National Bedlington Terrier Club

Championship Show

4th August 2012

Judge: Mrs S A Morrice (Mollora)


Minor Puppy Dog/Bitch (2)

1    Mayers's  Toolbox Helping Hand for Tcheria.  Well made, and quite mature for an 8 month bitch. Dense coat, although a little soft and pale. Good length of back and well let down in hock. Moved well. Would prefer more length of  fore-face.

2    Bannister's Miteymidgets Look of Love .  8 month bitch, less mature than 1. Good head and expression, lovely coat colour and texture. Still needs to deepen and settle, but moved well.


Puppy Dog (1)

1   Brady & Carter's Tcheria Shenanigans.   Promising young dog at 11 months, with coat of good colour and texture. Good clean head with good reach of neck leading to nice shoulder. Pleasing profile both standing and moving. Moved well, but still needs to mature and settle – time is on his side.   BPD.  BPIS.


Junior Dog (3)

1   Graham's Ruffsfurze Kazan.   14 month blue dog. Excelled in head. Good bone, very well balanced, nothing exaggerated. Moved well holding top-line.

2   Walshaw & Richardson's Janmark Jeremiah .   Strong 12 month blue dog. Plenty of bone, good depth and length of back. Coat a bit bit soft and would prefer more fore-face. Moved well

3   Gilbank's Turbo Diesel


Novice Dog (1)

1   Gilbank's Turbo Diesel.   Strong blue dog, well up to size. Good clean head with strongest of teeth, good coat. Good body length and well muscled, but a bit round in rib and very wide in front. Would not settle therefore could not assess movement.


Post Graduate Dog (6, 1abs)

1   Collier's Pocoblu Misterioso.   3 year old blue dog with a good clean head, dark eye and strong teeth.  Nice coat texture – although a little short next to many of the exhibits, a little lacking in 'glamour'. Well balanced, but carrying a little too much condition. Moved well.

2   Walshaw and Richardson's Janmark Jeremiah

3   Richardson's Highdene Howzthat


Limit Dog (4, 2abs)

1   Tonner & Oxbury's Sevray Whisper at Jukenblue.   7 year old strong blue dog. Very good head, Well balanced in body with correct depth. Good coat and colour, Moved well. Would prefer to see a little more angulation at shoulder and stifle.

2    Cumming's Honeymist Blueflame at Rocabec.    Blue dog with good coat colour and texture – although so much of it that it detracted from the overall good shape and balance of the dog. Would prefer a longer, stronger fore-face and bigger teeth. Moved well but a little close behind.


Open Dog (6)

1   Owen's Ch. Bisbee Beachcomber.   Quality 3 ½ year old blue dog.  Good head and ear-set, nice length of neck leading to well laid shoulder, good length of loin. Good top-line, depth and overall balance. Moved very well but tended to carry tail high although tail set was ok.   DCC.   BOSIS.

2   Keirnan & Liu's Bisbee I Katcher at Keirlander.   A dog I really liked, and obviously a great deal of time and effort had gone into his preparation, however, the vast amount of hair and the over exaggerated style of trim, in my opinion, only detracted from the natural balance and grace of an otherwise fine dog. Moved well.   RDCC

3   Jones's Pengerrig Unique


Special Beginners Dog (3)

1   Brady & Carter's Tcheria Shenanigans

2   Worrall's Bluesmurf  Black  Magic.   Up to size 14 month blue dog. Fine boned and not in best of jackets.  Long lean head and neck, lacking in width throughout, narrow in chest probably causing the paddling front movement.

3   Gilbank's Turbo Diesel


Puppy Bitch (4, 1abs)

1   Mayers's Tcheria Flibbertigibbet   Nearly 11 month good blue.  Still looking a little leggy and immature but well balanced with good length of back and lovely elegant neck. Moved well holding topline.   BPB  RBPIS

2   Owens's Doehey My Hearts Content by Bisbee.   Similar in type to 1, slightly less length of neck but well balanced and with more leg furnishings. Moved well but tended to flatten on the move.

3   Plockington's Nebercrackers Rosie Blue


Junior Bitch (2)

1   Walters & Mitchell's Tunman Topsy Turvy.   Lovely size feminine bitch, a bit fine in bone but overall a good body shape with nice topline both standing and moving. Moved well

2   Grahams's Ruffsfurze Beren   Stronger bitch than 1, in good coat with beautiful head and good body length.  Moved well but flattened over the loin both standing and moving.


Post Graduate Bitch (4, 2abs)

1   Colliers's Pocoblue Concerto   Nothing hidden on this bitch, lack of leg furnishings makes her appear leggy, but over all she is well balanced and angulated with nice lean head. Moved well.

2   Noades's Sanedo Gypsy's Dream   Compact blue in good coat. A little straight in shoulder and in stifle and did not hold a good top-line but moved very accurately. 


Limit Bitch (4, 1abs)

1   Tonner & Oxbury's Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu    Well up to size blue bitch. Really good coat colour and texture with excellent head, good length of loin and topline. Not the best rear construction on the day but moved well with drive.

2   Mayers's Tcheria Tiddlywink   3 1/2 year old blue, not in best coat on the day. Nice head and expression, correct rib and loin, good angulation. Moved ok.

3   Richardson's Highdene High Society


Open Bitch (4)

1   Phillips's Ch.Cassendal Serenditpity    A real eyecatcher as she entered the ring and did nothing to disappoint. Nice size blue with coat in full bloom. Lean head on graceful neck leading to well laid shoulder, well formed ribcage with good strong loin nicely arched, well balanced with correct angulation.  Moved well. BCC.   BIS

2   Shorrock's Doehey Queen of Hearts    Bigger bitch all round to 1, but elegant and full of quality. Lovely expression,well balanced and moved very well.    RBCC.   RBIS

3   Owens's Bisbee Belle Inni


Veteran Bitch (3)

1   Burns's  Alice Springs at Cassendal  Strong bitch, up to size but full of quality and not showing her age at nearly 10years. Excellent head, well balanced, moved well holding top-line.    BVet

2   Bannister's Miteymidgets Myaquila  Elegant 10 year old in very good coat. Good lean head and neck. Slightly straighter in hind angulation than 1,and not such good top-line. Moved well

3   Owens's Ch. Bisbee Benvenuto


Brace (4, 1abs)

1   Walters & Mitchell's Blue dog and bitch pair.  Attractive masculine dog and feminine bitch, the obvious size difference did not prevent these two moving and standing as one.

2   Tonner & Oxbury's Blue dog and bitch pair. Strong bitch up to size with the dog, moved well but lacked the cohesion of the first pair.

3   Owens's Pair of blue  bitches


K.C. Breeders Group

Mr & Mrs C Mayers  (Tcheria)