National Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show 14th March 2015


I would like to thank the NBTC for inviting me to judge, and also the exhibitors for their entries. I was pleased with my winners and found no bad feet or mouths, although dental hygiene could be improved in some. However I was concerned with the number of exhibits with very close rear movement and the accompanying lack of drive: Some dogs could also benefit from better muscletone to tighten movement up.


1st Butler’s Yarbach Feders Final Nice head with good bite and dark eye, thin well placed ears. Good length of neck, flat ribs, well presented. Hope he doesn’t grow anymore. A little erratic on the move but should settle with age. RBD, RBPIS


1st Robinson’s Rivendown Tibby Too Shoo Solid dog, well off for bone. Nice head, correct bite. Good depth of chest and horseshoe front. Nice length of back. Correct hare feet, well presented, moved ok BD


1st Brooks’ Doehey Heartstrings dark eye, thin well placed ears. Coat of good colour and texture. Nice flat ribs. Well muscled hind quarters, moved well in his class but unfortunately became lame for the challenge.


1st Bannister’s Miteymidgets Going Global Well balanced bitch, cracking head with dark eye, thin ears and strong bite. Good length of neck, well angulated front and rear. Lovely topline which she held on the move, moved with drive. Will watch this ones future with interest. RBB, RBIS, BPIS

2nd Phillips’ Jetsway Fleur of Rathsrigg Compact bitch, nice lay of shoulders, strong pasterns and tight feet. In good coat, well muscled throughout. Still very much a baby but once she put her mind to it she moved with purpose.


1st Phillips’ Jetsway Fleur of Rathsrigg

2nd Bannister’s Tcheria Tchaffinch with Miteymidgets Feminine bitch, clean bite. Good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, nice length of body, tight feet, moved well.


1st Fletcher and Lawson’s Maevani To The Moon And Back Nice sized bitch, good bite and dark eye. Fine ears. Well muscled hind quarters, moved ok

2nd Morris’ Bluemazzu Ballerina Up to size, good eye and ears. Good reach of neck, front legs well under, deep chest, tight feet.




1st Lawrie’s Miteymidgets Endless Love well balanced feminine bitch, correct bite. Long neck into well placed shoulders. Nice topline and rear angulation giving good bend of stifle. Well presented, moved well.

2nd Hewitt-Taylor’s Tobanie Earth Song Another well balanced bitch, strong head, reachy neck, good angulation front and rear. Coat of good colour and texture. Lost out to 1st on movement as seemed unsettled on the move.


1st Bannister’s Ch Miteymidgets Look of Love Feminine bitch, sound bite with big teeth. Well balanced with good angulation, coat of good colour and texture, nice topline that she held on the move, moved well.

2nd Brooks’ Doehey Heart of Darkness Nice sized bitch with good outline, dark eye and thin ears. Nice front angulation with good depth of chest. Moved ok, preferred rear angulation of 1st.


1st Lawrie’s Miteymidgets Endless Love

2nd Oxbury and Tonner’s Miteymidgets Nations Unite at Jukenblu Feminine bitch, correct bite. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders. Body of good length, good coat and well presented. Still a baby so needs time to tighten up in movement.


1st Bannister’s Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove Sh CM Up to size bitch but everything on proportion. Lovely head with great expression. Long neck into well placed shoulders, deep chest with plenty of lung room. Well muscled and angled hind quarters. The best mover of the day, striding out well and covering ground with ease. BB BIS BVIS

2nd Phillips’ Rathsrigg April Rose Another nice bitch, well proportioned. Strong head, good bite, well placed shoulders. Jacket of lovely colour and texture. Moved well, preferred topline and movement of 1st.

Judge: Shelley Worrall