The National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show 30th March 2013.


 It was a privilege and honour to judge the NBTC Open 2013. My thanks to the committee for making me most welcome, my two able stewards and the exhibitors for a very nice entry. Best of breed was Bisbee  Belle Inni, Res BOB Doehey Queen of Hearts, BOS Tcheria Shenanigans, BP  Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved, BV Alice Springs at Cassdenal.

BP (1) 1ST Fletchers. Burmington Say I Do.

9 month old liver dog. Long lean head with small hazel eye, good bite with very large teeth. Sloping pasterns with nice hare feet, well set tail but carried rather proudly. Still very much a baby, needs to grow on a little more and drop in chest. Moved ok.

JD (0)

ND (1) Burmington Say I Do.

PG (0)

LD (3) 1ST Brady & Carters. Tcheria Shenanigans.

Much to like about this young dog. Lovely horseshoe front. Clean head with small dark eye and fine ear leathers. Deep flat ribs, with good tuck-up and topline, which he kept on the move. Fit and well muscled which showed in his positive movement. (Best Dog)

 2ND Scorah & Wiles. Isotops Bumblebee for Rivendown 

Another nice blue dog in paler blue coat, which was exceptionally thick and linty. Nice for size and height to length. Well off for bone, just preferred topline of 1.  

3RD Garbutts. Highdene Hitman at Aireview.


OD (4-2) 1ST Doehey Heartstrings.

Handsome blue dog. Lovely long head with punishing jaw. Nicely placed fine ears. Long tapering neck into good shoulders. Moderate rear angulation which gave him excellent drive on the move. (Res Best Dog)

2ND Oxbury & Tonners. Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu.

Nice sized blue dog in paler coat. Super head with good bite. In really hard condition, which affected his movement, which was a little wide fore ad aft. Still much to like.


Special Beginners Dog. (1) Burmington Say I Do.


PB (4) 1ST Mcnallys. Aireview. Dancing Queen at Conekesheved.

11 month old blue bitch. Up to size but an excellent prospect. Long lean head with large teeth. Super front and well muscled rear quarters. Moved well with good head carriage. (Best Puppy).

2ND Braisbys. Craganrik Merlie's Girl.

8 month old blue bitch. Another promising youngster, in super coat with a lovely twist. Pleasing head and eye, with fine ear leathers. Topline ok, needs to drop in brisket but has time on her side.

3RD Lawsons. Aireview Blue Flame.


JB (4) 1ST Bannisters. Miteymidgets Look of Love.

Won this class on movement. Good head with small dark eye, fine ear leathers. Well muscled quarters, front and rear angulation good, with well let down hocks. Nice hare feet and sloping pasterns.

2ND Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved.

3RD Pocklintons. Nebercrackers Rosie Blue.


NB (1) 1ST Lawsons. Aireview Blue Flame.

8 month old blue bitch. Good for size. Long lean head with sleepy expression. Typical horseshoe front, with nice outline.


PG (2-1) 1ST Owens. Doehey My Hearts Content at Bisbee.

Blue bitch with good height to length ratio. Lovely sleepy expression. Nice topline and firm rear quarters which gave good movement.


LB (6-3) 1ST Walters. Tunman Topsy Turvy.

Blue in good coat. Long head with good teeth, mild expression. Lovely outline, nice lay of shoulder. When settled moved well. Perhaps a little fine for me but quality none the less.

2ND Hamiltons. Harrisclub Silver Charmer.

Another nice blue bitch. Bigger all round. Super depth of chest but with plenty of heart room. Excellent muscle tone, moved well with drive.

3RD Oxburys & Tonners. Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu.


OB (8-4) 1ST Owens. Bisbee Belle Inni. Smashing class. Excellent blue bitch in top form. Excels in size, topline and movement. Head of good length, carried proudly on long tapering neck. Moderate angulation fore and aft, well muscled. Excellent reach of forearm, moved with drive. All wrapped up in a lovely coloured linty coat. (BOB)

2ND Shorrocks. Doehey Queen of Hearts. Another quality blue bitch. Super head with punishing jaw. Powerful yet graceful and elegant. Close decision just preferred movement of 1st. (Res BOB)

3RD Rainsburys. Sevray Repique.


SBB (4-1) 1ST  Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved

2ND Aireview Blue Flame

3RD Nebercrackers Rosie Blue


V (3) 1ST Burns. Alice Springs at Cassdenal.

10 year old blue bitch in fine form. Lovely head and expression. Moderate angulation front and rear, correct topline. Moved with a light springy gait. Her owner should be very proud of her. (BV)

2ND Hamiltons. Harrisclub Mr Moonray. 8 year old blue dog in super fit condition. Lovely outline, looks like he could move at great speed. Sloping pasterns and good feet on well boned legs. Close just preferred coat of 1st.

3RD Scorah & Wiles. Bonny Young Gem from Rivendown.


Judge Jane. E. Graham. ( Ruffsfurze)