National Bedlington Terrier Club

Open Show 26th March 2011

Judge Mr Mark Walshaw


BEST IN SHOW & Best Veteran in Show - Mr & Mrs Mayes Ch Rathsrigg One Misty Morning


Reserve Best In Show - Mr & Mrs Phillips Ch Rathsrigg April Rose

Best Puppy In Show - Ms D Shorrock Doehey Queen of Hearts

PD.  Ms B Brooks,  Doehey Heartstrings


JD.  Scorah & Wiles. Isotops Bumblebee from Rivendown T.A.F.


PGD.  Crump. Pengerrig Renown


LD.  1st. Walters & Mitchell.  Rathsrigg Millrace

2nd. Tonner & Oxbury. Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu

3rd. Crump. Elizdrew Lucky Jim


OD. 1st .  Phillips. Rathsrigg Ask Im

2nd. Owen. Bisbee Beachcomber J.W.

3rd. Hamilton. Harrisclub mister moonray


S B.

Tonner & Oxbury. Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu


PB. 1st. Shorrock. Doehey Queen of Hearts

2nd. McNally. Aireview Cristal Blue

3rd. Hoaksey. Nebercrackers Rainbow Inca


JB. 1st. Fraser & Butler. Sharnor Emerald Ice Via Ycart

2nd. Worrall. Mollora Hazy Days at Bluesmurf


PGB. Tonner & Oxbury. Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu


LB. Hamilton. Harrisclub Silver Charmer


OB. 1st. Phillips. Ch Rathsrigg April Rose

2nd. Graham. Ruffsfurze Mavrodaphne

3rd. Worrall. Bisbee Everlasting Life with Bluesmurf.


SBB. Tonner & Oxbury. Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu


V. 1st. Mayes. Ch Rathsrigg One Misty Morning.

2nd. Taylor. Ch Swiftstream Inka Hoots with Uptnorth

3rd. Graham. Mollora Fanfare for Ruffsfurze

Res. Owen. Bisbee La Boheme

VHC. Hamilton. Mitymidgets Chrysatoes.