My thanks go to the Committee of the National Bedlington Terrier Club for the invitation to judge their prestigious championship show, the superb hospitality could not have been better. Special thanks go to my stewards David Taylor and Lesley McNally who were exceptional in the way they looked after me. 
Although it was a numerically small entry the quality of most exhibits was very good, and I could not have been more satisfied with my final placings which, same as the class placings, were enthusiastically applauded by all at ringside, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. 
On the table most dogs fitted the breed standard. Eye colour was correct for the colour of the dog, and all eyes were of a good shape and size. Lack of length of foreface is evident in most exhibits but could be improved with selective breeding, as could bone density which has certainly improved, but just a couple who I thought could be better. Ears were mainly good in shape but again a few were short, this seems to be a modern thing so please be careful when breeding.  Most dogs were well muscled which is expected at this time of year (despite all the rain). The ribcage should just reach the elbow, on examination, some were a little short, looking from ringside hair can hide this but on the table there is no escape. Depth through the ribcage could also have been better on a few exhibits. All the dogs had good dentition, I am pleased to report most teeth were clean, unlike the last few times I have judged, maybe the message is getting through. Movement still leaves much to be desired with close rear movement in particular being the trend with many exhibits. Correct height, topline, and tail carriage are three features of which I am particularly keen. The height appears to be creeping up again, this must be addressed as it is a fault – remember the correct height is 16” give or take 1/2”, not 17 or 18 inches. The highest point of the topline should be over the loin, not in the middle of the back resulting in a fall away to the tailset, neither should it be a wheelback. Regarding tail carriage, a Bedlington does not have angles, its outline consists of gentle curves from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, which incidentally, should never be carried above the topline in a showring. I have regularly attended shows for the last 47 years and high tail carriage is a fairly modern trend. In order to try to eliminate the fault, providing everything else appears equal, when judging, I will penalise exhibits who show this fault.
 PD (1) Richardson’s Highdene Hartley (Honeymist Shouts N Blues x Ch Highdene High Society) Correct shape with balance. Ribcage of good depth. Coat of good texture and colour. Moved well keeping his shape on the move. RBPIS.
JD (2) 1. Davies’ Honeymist Blue Bols (Ch Rocabec Definitely Maybe x Honeymist Stitch In Time) Super size, a lovely dog to go over with everything in good order and no unexpected surprises.
One of the few with correct rear movement. Presentation was perfection as is the norm, and expected, from this kennel. A shame he lost concentration a couple of times during the challenges but he is still a young dog. DCC, BOS.  2. McNally’s Conekesheved Ironstone Boy (Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM x Aireview Dancing Queen JW ShCM). Slightly taller than 1 but a very good dog and a pleasure to go over, super coat both of colour and texture, excellent presentation. Preferred topline and movement of 1. Sure he will have his day.
ND (1) Fisher’s Northern Starlight At Gipcyan (Bakabaks Brown Bell x Miss Bluebell Grey). What a surprise, a powerhouse with no exaggeration. Correct size, a working dog who is probably overlooked because he does not have the abundant coat normally seen on a showdog. When standing he has the stance of a gundog, ready for action. Going over him was a pleasure. He had good bone with the best muscletone of the day. Pity he lost his topline on the move.
PGD (1) S. Worrall’s Bluesmurf Semper Fidelis (Swed/Multi Ch Isotop’s Xceptional Friend x Bluesmurf Glory Daze) A muscular well boned dog of correct size. Good coat and colour. Unfortunately his movement and high tail carriage let him down.
LD (4) 1. Fletcher & Lawson’s Maevani One And Only (Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM x Aireview Blue Flame For Maevani). What a lovely young dog to go over, everything is there without exaggeration. Kept his shape on the move which was correct front and rear. Excellent presentation. It was a pleasure to award him a very well deserved RDCC One I will watch as I feel sure his time will come. 2. Baldwin’s Woolytop The One And Only (Woolytop Iwan Super Wizard x Honeymist Golden Daze At Woolytop). I was disappointed with this boy today, as I have always admired him from the ringside. He fits the bill for size, and excels in height to length ration, a sound dog to go over on the table. Unfortunately, on the move he lost his topline and was disinterested. 3. Scorah & Wiles’ Isotops Bumblebee From Rivendown (Singasong x Isotops Unplugged).
OD (3.2) Pedersen’s Sharnor High Intensity (German/Multi Ch Arc-En-Ciel Arlequin x Ch Sharnor Emerald Electra JW). Another well presented dog of good coat and colour. Although he kept his shape he was another who could have moved with more sparkle.
SBD (2) 1. Fisher’s Northern Starlight At Gipcyan (Bakabaks Brown Bell x Miss Bluebell Grey). 2. Offer’s Woolytop Theodore (Woolytop Lucky Star x Woolytop Snow Star). A super well balanced dog who did nothing wrong. Lovely to examine and a fluid mover. Unfortunately, just too big for me.
VD (3.2) Baldwin’s Woolytop Iwan Super Wizard (Tiny Tot Thomas x Woolytop Misty May Le Fey). One I have gone over before and I still like him a lot. No exaggerations, just gets on with the task in hand. For a twelve years old dog he is outstanding. Moved with more purpose which put some much younger exhibits to shame. Pleased to award him BVIS.
PB (2.1) Richardson’s Highdene Harmony (Honeymist Shouts N Blues x Ch Highdene High Society). Very similar to her sibling except of course more feminine. She has a well-muscled, super body shape. She was still a bit loose in front movement, but held her topline and moved with purpose, at times was inclined to be a little too interested in what was happening whilst on the move. However, she got her act together when challenging for best puppy. BPIS
JB (3.2) McNally’s Conekesheved Kaldo Girl (Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM x Aireview Dancing Queen JW ShCM). This girl made my day. A fantastic coat of texture and colour which was presented to perfection. A delight to go over with no exaggerations but everything in correct proportion. She moved with purpose and kept her shape. She is still very young; I am sure she will be in the cards in the not too distant future. I could have stolen her! A very well deserved RBIS, RBCC.
PGB (5.1) 1. McNally’s Conekesheved Kaldo Girl (Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM x Aireview Dancing Queen JW ShCM). 2. Phillips’ Jetsway Fleur Of Rathsrigg (Ch Tcheria Shenanigans x Jetsway Absolut Bling). Smaller bitch, I would like to see more substance. She had a good coat both in texture and colour. Moved ok. 3. C. Worrall’s Bluesmurf Utrinque Paratus (Swed/Multi Ch Isotop’s Xceptional Friend x Bluesmurf Glory Daze).
LB. (5.1) 1. Baldwin’s Honeymist Take The Lead At Woolytop JW (Honeymist Shouts N Blues x Ch Honeymist Tease N Freeze). A nice liver bitch with a lovely clean head, good body proportions and shape. Moved with purpose and held her topline on the move. 2. Morris’ Bluemazzu Ballerina (Ch Honeymist Sunny x Polly Pocket in Bluemazzu). Very similar to 1in all aspects, unfortunately she was in season which I thought affected her movement. These two could change places many times. 3. Oxbury & Tonner’s Miteymidgets Nations Unite At Jukenblu (Swed/Multi Ch Isotop’s Xceptional Friend x Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCM)
OB. (3.1) 1. Davies’ Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz (Ch Bla Skuggans Jack In The Box At Honeymist (Imp) x Honeymist Blue Wisp). What a cracker. Perfect size with superb proportions and balance. A lovely feminine girl to go over. Although it is not my style, she is sculptured to perfection and certainly catches the eye. She excelled in movement, another one of the few with correct rear action. I had no hesitation in awarding her the BCC, and ultimately, Best in Show.
SBB (2) 1. Oxbury & Tonner’s Miteymidgets Nations Unite At Jukenblu (Swed/Multi Ch Isotop’s Xceptional Friend x Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCM). Correct size, well presented with a good coat both in texture and colour. Unfortunately, high tail action spoils her outline. 2. C. Worrall’s Bluesmurf Utrinque Paratus (Swed/Multi Ch Isotop’s Xceptional Friend x Bluesmurf Glory Daze). Good coat colour and texture, another with the high tail carriage. 
VB (1) Phillips’ Ch Rathsrigg April Rose (Ch Rathsrigg High Lite x Ch Rathsrigg Rose Cut). Another feminine bitch, with a super coat both in colour and texture.  She does not look ten years old although she was reluctant on the move.
Brace. (1) Mrs Baldwin stood alone with her pair who complemented each other.
Pam Morton (Judge)