National Bedlington Terrier Club

Saturday, 29 March 2014



I would like to thank the officers and committee of the National Bedlington Terrier Club for their invitation to judge and the members for their entries. I was very pleased with the principal winners. I am pleased to say no bad mouths or horny pads were evident on the day.


PD (1) 1. Kiernan and Dong’s Sharnor High I’m Viktor at Kierlander. Lovely puppy, he just needs to fill out and mature. Good coat with plenty of furnishings. Lovely head with dark eye, length of jaw, strong teeth and scissor bite. Nicely sized thin ears. Well arched over loin. Moved with drive, but needs to settle. BP

JD (1) 1. Rainsbury and Hamilton’s Jetsway Chaser. Crisp dark jacket with adequate furnishings. Wedge shaped head with length of jaw. Well muscled. Correct moderate hind angulation. Moved well. RBD

LD (2) 1. Morris’ Honeymist Mellowtone in Bluemazzu. Well prepared coat. Lovely head, well furnished with thick topknot and tassles. Deep chest, correct arch over loin. 2. Fletcher and Lawson’s Burmington Say I Do for Maevani. Correctly sized liver. Out of coat. He tended to hold his head a little high, but moved well.

OD (8, 4) 1. Brady and Carter’s Tcheria Shenanigans. Quality blue dog. Up to size.  Correctly angulated throughout, with laid back shoulders, good turn of stifle, well let down hocks. Strong head and teeth, scissor bite. Thick coat of correct texture. BIS 2. Brooks’s Doehey Heartstrings. Nice size. Of a different type to the winner. Excellent dark blue coat,  would look the picture with more furnishings. Head wedge shaped,  powerful teeth, punishing bite. Chest well let down. Correct tail set, nice low tail carriage. Well arched hare feet. Moved well in front, just needed to show a little more drive from the rear today. 3. Tonner and Oxbury’s  Sevray Whisper at Jukenblue ShCM. 4. Hall’s Palm of the Desert.

PB (3,1) 1. Ames’ Sharnor High Hopes. Pretty 9 month old blue bitch. Finely built, yet to fill out and chest to drop. Pretty head, good length of neck, nice topline with arch over loin. Well groomed good coat of good texture. 2. Fletcher and Lawson’s Maevani To The Moon And Back, 8 month old blue bitch of larger stamp all round than the winner. Moved well.

JB (3,2) 1. Fletcher and Lawson’s Maevani To The Moon And Back.

NB (2,1) 1. Fletcher and Lawson’s Maevani To The Moon And Back.

PGB (2,1) 1. Fletcher and Lawson’s Nicnaus Sparking Diamond for Maevani. Moderately sized head with large thin ears. Moderate angulation all round. Moved straight and true front and rear. Nice size.

LB (6,2) 1. Fletcher and Lawson’s  Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani. Light blue, but thick coat, dense furnishings, Long head, small ears, moderate angulation, correct arch over loin. Not exaggerated in any way. Moved well front and rear. RBIS, BOS 2. Pocklington’s Nebercrackers Rosie Blue. Coat a very light blue, but groomed to perfection. Long  narrow head. Large ears with thick tassels. Long neck. A little narrow, but beautifully balanced. Although topline inclined to level she moved and handled well. 3. Worrall’s Bluesmurf Glory Daze. 4. Tonner and Oxbury’s Rubsters Piper at Jukenblue.

OB (5,3) 1. Fletcher and Lawson’s Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani. 2. Walters and Mitchell’s Tunman Topsy Turvy. Dark jacket, a little lacking in furnishings today. Beautiful head. Tends to stand with front feet apart, but front action is correct. RBB

Special Beginners Bitch (1)  Pocklington’s Nebercrackers Rosie Blue.

VD or B (3,2) Ames’ Mollora Frozen in Time at Sharnor. Rising 11 years. A well made bitch, carrying a little too much condition. In good coat, well angulated, although slightly narrow in front. Well presented. A credit to her owner.

Brace (3,2) Tonner & Oxbury’s Rubsters Piper at Jukenblue and Sevray Whisper at Jukenblue ShCM.


Judge: Roger Bannister (Miteymidgets).