Many thanks to the officers and committee of the National Bedlington Terrier Club, the stewards, & to the exhibitors for the opportunity to examine their dogs. The dogs had good feet & clean teeth, there was one level bite. I was very pleased with my winners.

PD (0)

JD (0)

ND (0)

PGD (0)

LD (2,0)

1. Richardson's Highdene Hartley. Good sized dog with narrow head & very dark eyes. Long neck & sloping shoulders, deep chest & flat sides. Low hocks & has good muscle. Best movement being springy & in a straight line with a definite topline. BIS

2. Fletcher's Maevani One And Only. Maturing dog with correct wedge shape head, good shoulders & plenty of bone & muscle. Clean feet with good pasterns, liked his angulations & outline. Moved lazily & appeared not to be enjoying his day.

OD (3,2)

1. McNally's Conekesheved Ironstone Boy. Long head & foreface, strong jaw, flat cheeks, nice ear set. Strong neck, good size & balance, prefer more muscle to thigh, not sure of himself on the move. RBD

SBD (0)

PB (1,0)

1. Pocklington's Timberose Rhapysody In Blue. Raw 6mths with pretty expression, long neck, shoulders ok, nice length of back & very good tight feet, confident & enjoying her day. BP

JB (2,1)

1. Small's Travellersway's Mischief. Friendly blue with good bite & ear set, shoulder to tighten, good depth of chest & topline on the move, rear angulation ok. Quite fine, hopefully that will change as she matures. Well presented and handled.

NB (2,0)

1. Mitchell's Miteymidgets Say Mama. Good coat and colour, good bite, flat cheeks, good length to height, good bone & rear angulation. Shoulders ok, would like a little more depth in brisket, moved steadily concentrating at all times.

2. Small's Travellersway's Mischief.



PGB (2,2)

LB (6,2)

1. Richardson's Highdene Harmony. Lovely narrow head, correct bite, expressive dark eyes, good sloping shoulders, neck & bone. Tight feet, flat ribbed and crisp blue coat. I liked her flowing outline, front lower leg furnishings heavy coming but could see correct movement. BB, RBIS

2. Breeze's Sharrpau Purple Blaze. Good head with nice fill & foreface, good colour, has bone & muscle. Flat shoulders, moved ok, not the topline as 1.

OB (6,3)

1. Garbutt's Aireview Xmas Star. Larger feminine bitch, good width in front, high arched toes, strong topline, good rear angulation and muscle, moved well. RBB

2. Morris's Bluemazzu Ballerina. Strong head, thin ears flat to cheek, shoulders ok and strong topline. Good depth of chest and bone, held a nice outline on the move.

SBB (4,0)

1. Breeze's Sharrpau Purple Blaze.

2. Pocklington's Nebercracker Rosie Blue At Timberose ShCM. Fine head would prefer more fill and foreface. Shoulder ok, low tail set, moved a little close behind.

VD/B (3,1)

1. Tonner & Oxbury's Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu ShCM. Nice strong head and thin ears, shoulders ok, good depth of chest, coat a little sparse, moved ok. BV

2. Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper At Jukenblu. Fine head, nice dark eye, good coat & colour, feminine, not the shoulders of 1 & straighter in stifle.

Brace (2,1)

1. Tonner and Oxbury's brace.