I thank the Officers and Committee of the National Bedlington Terrier Club for the wonderful opportunity to officiate for them at their prestigious Parent Club Championship Show and especially the hospitality shown to myself and wife on arrival.

A special thank you has to go the exhibiters for such a wonderful entry   and especially their understanding of what I was trying to do and their generous  applause at all my decisions and of course I must thank my two efficient ring stewards for doing a remarkable job keeping the show running so smoothly.  

I have very little to complain about with no serious problems to comment on. Though movement was at an acceptable level there are serious concerns that need addressing - only one set of eyes that I felt that the shape was a little too loose, however dentition was tremendous and coats near as perfect as could be - just one or two a little course around the withers.

However I did have one moment of disappointment a super exhibit was withdrawn from completion which for me was a great pity as I certainly would have liked to have had another look at him.


Puppy Dog 1 entry

1st.       Rainsbury’ s,           Jetsway Chaser      A super head and expression well-presented youngster using his tail to his advantage in tip top form one that has loads of time on his side still developing moved well.


Junior Dog 1 entry

1st.       Fletcher’s,                Burmington Say I Do For Maevani        It looks as though this young fellow is one of those that are painfully slow in developing; however he certainly has time on his side handled to get the best out of him.


Post graduate 2 entries

1st.       Davies’s,                   Honeymist Sunny Delight            Masculine head and expression satisfactorily constructed another still in the developing stage- lacking in nothing presented in top form moved exceptionally well.

2nd.      Smith’s,         Vakurblue Eggie Bread    would have liked a little more of this fellow, agreeably constructed deep rib lovely top-line moved well.


Limit Dog 7 entries 1 abs

1st.       Brady’s,                    Tcheria Shenanigans  This fellow almost  blew my socks off, turned out to look his best and did, in tremendous condition, excellent bone deep rib, tremendous tuck compelling outline lovely angulations - when I asked him to move he knew that I liked him and moved classically. I had no hesitation in giving him his awards 1st. place Dog CC and Best of Breed.

2nd.      Hall’s,                         Palm of the Desert   One out of the top draw and presented well masculine head grand expression clean cut put together well deep rib, fine tuck up , covering the ground with ease.

3rd.       Tonner/Oxbury’s,               Sevray Whisper at Jukenblu Sh CM – it’s not that often that you get a class with such quality and for that I must thank you. Another masculine head and expression, clean cut deep rib fine tuck excellent angulations when asked to move covered the ground with ease.


Open Dog 12 entries 1 abs

1st.       Walshaw’s,               Ch Janmark Blue Encounter, JW Sh CM. a tremendous class oozing quality and did I enjoy it I certainly did. This fine fellow stood out just a little – as his masculinity was obvious without being over done wonderful head and expression clean neck and front, deep rib excellent tuck looked the part - moving like a Bedlington Should. 1st Place and Reserve Dog CC

2nd.      Kiernan’s,                 CH Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander  like I have already said this class had something special  and this fellow certainly did, strong head powerful jaws, clean front, arched neck well-constructed nothing out of place deep rib fine tuck good angulations moved like the Champion he is 

3rd.       Ames,                        Sharnor Faithful Falcon This fellow stood out in fine condition strong head and jaws, given him a wonderful outline from his head through to the tip of his tail deep - rib fine tuck moving like a true Bedlington Terrier Should.


Veteran Dog 3 entries 2 Abs

 1st.      Hamilton’s,               Harrisclub Mister Moonray I think that there is something special about minor puppies and veterans and I certainly was not disappointed. He has that kind of knowing look with his inquisitive nose and expression of tolerance, he doesn’t know he’s an old fellow full of dignity strong head clean front; maturity has not diminished him as he moved with superiority.


Special Beginners 1 entry

1.st.     Smith’s,                    Vakurblue Eggie Bread    , see earlier.


Puppy Bitch 5 entries 1 Abs

1st.       Davies,                      Honeymist Posh Dreamz. What a super class ,this young lady was superbly presented clean and tidy tremendous out line excellent tail cartridge with nothing out of place, strong head and jaws lovely eye clean throat well arched neck deep rib good angulations moving well for a youngster.

2nd.      Cumming’s,             Honeymist Hot Spice at Rocabec          another from the top draw in super condition deserving her award beautiful head eye, strong jaws tight lips  excellent front elevation deep rib fine tuck enough angulations moving like the lady she is.

3rd        Beesley’s,                 Lowbrook Little China Girl at Flintstor  beautiful head deep and narrow powerful jaw tight lips clean throat excellent rib fine tuck super construction still developing I would like another look when she has matured, moved superbly


Junior Bitch 5 entries 1 Abs

1st.       McNalley’s,               Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved ShCM strong head excellent eye powerful muzzle decent arched neck clean font deep rib fine tuck hind quarters pack with muscle suitable angulations covering the ground with ease.

2nd       Fletcher’s,                Aireview Blue Flame for Maeverni Fine head grand top knot deep and narrow tight lips clean throat excellent front straight bone deep rib carried her tail to her advantage, grand angulations moving well.

3rd.       Kinns                         Burmington Reet Petite at kinnuva, beautifully arched neck carrying a strong head good eye tight lips lacked furnishings deep rib enough stifle plenty of muscle another that moved with ease.


Novice Bitch 3= entries

1st.       Fletcher’s,    `           Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani, see previously

2nd.      Beesley’s,                 Lowbrook Little China Girl at Flintstor see previously

3rd.       Lawrie’s,                 Miteymidgets Endless love   Superbly constructed excellent head top knot coming, strong jaws clean neck fine front deep rib super tuck enough angulations moving with ease.


Post graduate 5 entries 2 Abs

1st.       McNalley’s,               Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved ShCM see previously

2nd       Godden’s,                 Vakurblue Bacon Buttie  presented in tremendous form lovely top Knott a little playful and wanted a lot fuss superbly put together deep ribs fine tuck plenty of muscle when I asked her to move she did so with credit to her handler.


Limit Bitch 9 entries 1 Abs

1st.       Walters/Mitchell’s,    Tunman Topsey Turvy, Superbly presented to show of her obvious qualities. Super-size with a beautiful head full of quality clean front well arched neck superb top-line deep rib fine tuck excellent angulations hind quarters packed with muscle, moving like a bitch of quality should. I liked this young lady.

2nd.      Kinns,                        Burmington Truly Blue at Kinnuva        Another superbly presented in tip top condition and a credit to her handler, excellent head and expression good eye tight lips clean front well arched neck excellent rib fine tuck plenty of stifle low set hocks moving with ease.

3rd        Butlers                      Yarbach Gorgeous Gabby   This was one of those classes you can only dream of, another from the top shelf turned out to impress and did what a cracker super head narrow deep with strong jaws clean throat and well arched neck lovely rib excellent tuck fine top-line power-packed hind quarters moving like a duchess with consummate ease.

Open Bitch 9 entries

1st        Yearsley                    CH Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW, ShCM there is probably nothing that I can say that has not been said before, however she has the prefect head coupling that with near perfect construction and movement to talk about for years to come, though today just a little off colour however this did her no real harm. 1st place, Bitch CC and Res BIS

2nd       Walshaw’s,               Ch Janmark Misty Horizens JW shCM                like I said earlier what a class for me to judge one that will linger in my memory for some time to come another fine exhibit right from the top-draw presented to look her best at all times and did, beautiful head and expression strong jaw line tight lips tremendous front elevation wonderfully arched neck beautiful ribs and the rest speaks for themselves when I asked her to move she moved positively.

3rd        Davies                       Ch Honeymist Crazy Rhythm I could not ask for better as I must have had three of the best in front of me what a pure pleasure to go over such quality exhibits another turned out to impress me and did beautiful head deep narrow well rounded strong jaws tight lips tremendous front elevation wonderful profile excellent angulations low set hocks thighs packed with plenty of hard muscle moving like the Champion she is.


Special Beginners 6 entries

1st        Beesley’s,                 Lowbrook Little China Girl at Flintstor

2nd       Kinns                         Burmington Reet Petite at kinnuva

3rd.       Tonner/Oxbury       Rubsters Piper at Jukenblu


Veteran Batch 5 entries.

1st.       Ames             `           Mollora Frozen In Time at Sharnor This young lady is very much an old friend who has  concealed her age well. It was a pleasure to run my hands over her and she felt good, lovely head with a grand expression clean throat well arched neck lovely construction fine rib excellent tuck plenty of muscle within the engine room, moved with real purpose.

2nd       Bannisters               CH Mitymidgets Myaquila From the start you could see that this fine girl had something rather special about her the way she held her head strong and deep carried by a tremendous neck lovely construction fine rib and tuck, thighs full of hard muscle moving with real purpose around the ring.

3rd       Burnes                      Alice Springs at Cassdenal         Another that disguised her age well still has a head to admire deep narrow and strong powerful jaws clean throat well arched neck lovely rib her engine room just showing her age but a lady to be proud of moved with dignity

By the Judge Frederick J Gadd: - Gadkey