National  Bedlington  Championship  Show

                                       held on the 6th. August  2011


On paper it was an excellent entry of 64 exhibits, but quite a few were absent.  I
was disappointed to find some heavy heads, especially in the males, but one
or two bitches were also heavy. There were more incorrect tail sets, than correct.
Unless the angle to the croup is correct, the tail set, cannot be low. As a consequence
many carried their tails above the level of their backs. This spoils the flowing curves of
the outline, when moving in profile.

Now for the good points.  The quality, type and movement  has improved 
tremendously, and the top award winners leave little to be desired.

Minor Puppy D (1)

1.  Hinchliffe  HIGHDENE HECTOR 8 mths blue excellent for size and type, good
well balanced head, strong teeth and jaw, well laid shoulders, well balanced body,
well angulated quarters, moved well, just needs to strengthen in hocks. Well
presented and handled



1.Garbutt's  HIGHDENE HITMAN AT AIREVIEW Quality youngster of almost 9
months. Excellent head, with good balance, and strength of muzzle, lengthy neck,
well laid shoulders, good bone and feet, deep through the brisket, well shaped loin.
well balanced quarters, low set hocks Good coat for age. Sound free mover.
When challenging for BP, too much exuberance, spoilt his front action, and had
to give way to his sister.

2.Hamilton’s  MONLAZULI LIFE OF RILEY slightly larger in frame, than above,
lovely head and expression, well laid shoulders, true front, excellent balance,
and shape to body, moved truly. Needs time, but should finish well.



    Overall impression is of heavier proportions than I prefer, but is well
    balanced through-out. Head is well balanced, strong jaw and teeth,
    Good shoulders, true front, deep through the brisket, strong , firm
    loin, which he held on the move, good angulation to quarters.
     Moved well.  Coat not at its best, but first class presentation.

   Limit (5)

   1.Jones PENGERRIG UNIQUE lovely type, blue,  excellent quality head,
strength, without coarseness. Correct eye shape, super expression, firm
neck, well laid shoulders, true front, well shaped brisket, firm topline,
well shaped quarters. Moved well. Tail carriage spoilt his outline, when
moving, but a quality dog. Well presented handled.

 2.Ames SHARNOR FAITHFUL FALCON  High quality dog, not quite the
quality in head of the winner, but it is well balanced, and has a typical
expression. Well placed shoulders, true front, well balanced through the body,
firm quarters.  Moved soundly, and with style. Tail carriage spoilt, an
other-wise super outline, when moving in profile. Well presented, and



Open (4)  a close decision between two young dogs.

1 Owen’s BISBEE BEACHCOMBER J.W. a blue of lovely, who looked the
part, coat and condition in excellent order.  Excellent head, well shaped eye,
super expression, lengthy neck, excellent front and shoulders, deep, well shaped ribs
good length of loin, firm croup, well shaped quarters.  True, free mover, looked
super going around the ring.  Superb presentation, and handling. C.C. his 4th. I
was told. Later, beat the lovely bitch for B.I.S.

2.Walters&Mitchell CH. Rathsrigg Millrace another who has super breed type,
and quality. Lovely head, strong muzzle, clean skull, well shaped eye, well
set ears, strong firm neck, correct angulation to shoulders, true front, well
shaped brisket, firm topline, and  good underline, correct slope to croup,
low set tail, correct angulation to quarters, with low set hocks. Movement,
true, and kept his outline in profile.  Excellent coat and presentation.R.CC.

3.Walshaw,s Ch. Janmark BLUE ENCOUNTER

Veteran (1)

Blue, who  looked well in himself.  Lovely for size and type, balanced,
head, typical expression, good front and shoulders, topline a shade flat,
well angulated quarters. Moved freely and soundly. Well presented and handled.



Puppy (4)

1Richardson HIGHDENE HIGH SOCIETY B 8mth, blue attending her first show.
Ideal size, feminine head and expression, clean neck , excellent balance to
body, deep well shaped brisket, good length of loin, well shaped croup, low
set tail. Her handler has a laisser-faire attitude to handling, luckily the bitch
did’nt, and moved truly and freely, and kept her profile shape on the move.
Very good coat colour, and was well presented. In the challenge for B.P.
she kept her composure, and out moved her brother.B.P.I.S

Hamilton’s  Monlazuli Truly Magical  blue, taller and stronger than the
winner, feminine head, has length, and soft expression, well placed shoulders,
true front, well shaped brisket, firm loin of good length, strong, well angulated
quarters. Needs firmer handling, to bring out the best in her. .



1.Walshaw’s  JANMARK JUSTINTIME blue, quality bitch, who has an excellent, well
balanced head, well shaped eye, typical expression, first class front, and shoulders,
deep brisket, balanced loin, firm, well angulated quarters, excellent movement.
Between coats , but was well presented, and handled.

2.McNally’s AIREVIEW CRISTAL BLUE close up, and similar remarks apply.
as regards head, front and shoulders, still needs to strengthen in quarters,
but moved soundly. Just coming into coat, super presentation.



Post Graduate(5)

Ideal size, excellent head, and expression, good length of neck for balance,
deep brisket, firm topline, low set tail, held correctly. Well made quarters,
sound accurate mover. Out of coat, but well deserved her win.

2.Archibald’s  MOLLORA CON ALIC DI ANGELO  blue, tall enough, but still
feminine, loveliest of heads, with typical expression , excellent front and shoulders,
well shaped ribs, firm loin, of good length, well angulated quarters. In
excellent coat, and super presentation. Unfortunately, did not show off her best on
the move. Pity.



1.Ames  SHARNOR EMERALD ELECTRA J.W. Lovely blue, on top form.
So well balanced althrough, and excellent breed type. Excellent head, typical
expression, clean neck and shoulders, well made through the ribs, firm loin,
balanced, well angulated quarters, Movement sound and typical, keeping
her topline. First class coat, and condition. C.C. R.B.I.S. I was told later, it was
her, and her owners first C.C. after several R.CCs. Congratulations.

2.Shorrock’s DOEHEY QUEEN OF HEARTS another blue in top class order.
I just preferred the size of the winner. Lovely length of head, clean neck
well laid shoulders, true front, excellent brisket, firm loin, and croup, strong,
well angulated quarters. True movement fore and aft, and excellent in profile.
 Excellent presentation RC.C.




1.Phillips  CASSENDENAL SERENDITPITY, Lovely bitch, for size, type and quality.
Beautiful, clean head, well shaped eye, soft expression, clean neck, good front and
shoulders , well shaped brisket. Firm topline, strong loin, correct angle to croup.
Balanced, well muscled, quarters.  Moved well, keeping her outline in profile.
Had she been in better coat, would have pushed harder for top awards.

2.Owen’s BISBEE BELLE INI , this bitch was in top form, just a little too much of
her for me, and not quite the balance of quarters of the winner. Having said that there
is very little to fault. Willing show girl, and sound mover.




Special Beginners(2)


2 Hewitt-Taylor’s TOBANIE EARTH SONG good for size, Lovely head, and 
expression, good shoulders, deep brisket, firm quarters, moved freely. Topline
flattened when moving. Coat of excellent colour, and texture. Well presented.



1.Taylor’s Ch. SWIFTSTREAM INKA HOOTS WITH UPNORTH 9 ½ years, looked
really well. Outstanding, head, so clean, and a super expression, still retains her lovely,
body shape, and free movement. Presented fit and well, and in good coat.

2.Scorah’s&Wiles BONNY YOUNG GEM, almost 10 yrs. Good head and expression,
well balanced construction,  moved soundly and typically. Well presented and handled.



          Judge Mrs. B.R.Anderson-Illingsworth.