenquartz Lilac Lace, 16/1/14 = 2/11

Mrs G Rose (KCAB) 19/6/18 (5) Hunterscliff Quandong/Hinnytwins Badious Belle, 8/4/16 = 1/5

Mr R Scott, 10/2/19 (5) Bakabaks Bouncer/Cindy’s Girl, 12/3/13 = 3/15

Mr P Sothern, 29/1/19 (3) Abben Blue Buttons at Chancete ShCM/Trautfell Ringouzei, 8/6/14 = 3/13

Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw (KCAB) 17/12/18 (5) Maevani One and Only ShCM/Janmark Kirksyde Solitaire, 23/5/17 = 1/5

Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw (KCAB) 18/1/19 (2) Ch Rathsrigg Millrace/Ch Janmark Jkay JW ShCM, 2/10/13 = 3/7

Mr J Watkins, 12/12/18 (6) Kolisi King Konobi/Kicking Lily, 10/05/14 = 4/25

Miss L Watson, 23/11/18 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/Kenquince Fascinator, 18/5/15 = 2/11

            Puppy Registrations October to December 2018   

The list reads as follows- Name of breeder/s, date of litter, number in litter, Sire/Dam, Dams date of birth, number of litters to date i.e.3/12=3 litters 12 puppies.  (KCAB)=Kennel Club Assured Breeder.


Mrs S & Mr M Baldwin, 9/6/18 (3) Woolytop Golden Wonder/Honeymist Golden Daze at Woolytop. 6/8/12 = 3/8

Mrs A Bridgewood, 16/10/18 (3) Theodore Bear/Diamond Delacore. 12/2/16 = 1/3

Mr S Brown, 8/9/18 (4) Jerry the Jester/Star Appeals Angel. 29/6/11 = 2/6

Mrs T Butler & Mr K Fraser, 16/9/18 (1) Ch Tunman Ta Dha/Ycart Ice N’tonic. 13/9/14 = 1/1

Mrs J & Mr P Cumming, 6/11/18 (7) Ch Honeymist Blue Bols/Honeymist Hot Spice at Rocabec. 6/8/12 = 2/13

Mr L & Mrs L Ehala, 1/11/18 (3) George Archie Piper Prince/Coal Township Aviator. 9/11/14 = 2/6

Mrs J Gillies (KCAB) 15/10/18 (2) Tcheria Causing Tchaos/Rhicullen Joy of Patchwork, 18/10/13 = 3/11

Dr H & Mrs E Jones, 19/9/18 (4) Beaconslight Admirable Guy/Tcheria Tydfil of Pengerrig ShCM. 26/11/13 = 1/4

Mrs A & Mr S Milne, 7/4/18 (2) Tingling Tizer/Leith Water Blue. 20/9/13 =1/2

Mrs C Moore, 20/9/18 (4) Little Lucky/Kentelv Arizona. 1/11/12 = 2/10

Mrs J Moores (KCAB) 27/9/18 (5) Doehey Heart and Soul with Fernwind/Kancarnas Kahluasunrise, 18/5/17 = 1/5

Mrs S Morrice, 11/10/18 (3) Moonshine Chaser/Mollora Inbhir Nis, 12/6/16 = 1/3

Mr R Myers, 14/9/18 (6) Hunterscliff Oak/Pennymeadow Dolly, 6/10/12 = 3/13

Mrs J Powell, 9/9/18 (2) Black Jack Blue/Oobies Fiery Lady, 25/7/13 = 3/5

Mr R & Mrs W Scorah & Mrs J Wiles, 19/9/18 (6) Isotops’s Bumblebee from Riverdown (Imp Swe)/Riverdown Archangel, 14/6/13 = 2/11

Mr M Searby, 13/8/18 (4) Hunterscliffe Nightshade/Misty Dreamer, 13/3/12 = 2/9

Mrs K Smith, 31/8/18 (6) Katbar Bossy Boots/Athena Blue, 11/6/16 = 1/6

Miss R Stewart, 29/9/18 (5) Midnight Racer/Kenquartz Blueberry, 18/1/14 = 4/15

Mr N & Mrs A Stock, 27/10/18 (4) Hunterscliffe Prince’s Pine/Granitor Genevieve, 8/8/15 = 1/4

Mrs M Thirkettle, 18/6/18 (1) Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM/Janmark Justaminute, 29/6/13 = 2/2

Mr J Watkins, 23/8/18 (1) Kolisi King Konobi/Gaelic Princess, 24/11/15 = 1/1

Mr R Wilson & Miss K Lincoln, 27/9/18 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/Valintina Valentine, 20/10/13 = 3/11

            Puppy Registrations July to September 2018   

 Mrs Y & Mr R Bannister, 15/7/18 (1) Tcheria Tcharleston/Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love ShCM, 28/12/11 = 2/6
Mrs C Beasley, 3/7/18 (3) Milo’s Midnight Moon/ Heidi Bow Beas, 23/7/15 = 1/3
Mr G Beech, 2/8/18 (3) Eddy Titan O’Woolley/ Hobnail Alder, 23/10/13 = 2/6
Mrs S Breeze, 24/8/18 (3) Conekesheved Ironstone Boy/ Firey Sharrona Violet, 2/2/13 = 2/7
Mrs L Butler, 10/8/18 (2) Beaconslight Admirable Guy/Yarbach Christmas Cracker, 26/12/15 = 1/2
Miss E Casselden, 30/7/18 (3) George Archie Piper Prince/Katbar Cherry Brandy, 24/7/15 =2/12
Mr L Clements, 1/8/18 (4) Curly Boy/ Wiltshires Classic Lady, 28/5/15 = 1/4
Mr P Davey, 25/6/18 (6) Ely Rock/ May Rock, 16/10/15 = 1/6
Mrs M & Mr M Elhossainy, 8/7/18 (7) Kolisi King Konobi/ Scully Princess, 9/10/15 =2/15
Ms D Fitzgerald, 14/4/18 (7) Trevelyan’s Unzip You Got the Look (imp Nid)/Travellerways Rising Sun, 6/5/15 = 1/7
Mrs J Gillies (KCAB) 1/7/18 (3) Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM/Rhicullen Patchwork, 21/8/16 = 1/3
Mrs J Helyar, 8/3/18 (5) Curly Boy/Sky of Gold, 10/3/16 = 1/5
Mrs H Hookings, 7/7/18(5) Ch Sharnor High I’m Viktor at Kierlander/ Bisbee Indie Blue, 15/2/16 = 1/5
Mrs K Jacques, 29/5/18 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/ Little Minnie, 22/7/16 = 1/4
Mrs N Kinns, 10/6/18 (4) Kinnuva Dark Sleekester/ Kinnuva Siam Jewel, 20/6/14 = 1/4
Mrs D & Mr M Krstic, 7/8/18 (3) Prince of the Ocean/Mabli Briallen, 12/3/16 = 2/7
Mr R & Mrs A Macdonald, 9/8/18 (1) Maevani One and Only ShCM/ Hartotyne Space Oddity, 8/2/16 =1/2
Mrs J Martin & Mr P Strutt, 15/7/18 (4) Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW/ Yarbach Wishuponastar, 4/1/14 = 2/9
Mr J McFadyen, 29/8/18 (3) George Archie Piper Prince/ Jessie Jay, 3/10/15 = 1/3
Mr J & Mrs L McNally, 25/5/18 (3) Makems Caught in the Act/Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved JW ShCM, 26/4/12 = 2/8
Mrs J Moores (KCAB) 18/7/18 (7) Doehey Heart and Soul with Fernwind/ Morcan Stella of Kancarnas, 7/3/13 = 4/17
Mr C & Mrs D Morfitt, 29/5/18 (6) George Archie Piper Prince/Adora Bell Eastern Princess, 19/3/13 = 2/11
Mr D Nightingale, 31/8/18 (5) Granitor Genius/ Star Shine, 4/1/16 = 1/5
Mrs T & Mr R Pedersen, 25/7/18 (5) Sharnor High Intensity/Janmark Jingle Jangle, 21/8/16 = 1/5
Mr J Piper & Miss K Sleeth, 18/8/18 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/She’s A Peach, 28/9/13 = 4/21
Mr M Potts, 5/9/18 (5) Darrengarth Russet Rogue/Bronze Diana of Darrengarth, 22/3/16 = 1/5
Mr M Roe, 18/7/18 (2) Nrefavinn Dandelion/Hopefell My Lass Vera, 10/4/16 = 1/2
Mrs C Troup, 30/7/18 (4) Buster Boy/Little Betty, 11/5/15 = 2/7
Mrs R Williams, 1/6/18 (6) Major Ronald Rigsby Beale/ Nrefavinn Wisp, 4/11/14 = 1/6
Ms T Windmill-Robson & Mr M Robson, 24/6/18 (5) Gaelic Wizard/ Hopefell Somerset Morn, 3/7/15 = 1/5       

     Puppy Registrations April to June 2018   

Mrs S Broster 17/3/18 (6) Bacon Grabber/Queen of Diamonds, 4/7/12 = 3/18

Mr S Cushley & Miss S Payne 25/3/18 (5) Granitor Eclipse/Granitor Guinevere 8/8/15 = 1/5

Mr R Doyle 24/4/18 (4) Billy Boy of Portsmouth/Blue Belle of Wonder, 2/1/16 = 1/4

Mr J Green 12/4/18 (4) Kolisi King Konobi/Kensteen Bo Peep,   16/1/17 = 1/4

Miss L Jacques 11/5/18 (3) George Archie Piper Prince/Conistons Little Lady, 10/9/16 = 1/3

Mr M Jones 3/3/18 (4) Bakabaks Bouncer/Elegant Dancer, 7/8/11, = 4/17

Ms C Kercher & Mrs M Watson 28/4/18 (5) Boundy Spider Monkey/My One Misty Dawn at Boundy, 29/7/14 = 3/16

Mrs K Lee 20/4/18 (3) Moonlight Surfing Man/Kenquartz Cosmic Starlight, 16/2/14 = 2/9

Mr K Martin 16/2/18 (6) George Archie Piper Prince/Claires Choice, 29/3/13 = 3/19

Mrs D Owen 13/4/18 (3) Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW/Doehey My Hearts Content by Bisbee, 18/9/11 = 4/13

Miss R Stewart 12/4/18 (8) Midnight Racer/Clonnies Dream, 21/2/16 = 1/8

Mr J Watkins 27/3/18 (6) Kolisi King Konobi/Kicking Lily, 10/5/14 = 3/19

Mr F Welsh 16/5/18 (7) Kentelv Tennessee/Shes My Girl, 15/8/16 =1/7

Mr R Wilson & Miss K Lincoln 4/3/18 (4) George Archie Piper Prince/Valintina Valentine, 20/10/13 = 2/7 


  Puppy Registrations January to March 2018   

 Mr D M Beaumont 13/03/18, (6) Eddy Titan O’Woolley / Hobnail Blackberry Ridge, 9/2/15 = 2/10

Mr K Bennett 26/1/18, (4) George Archie Piper Prince / Kentixen Hear No Evil, 3/1/16 = 1/4

Mrs S Breeze 27/1/18 (2) Makems Caught in the Act / Purple Blaze, 16/6/14 = 2/7

Mr T Choma 21/12/17 (3) Doehey Heart And Soul with Fernwind / Choochees Girl, 22/3/16 = 1/3

Miss M Holland 13/1/18 (6) Eddy Titan O’Woolley/ Kenquartz Scholar, 10/4/14 = 1/6

Mrs D Owen 8/2/18 (2) Tunman Ta Dah / Bisbee A Touch of Class, 24/4/14 = 2/3

Mr J Piper & Miss K Sleeth 15/12/17 (6) George Archie Piper Prince / She’s A Peach, 28/9/13 = 3/17

Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw (KCAB) 5/12/17 (2) Ch Janmark Blue Encounter Jw ShCM / Ch Janmark Jkay JW ShCM 2/10/13 = 2/5




The next council meeting will be on 22nd November 2017, the agenda is already prepared and there are a couple of interesting items on the agenda, including the three below:

A.      Sent in by the Yorkshire Terrier Club……..

‘Coat testing for artificially enhanced colour in various breeds, in particular but not exclusively for the Yorkshire Terrier’


Decades of breeders have spent generation after generation breeding for the correct colour of their various breeds Coat testing was never meant to see if an exhibitor had fully rinsed a conditioner from the coat, however it was also never intended to allow the dying of the colours to appear correct.

I have already sent a video to the KC showing not only the products which will produce the correct blue or tans in Yorkshire Terriers but it also gives step by step instructions on how to apply them. This is cheating and an insult to past generations of breeders of any breed who put so many years of dedicated breeding to produce their breed’s correct colours. We would ask that the council press for coat colour testing to authenticate the colours of the dogs being exhibited are true.

B.  Sent in by Golden Retriever Club

‘Judging appointments for Stakes classes at CH Shows should be 18 months apart as per the new KC ruling for giving breed CC’S.’


It is often seen that the same judges officiate frequently or repeatedly for various Stakes at different CH Shows. It is desirable that the same rule that applies to giving breed CCs be applied to Stakes classes in order to make better use of the overall judging pool and to give opportunities to other judges

C.      Sent in by Norwich Terrier Club

‘That the Kennel Club liaises with breed clubs when considering the re-allocation of Challenge Certificates from one championship show to another. This is to obtain the opinion of breed clubs and feedback on their ideas on which show from which to lose Challenge Certificates.


This proposal has arisen following the Kennel Club’s announcement in 2016 to allocate Challenge Certificates across all the newly created all-breed championship shows and the regional general championship shows for the period 2019-2021 and that it had to be as far as possible equitable across all the CC breeds. In the case of Norwich Terriers it worked out that only one new show, Manchester, still required to have CCs on offer to Norwich Terriers. In order to do this a set of CCs for Norwich Terriers had to be taken from another championship show. The show chosen by the Kennel Club to lose those CCs was East of England Agricultural show which is held at Peterborough and which is the only general championship show in the extensive East Anglia region. East Anglia is the ‘home’ area of origin of the breed across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and it is important to breed history. This was discussed thoroughly at a Club committee meeting, the outcome being that the Kennel Club be asked to reinstate CCs at the East of England Agricultural Show when the next allocation of CCs takes place for 2022, and further allow the Norwich Terrier Club to have the opportunity to discuss and give their feedback on from which show to take the CCs.


The next KCLC Breeds Council meeting will be held on 23rd May 2018. Agenda items must be received by 22nd February 2018.

The Breed liaison is a channel of communication between Breed clubs, competitors, and the Kennel Club. The Council was set up to represent grass-roots opinion within the sport at the Kennel Club, and to promote a better understanding among competitors of how the Kennel Club functions.

The Council reviews the Show Regulations and advises the Kennel Club on any changes that may be needed, and is actively involved in strategic planning to enable Showing to continue and flourish. Council proposals can result in fundamental changes in Kennel Club policy and the Kennel Club values the important work the Councils do.

Council members are always interested in hearing the views and ideas of competitors, and will be seen competing at, judging at or managing many shows during the year.

I can be  contacted direct by the following means……

Mark Walshaw (KC Breed liaison Representative).

07780 950843 or 01287 652860



 New Educational Resource for Breeders

Are you considering breeding from your dog? Breeders have access to FREE educational films on the practical considerations and science behind breeding healthy dogs, via the Kennel Club Academy.

We have recently just added a NEW resource, including a film on Canine Pregnancy, to the Academy website. This resource provides you with information and advice on how to best support your dog during pregnancy. It should also give you an understanding of required nutrition, health and welfare implications as well as providing advice on how to prepare your home for a litter of puppies.


Musing About Mating in the 80’s  By Kay White

Article taken from the Kennel Gazette August 1985

Now that transport problems are all but solved & dog nutrition is so much better understood, one would think that infertility was a thing of the past, but this is not so. Infertility is a great concern to serious dog breeders, but a great many unfertile matings are people who will give all kinds of pills & potions, talk of using hormonal therapy, vaginal cytology, & anything sophisticated veterinary medicine can devise to get their bitch in whelp, when all that is needed is a little more understanding of dog & bitch psychology & a little more single minded -ness about mating. If I were spending some £100 on a stud fee, or even more, it would seem to make sense to do everything in my power to make sure it was money well spent, but in all too many cases, bitch owners will not give the event the priority it deserves.

Not at Home?

Now that the majority of pedigree dogs are kept in domestic conditions & not in kennels in the true sense of the word, the lack of responsible trained help to handle the stud dog whenever he is wanted puts a great burden on the owner. It is difficult for the dog & sole handler to be available every day of the week, for as long as it takes to accomplish the mating. Similarly, the bitch owner, involved with many pursuits and duties, is not prepared to sacrifice all other engagements to take the bitch on the day the bitch declares is right. If no other fact in this whole article sticks in the mind, I hope this one will: The Right Day FOR Mating Is When The Bitch Says It Is The Right Day, And It Will Not Necessarily Be At The Same Stage Of Oestrus As It Was Last Time, or at the same time that her dam was mated, or the bitch down the road, or by any other criteria that can be cited. Too many books have laid down the maxim that the 10th – 12th or perhaps the 11th and 13th day after showing colour is the right day. It is surprising how many bitch owners manipulate their calculations & make this magic day occur at the weekend – a classic example of wishful thinking. It is true that the days mentioned may suit in many cases, but some bitches will be ready for mating on the 7th day of oestrus, and others not until the 25th, & anything in between. Many bitches will utterly refuse mating if the day is not right for them, but it is possible to engineer a forcible mating with an acquiescent bitch, although the chances are low that the mating will be fertile. The stud dog owner will expect you to pay the fee if the mating appears to have been properly accomplished, so why throw money away by not making as sure as you possibly can that the day is right?

The real problem about timing a mating is that both dog and bitch owners need to keep a week absolutely flexible and free for the mating to take place and how many people are prepared to do that these days? So we take bitches on the day it suits us to go, and then we have them treated for infertility, when all that is needed is an adjustment in the owner’s mind. Perhaps we should also realise that not all dogs & bitches will be able to breed, and there are many reasons why some should not be bred from. Possibly it is morally wrong to go to the lengths of surgical or hormonal interference in order to breed from a particular dog or bitch.

The Wrong Stock

The modern attitude to the pedigree dog industry/hobby/cult/business, call it what you will, is to keep relatively few dogs compared with the pre 1939 kennels. The accepted image, & the one fostered by the Kennel Club in their regulations for the qualification for an affix, is that those who breed must also exhibit, if they want their own identifiable strain of dogs. Trying to pursue this dual aim with a small number of bitches gives a very limited gene pool which in itself pre-disposes to infertility. That beautiful bitch at the top of the line-up may make no secret of the fact that she is the only pup her dam ever produced, born by caesarean, and hand reared too. . a fine animal for an exhibitor, but will she also make a good breeding proposition? It is extremely unlikely that she will, because infertility is inherited and gets worse in succeeding generations, but there are many people at this minute stirring heaven and earth to make a Champion bitch with a similar history produce puppies. There are a number of other causes of infertility in bitches, caused by anatomical defects, infections or acquired injuries, psychological influences, and all too often, by too much interference with the mating itself by humans who seem quite sure it could not happen without their aid. The latter is probably an exaggeration. There is not so much a desire to interfere as a necessity to get the whole thing over quickly & so mating’s are stage managed & assisted to an absolutely ludicrous degree.

The Bitch’s Cycle

The breeding bitch is dominated by her hormones, & particularly by the changing levels of oestrogen & progesterone & their interaction with the delicately balanced endocrine system. We are accustomed to timing “the season” from the day on which vaginal bleeding starts, but the oestrogen level has been rising for up to 3 weeks before, in order to prepare the genital tract for reproduction after its long, 3-4 month anoestral rest. The factor which starts the pro-oestrus cycle in the domestic bitch is not really known, as it would seem that the traditional factors of warmer tempera -ture & longer daylight have been over-ridden by central heating & well-lit rooms. It would be interesting to know if bitches kept entirely in kennel situations tend to come into season with Spring weather and light levels. In-house bitches will come into season at any time in the year, although mine seemed to think Christmas a very suitable time. One bitch in season seems to bring others in if they are reasonably near to their season, but will not affect those which are a long way from being ready. Sometimes a bitch will produce all the “run up to oestrus” signs, including some vulval enlargement and attraction of dogs, but will not break into a proper season, & may even regress in physical signs. It has seemed to me that when this happens it will be 8 weeks or so before she actually does come in. Possibly oestrogen levels are just not high enough, & there may be a case in these individuals for giving additional hormones, although the process is neither easy nor cheap, as daily doses for 2-3 weeks will be needed, by injection & then you might get a phenomenally large litter, or none at all so this is not really the way to breed. A bitch which is very delayed coming into season for the first time will often respond to the addition of more animal protein to her diet. As we know from Anorexic humans, a low plane of nutrition effectively shuts off the reproductive cycle. Seasons which occur more frequently than at 6 monthly intervals are not a cheering sign. Very often this can be a warning that uterine disease will occur in the future, and breeding is likely to be unsuccessful, but this is not always true. A bitch puppy is born with all the follicles in her ovaries which she will ever need, many more than will ever mature. During pro-oestrus & early oestrus these follicles are developing under the influence of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) released by the pituitary gland which is also stimulated by the hypothalamus within the brain. There is therefore a great involvement of behavioural patterns and the effect of stress or distress combined in the reproduce -tive cycle. The rise in oestrogen levels alters the bitch’s temperament, in that she may become more excitable and fussy, more irritable, or more clinging & affection -ate. She will be excreting in her urine and exuding from the vulva animal scents (pheromones) which tell other dogs & bitches that she is soon to be in mating condition. More frequent urination & deliberate marking on her territory helps to convey the message. The bitch with normal to high libido will also seek out males, & will take special interest in their pheromones, but she will not allow them to mate.

Essential Dog

In a paper given at BSAVA congress 1985 Dr Jean Renton. The animal reproduction expert at Glasgow University Veterinary School, said that breeders who keep a dog on their premises to use as a “teaser” get higher fertility and more successful matings. It makes sense that when there is a dog about there is more stimulation for strong reproductive behaviour than in a single sex establishment. I gathered that the male need not be a stud dog, a vasectomised dog would be ideal, & he need not even be the same breed as the bitches… maybe one of those every-ready small terriers around Mastiff bitches? Dr Renton remarked that many pet bitches, for instance those out on breeding terms, have never even seen a male dog until they are taken for mating, & this is not conducive to a good mating. Bitches that are used to male dogs & their rude ways are much more amenable when it comes to actual mating. Another effect of the oestrogen surge is to increase the blood supply to the lining of the uterus & to the vaginal tract, as well as causing the vulva to swell. The capillaries within the vagina rupture & allow the blood stained discharge which we look for as marking Day ONE OF THE HEAT PERIOD. In some bitches this discharge needs careful looking for in the initial stages at least, & one suspects that many novice owners do not actually catch it on Day One. This is not always a bad fault, since novices usually want to come to the stud dog too early, so it does not matter if their bitch is a little further along than they think, but too much error & they have missed the opportu -nity this season. It is as well to tell novices to test the vulva with a white tissue twice a day every day when the bitch may be expected to be coming on heat. The vaginal bleeding is not essential & in some bitches does not occur at all, although they are otherwise completely normal in whelping & fertility. A bitch which has these “silent, or colourless” heats just needs very close observation by the owner for the other signs, or maybe the resident dog will find out first!


We have to remember that in technical veterinary science terms, oestrus only begins at the time the bitch will allow the dog to mate her, so you and your vet may be at odds with your time scale in conversation if this is not clear in your mind. In the veterinary world, the bleeding lead-in stage is known as Pro-oestrus. The factor which makes the bitch stand for the male is falling oestrogen level & a rise in another hormone, progesterone, produced by the developed follicle which has become the Corpus LAUTEA. Ovulation, the shedding of the eggs to be fertilised by sperm, takes place within 1 to 3 days on average, after the time the bitch will stand for the dog & it happens whether the bitch has been mated or not, & there is no way to tell when it has happened. The timing varies from bitch to bitch, & not all the eggs are shed at one time, but possibly over 1 to 3 days. Then the ova will need to spend at least another 24 hours in the Fallopian tubes before they are ready to unite with the sperm. Our objective in arranging a fruitful mating is to have fresh sperm waiting when the ova are ready/ Fortunately male sperm can live within the bitch up to 11-12 days, but not all will be so long lasting. Long lived sperm may be a hereditary trait, but those dogs which have it are those which achieve a reputation for “never missing” the secret being that their sperm is still useful many days after it was delivered to the bitch, so whenever she ovulates, some ova will be fertilised. Some bitches do not ovulate until 7-9 days after they are willing to stand for the dog, & so there is a risk that there may be no live sperm left at that time, although thousands reached the fallopian tube within 5 minutes of ejaculation. Which surely makes out a good case for that old fashioned custom of 2 mating’s given 48 hours apart no matter how inconvenient to the stud owner? It really is very odd that stud service has been halved for no good reason at all, because nothing in the bitch has changed & we still have no practical way of knowing when ovulation has taken place despite the sophistication of veterinary science. The best way of knowing when the bitch will stand, failing the use of the teaser male, is by the old tail turning sign. Progesterone influence will make the vulva soften & open, & if you run a finger down the bitch’s spine, she will tilt up her vulva & turn the tail to one side to allow easy entry. Then watch her like a hawk to ensure no unwanted males seize the prize, & visit the stud for the first time within 48 hours. A rule-of-thumb method which is often quoted is to wait until the vaginal bleeding has stopped, or at least paled to straw colour, but some bitches never do stop! They can continue for 24 days or even longer, & this does not seem to have any dramatic effect on conception. It seems to happen more often in bitches which have been mated before, & it is possible that this blood comes from old scars in the reproductive tract, through injury at previous whelping. If the bitch shows she is ready, mate her! If she is healthy, & psychologically sound, & a good breeding prospect, she should, at the right stage, be asking for mating.


So what has changed!  Nature hasn’t  ---    Ralph Garbutt (Aireview)



As you may be aware Mark Walshaw was elected the Bedlington Terrier Breed Representative for the Kennel Club Liaison Council for the Terrier Breeds,

 of which there are 27 terrier reps.

As an update, below are the aim's of this council ......

"The Kennel Club Liaison Councils play an important role in formulating Kennel Club policy and enhancing the Kennel Club’s strategic objectives across every canine activity. As an elected representative to a Council they are responsible for representing the views of your breed and for putting forward proposals on behalf of you to enhance the future of your hobby.

It’s a responsible position and they will be expected regularly to canvas clubs and individuals in your area or breed to gather their views and ideas, research their viability and then represent them at Council meetings once or twice a year. Dedicated representatives hold regional meetings and are very active in making sure the views of their ‘constituency’ are brought forward for debate. Council proposals can result in fundamental changes in Kennel Club policy and the Kennel Club values the important work the Councils do and the opportunity to engage directly with those dedicated individuals involved in the hobby on a daily basis."

As you are aware he attends the majority of championship shows & he will make himself available for any comments or any questions, feel free to ask, he hopes to receive input from anyone that shows, owns & loves Bedlington Terrier.  

Please see the link to the previous minutes, meetings are held twice a year.


contact details

Mark Walshaw
E-mail: treble99@mwalshaw.fsnet.co.uk
Home: 01287 652860
Mobile: 07780 950843


For those that like statistics below is a comparative table of the numbers of Bedlington Terriers registered with the Kennel Club for the years 2006 to 2015























Year 2015 (395) being the reason the Bedlington Terrier has now been added to the Kennel Club’s breed watch list - category 2.                  


Anyone wishing to enter for the Craglough Points trophy please submit before the next show to the secretary.

Exhibitors need to keep a note of wins from July to the following July each year, points will count from Championship show & open & Limit shows and from one dogs wins only as follows
Championship shows   1st 4 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points
Open Shows                 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points,
Limited Shows             1st 2 points

Please note wins in classes with only 1 entrant DO NOT count